Project SG

Shopping with Katie


By Evelyn York


A bit of explanation: Katie O'Grady is the sole survivor of a group of men and women who were enhanced with alien DNA to give them the powers of Superman/girl.  She's vastly exceeded the agency's expectation of her strength and powers. The agency has given up trying to enhance anyone else for the moment..  

In this episode, she takes her office mate Steve shopping in New York City in preparation for their office winter retreat in the Cayman Islands. Her cover is as an analyst for an aviation software company called Metron Aviation. Steve has figured out who she is in the previous chapter. She loves Steve and Steve loves her although neither is ready to admit it.




Katie glanced up at the wall clock and turned to him.


"Doing anything for lunch?" she asked.


"UmÉno. I didnÕt have anything in mind," Steve answered.


"Want to go shopping with me? CaymanÕs only a couple of months away and I havenÕt got a thing to wear." Katie said.


"Oh, what did you have in mind?" He said hopefullyÉjust imagining KatieÕs incredible body in something incredibly sexy.


"Well, I need a manÕs opinion sometimes. I need to get something suited to a warm and tropical climate." Katie smiled at him as she got up from her desk.


Katie wore a crisp white tailored blouse with two breast pockets, and a tight blue miniskirt that matched the jacket that hung across the back of the chair. She walked over to the window and put her hands on her hips, and took a deep breath. The three top buttons of her blouse were open, and her beautiful breasts were in view. Steve nearly fainted watching that model-thin body and all the strength and power inside it. Katie was gorgeous beyond gorgeous and it was all Steve could do to restrain myself.


"You know I can make some very quick changes." Katie laughed


"YesÉI know that well. I could give you an opinion. Where do you want to go?" He smiled.


"Well, I like stores in Los Angeles and New YorkÉ" Katie smiled


"But that means weÕd have toÉ"


"Fly. If youÕre up to it."


He mumbled something and nodded, as much in shock as anything else.


"Good," Katie smiled. "YouÕre going to enjoy thisÉ" And she stepped up to the window and opened it properly, much to SteveÕs relief, instead of yanking it out of its frame as she had the last time. HeÕd had a devil of a time trying to figure out how to explain the windowÕs condition, and had been nonplussed when heÕd gone to his manager to report it... and had received a furtive, "Yeah, thanks, weÕll take care of it - and hey, absolutely do not mention this to anyone, okay?" in return.


Halfway out the window, Katie said, "Well, come on!" to Steve, who was holding back. "Oh, donÕt worry, IÕll hold onto you." This last was said a bit evilly, but it didnÕt prick SteveÕs ego any.


Katie pulled her head back in. "Look," she said, not impatiently. "WeÕll just go to New York. YouÕre from there – youÕll love it! WonÕt it be nice to visit the City, even for a short time? Come on, take my hand." She gestured out the open window toward some birds flying past. "We can be like they are. DonÕt be afraid."


With a deep breath, Steve stepped forward, took KatieÕs outstretched hand, and climbed up onto the windowsill with her. He put his arm around her waist and looked at her. "Together now...." Katie exclaimed, and they both put one foot out the window. Steve closed his eyes, held the deep breath he had taken, and stepped out with the other foot...


And they were flying! Steve could not mistake the feeling of up, up, upward motion, or the cold, damp breeze on his face, even though he had never felt that sensation before. He kept his eyes closed at first, trying to control his breathing, trying to control the beating of his heart. KatieÕs arm around his waist was warm and strong – and he was momentarily unsettled by the fact that he was being pulled through the sky by a woman.


Katie laughed as if she could hear his thoughts. SteveÕs eyes popped open, and he a looked down.... Why, it was beautiful! The colors of mid-autumn adorned the hills below them as they glided north. Their pace was quick but not enough to prevent SteveÕs enjoying the beauty of the northern Virginia hills in their flaming glory. HeÕd never seen the like of it! And Katie looked so beautiful as she pushed her left arm out ahead of her and held on to Steve with her right.


