Project SG

New Orders


By Evelyn York


A bit of explanation: Katie O'Grady is the sole survivor of a group of men and women who were enhanced with alien DNA to give them the powers of Superman/girl.  She's vastly exceeded the agency's expectation of her strength and powers. The agency has given up trying to enhance anyone else for the moment.  


In this episode, which takes place well before she meets Steve (ŌShopping with KatieĶ), the agency is concerned with accommodating sexual needs – which isnÕt easy, and especially isnÕt easy on any normal partner, But the agency thinks itÕs found the right man this time.



Desiree picked up Lieutenant Ken Dahl in her Corvette at Gate One of the Naval Academy in Annapolis. He was in his dress blue uniform and had come straight from his briefing on his new orders. He got into the passengerÕs side and began the long trip to Herndon, Virginia.


"Lieutenant" said Desiree "You have been chosen for a unique and very dangerous assignment. I believe the director told you about the woman you will be working for."


"Yes, she's been genetically altered somehow, and I'm supposed to serve in every way, even sexually."


"That's right. You still have the opportunity to decline this assignment. I am authorized to give you all the details about her. But you must know that this woman is the most secret weapon in our arsenal. Disclosure of even the smallest detail about her could have the gravest consequences for the nation, and for you."


"I understand."


"I hope you do."


"Can you tell me some more about her?"


"Alright, please understand the gravity of what you are asking, though."


"I do."


"You are about to become a close personal assistant, an aide, a servant to someone very special. And you may not refuse any request she makes of you."




"Any. You are to serve her every need and whim. Especially her sexual desires."


"Wow. I'd been briefed on this before, but until now it never hit me."


"In about thirty minutes you are about to meet the woman who is known to the agency as Supergirl."




"Yes, Supergirl. She is a genetically altered woman whose biology has been altered to give her powers and abilities vastly beyond those of normal men. Her actual name is Katie O'Grady."


"What do I call her?"


"Whatever she tells you to call her. Simply put, you are her slave for this tour of duty. And, make no mistake. Supergirl can do with you exactly as she pleases."


"Incredible. What powers and abilities does she have?"


"First and foremost, her physical strength is thousands of times greater than the strongest man on earth. Supergirl could lift this car easily with just the strength in her little finger, and not even chip a nail. The first thing you may notice about her are her muscles. They are immeasurably dense and capable of exerting hundreds of tons of force. The day after she completed enhancement, Supergirl picked up a ten foot long steel beam and easily bent it into a knot."




"Secondly, she can fly. No airplane required. Supergirl is capable of hypersonic flight, faster than even the fastest aircraft. Supergirl can circle the world in a matter of minutes. We believe that her powers will allow her to fly in space -- so a trip to the moon is planned in the near future."


Dahl was speechless. Desiree went on.


"Third, she is invulnerable to every weapon we have tested on her. The density of her muscles is so great that her body is orders of magnitude harder than steel. Two days after her enhancement was completed, I watched her take thirty rounds from a heavy machine gun in the chest from ten feet away. Supergirl just stood there with her hands on her hips, smiling as the rounds bounced off like so many peas. We've tried lasers and heavier guns on her as well with the same effect. To Supergirl, guns are just a joke.


"And then there are her eyes. Supergirl can see though solid objects up to the density of lead. Her vision is immeasurably superior to normal human vision. She can see the tiniest objects from miles away, and one more thing."




"Supergirl's eyes can project and immensely powerful beam of coherent light, more powerful than a laser."


"Anything else?"


"Lots. She can move so fast as to be barely visible to the naked eye. All her senses and physical capabilities are immensely greater than those of ordinary men."


"So she's faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound?"


"Yes, that's why Katie O'Grady is called Supergirl."


"So why do you need me?"


"Katie is, first and foremost, a woman. She may make every man on Earth look like a pathetic weakling, but she is extremely feminine and very intelligent. Quite simply, she needs a man for those things a woman needs a man for."


"And you asked me."