He ventured a look around, and was pleasantly surprised. At about a quarter mile or so above the ground, the air was crystal clear. Whatever it was Katie did to fly, she held him delightfully aloft as well as embracing him alongside her– he pulled himself close to Katie and looked into her eyes as she peered ahead into the sky. The wind blew her hair back and she looked beautiful and natural in flightÉwith the grace of the most beautiful of creatures.


"This is great!" He called to Katie, keeping his eyes on her beauty.


She grinned in return. "YouÕre getting the hang of it!" she called back encouragingly. "Just relax and enjoy – IÕll do the steering. Look, down there – weÕre flying over the Appalachian Mountains now. IsnÕt it great?"


"Beautiful!" He agreed with her, and marveled that he was having this conversation, in the sky no less, with the most beautiful, powerful, intelligent woman in the world...and she didnÕt seem to be making fun of his boggling over the fact that they were flying!


"Uh, Katie?" Steve asked. "Why no cape and boots?"


"Because regular clothes are okay as long as I stay under 200 mph. Much over that and IÕd be flying in my birthday suit." Katie replied.


"ThereÕs a thought." Steve saidÉas he watched the cold air push the blouse against KatieÕs ample breasts.


"All right, then!" Katie laughed in delight. "WeÕll be there in no time at all! Second star to the right...and straight on till morning!"


Flying, Steve was to learn, was far more enjoyable when they were over mountains and rural, unpopulated areas. Heading into New York City was something else altogether.... no longer was the air so clean, nor the updraft so comfortable. Hot spots in the air from the cityÕs heat could cause turbulence for flying human bodies as well as for airplanes, he was chagrined to discover. Not that Katie had any trouble with it...or seemed to notice that he was beginning to have to fight some disorientation. He supposed that he would always prefer water to air....


Suddenly Katie flipped them upright and began to descend, straight down. With her super vision, she was able to spot a landing site long before Steve could – but as they dropped, just a little too fast for his liking, the streets and buildings of mid-town Manhattan became recognizable to him. Katie could land enormously quickly, so fast that no one would ever know that she had dropped in from outer space, but one look at SteveÕs face told her that slower was better just now.


 "Okay, now, weÕre going to land," Katie turned to face Steve and put both her arms around his waist; he almost died from the rush of pleasure he felt at having her press her body to his. "Just hold on, IÕll take the shock of it." She brought them down gently, and landed with a little hop on the sidewalk.


 Steve never felt a thing – but of course, with KatieÕs amazing strength, they may as well have been stepping from the curb to the street as landing from a quarter mile up! Steve spun his head around to take in the cherished sites of midtown Manhattan. It was a credit to the nature of Gothamites that no one, not a single person on the crowded street, gave ANY notice whatsoever to the apparent landing of a man and woman, locked in an embrace, in their midst, Steve proudly noted. Boy, was it ever great to be back!


 "You okay? Great. Then letÕs go.... BloomieÕs ought to do it!" Katie strode off up the nearby concrete steps into BloomingdaleÕs, barely glancing at Steve to see if he was indeed okay. And what difference if he wasnÕt? marveled Steve as he hurried after her. SheÕs just save his life, thatÕs all...ho hum for her!


 Like any good department store, BloomingdaleÕs was smart enough to put the womenÕs department right up front. Katie was fairly flying again as she zoomed in and took a quick look at the racks and racks of merchandise. Apparently she was well known there, for a tall, crisply dressed woman came hurrying out from the back toward Katie. For all the look of imperiousness about her, the head of the sales staff greeted Katie warmly, exclaiming how wonderful it was to see her back.


 "Thanks, Pilar; itÕs always nice to see you," Katie returned, glancing at the much taller woman. "IÕll need that special room again of course.... and I have company with me," Katie continued, gesturing at Steve, who blushed to suddenly find himself so deeply inserted into this purely female world.


 "Of course, my dear," Pilar gushed. "IÕll personally see that itÕs ready; you just head there whenever youÕre ready..."


  "IÕm ready," Katie said pointedly, one fist on her hip.


 "Of course, of course...." Pilar disappeared around the corner again along with her voice.


 "Okay, Steve – IÕll only be a minute, you just wait right there." Katie didnÕt even take her eyes from the clothing racks to ensure that Steve was standing where sheÕd left him – of course, he was. Although KatieÕs super vision had allowed her to browse all the available clothes and pick out what she wanted to try even before she had come through the door of BloomingdaleÕs (indeed, she had done it while they were descending from their flight) – just like any woman, she mused and second-guessed a bit, and enjoyed seeing the clothing at close range.


 Steve was used by now to seeing Katie move like lightning, or like wind; well, as used to it as he supposed heÕd ever get. Still, he was amazed that in the time it took him to blink an eye, Katie was standing directly in front of him again, a huge pile of clothes in her arms.


 "Come on, follow me to the dressing room," she said. "I put two other stacks of clothes in there already to try on. We need to hurry." Steve just smiled and shook his head, hurrying after he again. Katie sped through a back entrance to the clothing display area, down a little hallway, and made a couple of turns until she reached what was obviously an area Ôoff-limitsÕ to all but the most special clientele.


 They reached the dressing room door, which Katie plowed through first, flinging the clothing in her arms to one corner of the comfortably large room. She turned to address Steve and was impatient to find him stopped just outside the doorway.


 "What are you waiting for, an engraved invitation?" she snipped at him. "Get in here; timeÕs awasting!" As he still hesitated, she stepped back to the door, grabbed him by the arm, and yanked him in – and for a split second, let him think she was going to continue the yank until he smashed into the opposing wall! But she brought him up short with a neck-cracking stop. "What are you afraid of now? YouÕve seen me change dozens of times before! IÕll do it just like that, believe me, I donÕt want to have to carry you back after youÕve had a heart attack. Here, sit down," Katie said, pointing to the long, low banquette on the sidewall. Steve sat, wishing she wouldnÕt joke about heart attacks to him.


 The room was done in shades of muted red and gold. All four walls were covered with floor-to-ceiling mirrors that gave absolutely perfect reflections, so as not to mar the appearance of anyone gazing into them. The lighting was soft but not unnatural; Steve noticed an odd sort of dimmer on the wall, which could obviously be used to adjust the lighting – but heÕd never seen one marked, "Overhead – outdoors – concert hall/theater – stage," before. Katie was rummaging through the piles of clothing sheÕd picked up, in seemingly no order at all.


 She straightened up, came to stand directly in front of Steve, and placed her hands on her hips – the posture that told Steve what was coming next. "Okay – ready? Hold some stuff for me, please," she said, and she began to whirl. Off came her blouse, which landed in SteveÕs lap; next came her skirt, as she spun into her little whirlwind. The updraft blew a few of the filmier of her choices around a bit. Steve held her clothes close to him; they were still warm from her body, and he tried to catch her scent from them.


 "What do you think?" Katie came to a stop before him, no longer in her navy blue miniskirt and white blouse. Instead, she was a picture of – well; she looked like a biker – sort of! SteveÕs jaw hit the floor. Katie was dressed in skin-tight black leather capris that were open at the side from waist to calf, held together by criss-crossed leather twine. Chunky platform boots, again black leather, covered her feet up to her ankles. Her midriff was bare, showing off her lean, muscular stomach. She wore a cropped black leather halter in a style like a sports bra – tank-type straps, high cut back, low front with matching black leather twine criss-crossed over her cleavage, barely keeping her breasts in. Steve couldnÕt help himself; he stared at her crotch; the capris were so tight, they outlined EVERTHING, and he could see the shape of her womanhood...he imagined leaning his forehead on KatieÕs abdomen, pressing his face against her, opening his mouth, running his tongue over her...he had to bite his tongue to keep from moaning aloud. He bit so hard an obvious look of pain came over him.