"Because we looked around and thought that you might be the kind of man who Katie would like. Do you think that you'll be intimidated by a woman who is so totally superior to you in every conceivable way?"


Ken sat back stunned. He'd never thought about that before. Ken sat back and thought about all that Desiree had said.


"Here, maybe this will help." Said Desiree, handing Ken a file of large glossy photos.


He pulled open the envelope and pulled out a picture. It was of Katie in glasses, tailored blue business suit with miniskirt, white blouse with a wide collar spread on the outside of the jacket. Sitting on the edge of her desk, Ken gazed at her legs, garbed in hose, and the modestly heeled pumps.


Next he gazed upon a photo that made him gasp. There she was, Supergirl, looking every inch a Girl of Steel. She stood with her fists on her hips and breasts thrust out against the "S" on her chest, the long red cape flapping in the wind, her legs spread apart with shiny red boots rising to a point at her knees. Supergirl was gazing off into an infinite distance that she probably could see very clearly. She was on top of a very tall building and an American flag was flapping in the breeze behind her.


The next photo had Katie in the same pose and location but in the blue business suit and glasses. The fourth photo had her in a black sequined string bikini -- lifting a huge tank over her head with one hand. And the last photo was of her in costume, grabbing the bars of a jail cell and bending them outwards.


Ken gulped. She was beautiful beyond anything he had ever seen, but he would be utterly helpless before her. If she was as strong and powerful as Desiree had said, no force on earth could stop her. He was about to accept a job as Supergirlâs boy toy.


"No problem," he said. "Tell me, why did you enhance a woman instead of a man?"


"They all died in the experiments. Two other women also died in the experiments. At first we enhanced one man and one woman at a time. There were three couples. Katie is the only survivor, although in each case the woman was many times stronger and more powerful than the man. It was an interesting case of role reversal."


"I'll bet," he thought to himself.


"And Supergirl has badly hurt a man in the course of love-making before?" Ken asked.


"Yes" said Desiree. "Supergirl is super everywhere, and I do mean everywhere."


"What does she like?"


"You'll have to find that out from her."


Ken kept gazing at the photographs until they pulled up in from of Supergirl's Herndon, Virginia townhouse about an hour later. Desiree and the lieutenant got out of the car and walked up to the door. Desiree hit an electronic keying device and the door opened. They both walked into the beautiful entryway. Desiree led him up the steps into the sitting room with the balcony looking to the west.




Desiree guided Lt. Dahl into the sitting room at just the right moment for him to meet her charge. As they stepped into the room, the automatic doors on the balcony swung open, and the mighty Girl of Steel glided slowly downward, her red cape and red miniskirt flowed upwards with the wind. The lieutenant was shocked, and his face showed it, but he was also totally entranced by her beauty. Desiree and he watched as her red boots clicked on the balcony, as she settled from air to ground. The lieutenant felt a tingle as he looked upon her beauty and incredible body. He noted how tight the blue body suit was, the muscles in her arms shown clearly, as well as her abdominal muscles;  and then his eyes fell on the swell of her mighty breasts as they pushed out and distorted the "S" on her chest. Desiree was right. Supergirl was every inch a beautiful, mighty muscle-goddess.


"Lieutenant Dahl, this is Supergirl." And then, turning to the Girl of Steel, "Supergirl, this is your new aide, Lieutenant Ken Dahl. I'll let you two alone so you can get acquainted."


"Desiree, Desiree! I thought we talked about this?"


"We did, and here he is anyway. Ta-ta!"


Desiree hurried out the door.


Supergirl glared at her for a second as Desiree scooted out the door. She turned to the man and faced him with a pained look on her face. Supergirl folded her arms under her breasts, lifting their large firmness upward, as she sighed. He gazed at her beauty, and was totally entranced. His heart raced faster as he watched the "S" on her chest swell even larger. "Yes" he thought. "Supergirl is the right name for her."


Suddenly she relaxed and smiled slightly.


"Hi" said Supergirl, extending her hand to him.


"Hi" he said back to her, and started to extend his hand, hesitated for a second and then took her hand.


"Don't worry. I wonÕt hurt you." Said Supergirl with a condescending smile.


Ken smiled nervously as he took her hand. It felt warm, and incredibly powerful.


"I'm pleased to meet you Supergirl."


"I'm pleased to meet you too."


Supergirl dropped her eyes and turned from him. Her long silken red cape flared out and brushed against his arm. He felt every inch of its silken softness. Ken looked up at her and saw how beautiful Supergirl was from behind. Her broad shoulders and muscular arms were clearly visible beside the grand and beautiful vision of her cape.


"Lieutenant, I'm very uncomfortable with this arrangement. In my heart, I think this is the wrong thing to do. This was Desiree's idea."


"Supergirl, I did volunteer for this assignment."


"I know, but don't you think it's wrong?"


"Well, no. You're vital to America's defense. You have needs, ones that I can help with."


Supergirl turned quickly and looked at him. Her cape flared out and her boots grabbed his eye as she stepped toward him. Supergirl was magnificent, the ultimate ultra-feminine, ultra-powerful, superhuman muscle-girl. Ken melted with the vision of her.


"Not only wrong, Lieutenant, but dangerous. Very dangerous for you in particular. You know that I very nearly killed a man through intimacy?"


"Yes. Desiree told me."


"And that doesn't scare you?"


"No, it doesn't scare me. I think we can come up with ways that I can satisfy your needs and remain unhurt."


Supergirl then smiled a rather smug smile and walked toward him.


"Perhaps," she said in a voice as silky as her cape, "Iâd like to see you try." Resting one hand on her hip, this goddess of perfection ran her eyes down over Ken, starting at the top of his head and slowly sweeping her gaze the whole way down to his feet on the floor.


Having been warned about her x-ray vision, Lieutenant Dahl didn't flinch or move, but waited with bated breath while Supergirl perused his body ö straight through his uniform, he presumed. He simply stood still and let her look.


When she raised her eyes back to his, the smug smile still on her face, he asked her quietly, "Did you like what you saw?"


Supergirl covered her momentary surprise well. "Hmph, she really did tell you a lot about me, didn't she?"


Obviously, this was a reference to Desiree, and a rhetorical one at that. Ken did not answer, but held his ground..... indicating, he hoped, that he was unafraid, and that he was willing -- eager -- to be taken by her.


"You haven't answered my question," he said instead.


The Princess of Power laughed. "I saw enough to know that you like what you see, Lieutenant," she told him with a nod at his groin. 


It was true; KenÕs penis was well on its way to a full erection. The thought of touching this superhuman vision of beauty was overwhelming him. He struggled to swallow, wetting his throat enough that he could speak coherently. It was just as Desiree had said, "...All her senses and physical capabilities are immensely greater than those of ordinary men.... she is extremely feminine and very intelligent." He knew what that meant, knew exactly what he had to do -- he just had to force himself to find the willpower in himself to do it. He could not, WOULD NOT, fail this mission!


With every bit of strength he had, Lieutenant Dahl forced himself to smile calmly at the muscled goddess who stood before him, giggling because she could see his genitals through his pants. He kept his own gaze on her gorgeous steel-gray eyes, and spoke in his deepest, most soothing voice.


"But it's not just about what we can see, is it, Supergirl?" He dared to take a step toward her, and gestured lightly with his arm toward the lovely Victorian settee. "Please come sit and talk to me. Regardless of anything else, I'd really like to talk to you."


"Sure," Supergirl responded, almost a tad too quickly -- could he actually have succeeded in flustering her? "But let me just get changed into something else. I find that I'm actually starting to feel, well, silly, standing here in this...." and she gestured down at herself, almost apologetically. "I'll be quick."