 "You donÕt like it!" Katie exclaimed in wonder. "All right, itÕs not right for the beach anyway. Being in New York got the better of me. IÕll try the next one..." and she whirled again before Steve could protest that no, the outfit was perfect, please donÕt ever take it off. The breeze from her whirlwind blew back his hair and slapped his face; he needed refreshed.


 This time it was denim when Katie stopped. Another halter, this one a tank top – stonewash blue, with stretch spaghetti straps over her magnificent shoulders; the neckline plunged in a V to her breasts. Rivets ran from the point of the V to where the halter stopped, just above her navel. Her breasts were, unbelievably, pushed up even higher by the cups of the halter, and she had left the top two rivets undone so that most of her breasts were clearly visible. The matching denim skirt was ankle-length, but it still left nothing to the imagination as it was slit up both sides clear to her hips; if she had had on panties, Steve realized, heÕd have been able to see them. Which meant that she didnÕt. On her feet were strappy little denim sandals with 3" inch heels. Katie swayed her hips back and forth, and turned a little from side to side, so that the skirt swished back and forth, alternately covering and exposing her perfect legs. Steve no longer tried to stifle his moan.


 "Guess this oneÕs a keeper, then!" Katie laughed brightly at his reaction. "Good – I see this one as useful for a moonlit dinner on the beach. DonÕt you think?" She continued to smile, as Steve continued to be unable to speak. "All right, hold it for me, will you? HereÕs the next one!" The denim landed in SteveÕs lap too as Katie began to whirl again. He sighed, thanking God that his death had been painless, and that he had clearly been delivered unto Heaven.


 The next stop showed Katie in a tight white miniskirt, denim again, and a red button-down blouse, tied in the front at her navel. The little collar on the blouse poked up jauntily, just the way she liked. Wedge-shaped rope slides neatly flattered her feet. The skirt was so short, Steve knew that if she took one step, all his prayers would be answered – as long as she hadnÕt put any panties on. Before Steve could drool by way of communicating his approval of the outfit, Katie let him know that she had caught him looking earlier by doing the exact same thing to him – only SHE had x-ray vision she could use to see right through his clothes as she turned the tables by pointedly staring at HIS crotch this time! Through his haze of desire, Steve knew he should be embarrassed, but he could only hope she liked what she saw....


 "I figured youÕd have a good time with this," Katie spoke in a low voice. Steve was too far gone to hear her ominous tone. "Even you canÕt help yourself. IsnÕt there anyone I can count on? All right, last one." With that, Katie spun again, and stopped wearing a flowing green rayon sundress. The front and back were both low, and the back of the skirt was slit to her knees – it was pretty, but by no means was it the most fetching outfit Steve had ever seen her wear. He took the hint and tried to compose himself.


 "Nice," he managed at last to choke a word out of his strangled throat.


 "Yeah, right, youÕre a liar," Katie sneered at him. "I donÕt care what you say about this one – sometimes a girl needs comfort, too. Breakfast on the deck in this. Okay; weÕll have to hurry, I have another stop I want to make." In a flash, she was back in her own navy miniskirt and white blouse. How had she done that, Steve wondered – she hadnÕt spun this time, and he hadnÕt even felt her take her clothes back off of his lap. Then, he blushed furiously to realize that if he hadnÕt felt her pick up her clothes, what else in his lap had she had her hands on without his knowing it?


Katie of course saw his sudden discomfiture and laughed cruelly.


 "DonÕt worry, my friend," She moved over to him and spoke into his ear, her breasts tantalizingly close to his face. "If I put my hands on you, youÕll KNOW it." Then she laughed quite loudly. Steve gave up all pretense of dignity and covered his face with his hands.


 Katie quickly turned warm again. "Look, donÕt worry about it," she said, picking up her choices from his lap and grasping his hand to pull him upright. "Pilar!" she shouted.


 Instantly, high heels tapped down the little hallway toward the special dressing room. Katie opened the door and tossed the clothes she wanted to the head saleswoman, who caught them with more than a little difficulty.