"Take your time," Ken responded, but he might as well have saved his breath. Before he got the whole sentence out, Supergirl was gone and back -- returning in a pair of tight, white denim designer jeans and a diaphanous peach-colored silk blouse. On her feet were three inch high open-heel wooden sandals. Ken gulped again at the sight of the blouse -- its front was bisected by a row of gleaming buttons, and the pockets that sat on each of Supergirlâs enormous breasts were topped with detailed embroidery and sparkling sequins. The way the light flashed on the sequins made it appear as if her steely breasts were topped with nipples of diamond.


Ken was once again shocked at unbelievable speed with which the Girl of Steel had changed into an outfit every bit as sexy and exciting as the red cape, blue bodysuit, miniskirt and boots.  He tried his best to keep his composure, but watching her nipples tent up under the sequined and embroidered pockets of the see-through blouse nearly brought him down.  Ken could see the firm thrust of her breasts and the rippling muscles of her abs and arms, all under the beautiful and delicate covering of the raw silk.


She sat delicately at the end of the settee and drew her legs up underneath her.  She turned to him expectantly and waited for him to make the next verbal move.  He smiled at her and drew a breath, wondering where to start.


"Tell me.  What is it like to be Supergirl?  What does it feel like?" Ken asked


She liked the sound of the question immediately and warmed to the topic.  "What does it feel like?  It feels fantastic.  It means always being physically perfect.  More amazing every day when I discover more things I can do.  Things I alone can do and no one else on earth."


"That must be wonderful.  You're so, well, superior.  Vastly superior.  Not simply to ordinary women, but to men as well.  How does that feel?"


"Hmmm, I do try to keep that feeling under control.  That can be a bit dangerous to look at myself that way.  But it feels so secure to be like this.  Especially with men.  There's not a man on earth who I can't have or beat at anything."


"Wow, that's incredible. Have you ever given into that feeling?  Ever have the desire to just show off?"


"No, not really," said the magnificent muscle-girl.


"Really?   Supergirl. I mean, that outfit." he stammered.


"Please call me Katie. At least when I'm dressed like this.  Do you like this blouse and jeans?"


She stood up and put her hands on her hips, pushing her breasts out, and then turning her back to him.  She ran her hands over the incredibly tight bottom of the jeans.


"They don't make my butt look big, do you think?"  Katie laughed.


Ken sat there stunned.


"My goodness, no.  No. they donÕt," he choked out.


"But you think I'm showing off in this outfit, don't you?"


"No, Katie really."


"You know, Ken.  I would never do anything like that.  But I'm still glad you like it.  Even though I'm thousands of times stronger than any man on earth, I don't want you to forget I'm a woman."


"No, of course not.  It's easy to see that youÕre a woman."


"Now, just what did you say to Desiree?  A superhuman muscle-goddess?"


Katie stood facing him on the settee again, standing with her hands on her hips she went into a double bicep pose.  Katie smiled at him and laughed.


"She told you that my body is totally invulnerable, didn't she?"




"Bullets just harmlessly bounce off my body."




Katie took her hands and started to run her fingers up the seams of the blouse.  Her fingernails stroked her nipples briefly and ran gently across the flaps of the pockets, across the sequins, across the embroidery.


"You may think my breasts feel like steel and my nipples like diamonds, but they feel like any other woman's -- any other woman with a perfect body anyway.  But my body reduces the lethality of a machine gun to that of a squirt gun!"




Katie then ran her hands up the front of the blouse and cupped her large firm breasts, and smiled at him.


"So my muscle and skin tissue are so dense, when a bullet strikes me here" -- she pushed her finger into the middle of the cloth of the left pocket, her invulnerable body yielding a fraction of an inch -- "it just flattens against my superhuman muscles and bounces off like a pebble."


 "All bullets?"


"Yes. Machine guns, shotguns, armor piercing, Teflon, anything.  In fact it makes me tingle a little bit when they hit my nipples."  Katie giggled. "Lieutenant, stand up."


He stood up and looked at her with the most intense sense of longing on his face.


"Would you like to touch my breasts to see how my invulnerable body feels?"