 "You know how to charge them, and where to send them. Thanks, Pilar!" Katie pulled Steve by the hand out the door, past the saleswoman who was now bowing and obsequious in her pleasure at having served Kate OÕGrady. Katie continued to pull Steve through the store and out into the streets of Manhattan.


 "We need to really rush to make this last stop," Katie said with a bit of worry. "YouÕre just going to have to let me carry you, so we can get there fast. Here, let me pick you up," she said, trying to be polite, and mindful of how a man might feel if simply hoisted like a sack of potatoes over her shoulder.


 Steve didnÕt mind if she dragged him by his heels behind her. "Sure, anything you say," he replied, trying to sound merry. "Where to this time?" he almost swallowed his own tongue when he heard Katie reply.


"To VictoriaÕs Secret. I need a bathing suit, and some lingerie."


 It was nothing but a blur to will as Katie scooped him up as if he weighed nothing at all and leaped into the air. In what seemed a matter of seconds, Steve found himself with Katie in front of VictoriaÕs SecretÕs largest store – the one on Central Park South.


 "Sounds good to me"


 Slowing to a normal human pace, Katie opened the door herself and walked right in before it struck Steve that he ought to open it for her. There were few shoppers about, but Katie marched up to the counter in the mostly empty store.


"Hi, IÕd like to see Alberto, please." Katie addressed the well-endowed brunette behind the counter, who hadnÕt even looked up from filing her nails as Katie approached.


"What for – IÕm not good enough for ya?" The brunette was surly, and with her thick Flatbush accent, seemed intent on demonstrating every behavior New Yorkers had ever been reviled for.


"YouÕre fine," Katie returned patiently. "YouÕre just not Alberto. Al will want to see me. Get him, please."


"What if heÕs out?" The brunette crossed her arms in front of her.


"HeÕs not out," Katie replied. Steve was mystified that Katie was still so patient with this little New York nymphette; knowing her temper, heÕd expected fireworks by now. "HeÕs in his office, back the hallway, third door on the left, and heÕs at his desk right now."


"What if heÕs busy?" The brunetteÕs voice could have ground glass into powder. Steve shuddered.


Finally, Katie was fed up. Staring down the other girl, she put her hand on the side of the counter, and pushed it out of the way so that there was nothing between her and the brunette bombshell. The counter made a screeching sound as it tore out of the floor and ripped aside the carpet on its way past the two women.


The brunette screamed and jumped back, but recovered quickly enough to yell, "Hey, youÕre gonna have to pay for that!"


The commotion brought a thin, smallish gentleman running from the back, squawking. This little man was flamboyantly dressed in an expensive Armani suit with a flaming red handkerchief perfectly folded in his breast pocket, and he was wringing his hands with anxiety. Alberto, Steve guessed – and he was right.


"What the – oh, Katie, itÕth YOU!" Alberto bubbled. "Up to your old trickth, I thee, dahling! Margaret, why are you jutht thtanding there, dear – clean up thith meth!" MargaretÕs eyes were sullen on KatieÕs face.


The manÕs lisp was even thicker than MargaretÕs accent, and nearly as grating to SteveÕs ears. Katie didnÕt seem to notice, and warmly returned the double-air-kisses Alberto directed toward both of her cheeks, their arm-hug placing them the correct four inches apart. The sound of AlbertoÕs voice and his mannerisms irrevocably marked him as gay in SteveÕs mind – although he knew perfectly well that appearances could deceive. In this case heÕd bet a weekÕs pay he was right, though!


"Hello, Alberto," Katie smiled affectionately at him. "IÕm on a tight time schedule, dear, and I need a few things."


"Of COURTH, dahling, of COURTH! Although you had time to trash my shop again, and thcare poor Margaret out of her WITTH..." Margaret did not look one bit scared, only angry, as she tried to push the counter back.