His eyes focused on her with an even greater intensity. Ken felt an exquisite tingling in his penis and a pounding in his chest as he saw the mighty muscle-goddess step forward to him with her hands on her hips and breasts pressed forward.


"Katie, may I?" he whispered.


"Yes, Lieutenant, you may."


He reached forward to her with his palms upward, his fingers contacted the silk below the nipples of her super breasts.  His fingers gently brushed the embroidery and sequins on the pockets.  Her super hearing detected the whirring of his fingers against the silk.  Her mighty nipples were excited by his touch, and became aroused and erect, tenting the beautiful and delicate fabric outward. Her incredibly feminine but superhumanly invulnerable nipples pushed up the buttons that held the flaps of the pockets closed, and he stroked them gently.


"Invulnerable, Lieutenant. They're invulnerable."


He then began to squeeze and only then did he feel the superhuman firmness of her feminine orbs.  Katie stood there with her hands on her hips as he held her mighty breasts with a grip that would have hurt a mortal woman, but was nothing to her.


"No implants, just the body of a mighty muscle-goddess."  He thought to himself.


Reaching down, Katie put her right hand between his legs and lifted him off the floor.  Katie shook her breasts so Ken could see them bounce.


"Enough fun for the moment," Katie said.


Placing him down on the settee, Ken collapsed in a heap.


"There's one more thing I want to show you."


Katie disappeared for a second and came back with an Air Force flight helmet.  It had Capt. Riker stenciled on it.


"Forgetting all the rights and wrongs of sex slaves, all the emotion and everything. I want you to consider this."


She put the helmet between her legs as he watched. Held between her thighs, the helmet began to creak; then a microsecond later she crushed it into a shapeless mess of broken plastic and wires.


Dahl nearly fainted on the settee.


"So you see, the body of a mortal man between my legs -- well, if I lost control it wouldn't be pretty. So, the final question, do you really want to do this?"


Ken slid to the floor and began to crawl across it to her. She looked down at him as he crawled to her with an expression that only a woman with her superhuman strength and power could know.


He reached her three-inch platforms and began to run his lips and tongue over her toes. He began to beg. "Supergirl, oh mighty goddess, please take me as your slave."


Over and over he repeated himself as his face and lips rose up her legs, kissing her thighs, running his tongue over the center seam of her white jeans.  Rising further he kissed the silk blouse and every button until he arrived at her breasts.  Then he kissed both pocket buttons and buried his face between her breasts, moaning, "Supergirl, mighty Supergirl, please, please."


Picking him up by his shirt, Supergirl looked up at him with a bored expression on her face.


"Alright, if you insist, follow me."  Supergirl then dropped Dahl to the floor with thump.



Part 2



Dahl looked up at Katie as she walked from the room and up the stairs.


 "Hurry up, Lieutenant.  Do I need to carry you?"


 "No, Supergirl. I'm coming." Dahl jumped to his feet and began to run after her up the long staircase. He lost sight of her as he came to the top of the stairs and looked to see a large carved oak door at the end of the long hall. The door was open and an amber light fell from it into the hall. Pausing at the large double doors of conservatory, Dahl looked in and faintly saw a huge oil painting of Supergirl over the fireplace. At the other end of the room was a small marble sculpture of her nude.  Every chiseled muscle of her incredibly feminine superbody was portrayed in minute detail. The pose was reminiscent of Michelangelo's "David", portraying as it did, the most perfect female form in human history. He raised his fingers up and stroked the naked marble breasts, his heart pounding as Dahl stroked them.


"Lieutenant Dahl, you may fondle my artwork some other time.  I have need of you right now," boomed the voice of Supergirl from down the hall.


Scrambling, Dahl regained his composure. He rushed down the hall, his heart pounding at the thought of seeing SupergirlÕs bedroom. He peaked into the room, and was overwhelmed by its grandeur. Walking in, he saw the Princess of Power standing in front of huge mirror, dressed in a long terry cloth robe.


"You've changed," he said.


"So I have," she said, turning to face him. Katie smiled a wicked sort of a smile and walked across the room toward him.