"And IÕve brought a friend. Alberto, IÕd like you to meet my office mate, Steve Jones." It was the first notice anyone had taken of Steve since theyÕd come in the door. Katie grasped Steve by the elbow and pulled him forward right in front of Alberto, who squealed in delight, looking the taller man up and down.


"OOOOOOOoooooo, Katie, you bad girl! Ith he for ME or for YOU, dahling?" Steve felt the blood run to his face and knew he was blushing redder than he ever had before. Clearly, Alberto was as queer as a three-dollar bill, and made no bones about it. Both Alberto and Katie laughed uproariously.


"Sorry, Al, I guess youÕd say heÕs for me – and only because I want his opinion on my purchases first. So heÕll be in the dressing room with me."


Still eyeing Steve appreciatively, AlbertoÕs statement changed to mock chagrin. "That meanth you wonÕt need me thith time? My heart ith BROKEN, I tell you!" Turning to Steve, Alberto flapped his hand and confided, "Honey, you are THUCH a lucky man!" Steve attempted to swallow, to no avail. Katie guffawed.


"All right, dahling, you know where everything ith, tho jutht get thtarted anytime. I know how to take care of you, donÕt I?"


"Oh, you bet, Alberto – you sure do," Katie agreed, grabbing SteveÕs hand again and pulling him down the hall, out of AlbertoÕs hungry gaze.


"Another special room for us," Katie explained, stuffing Steve inside a smaller room than they had had at BloomingdaleÕs. It was just as private, though, and it was filled with mirrors on every wall and the ceiling as well. A small platform occupied the middle of the room, rising about a foot off of floor level. Katie dropped Steve into the seat at the back of room.


"DonÕt move - IÕll be back in a second." Katie said. "Hopefully youÕll be all right in here, Alberto will probably leave you alone." Steve leapt up from his seat at this, but Katie was already gone, in a rush of air.


In not much more than a second, she was back with a half dozen hangers in her hand, each one holding what apparently were string bikinis.


"If flying up here didnÕt make you glad you took your blood pressure pill this morning, this sure will." Katie smiled at him.


Katie stepped up on the small raised square and turned and looked at Steve with a rather superior looking smile. Putting her hands on her hips she looked down at him as if she was going to give him the thrill of his life. Taking a deep breath to heighten the suspense, Katie began to spin. Once again her superspeed created a whirlwind in the room. Blouse and skirt again draped themselves across SteveÉand when Katie stoppedÉthere she was in a tiny purple crocheted string bikini.


Steve thought he was going to die right thereÉhis heart racedÉhis mouth went dry. Katie stood facing him with hands on hips, playing ever so coyly with the bowties at each of her hips. Steve was stunned by the beauty of her legs, her beautifully muscled midriff and the swell of her magnificent breasts under the purple top. Katie did only one thingÉstaring and smiling a very superior smileÉshe took a deep breathÉand then the bow behind her neck let go. She quickly grabbed it before anything was visible.


"Steve," She askedÉ "Would you give me a hand tying this?"


Steve stepped to his feet and walked up to her as she turned around. His eyes washed over her perfect bodyÉand focused on the thong bottom. Regaining his composure he took the two ends of the top, pulled her hair out of the way and began to tie a bow. He could see Katie smirking at him from the mirrors of the room, but he didnÕt mind a bit. After finishing the knotÉhe slid his fingers down the strings leading to the cups of the bikini, pulling them outward just a little. Them shifting his hands to the lower strings, he moved them underneath the firm abundance of her breasts. And thenÉKatie turned around quickly, slipped her finger under SteveÕs belt and effortlessly lifted him from the floor.


Smiling, Katie looked up into his eyes as she held Steve aloft and said, "All I needed was a bow, Steve."


Steve blushed as Katie let him dangle from the end of her finger. Slowly she lowered him to the floor.


Four more times Katie repeated the eye popping spectacle of her superfast changesÉonce in a reflective silver bikini, once in a tropical motif, and once more in a pure white one with a thong back.


Steve lay slumped in the chair, transfixed by the most erotic scene he had ever beheld in his life. Exhausted from the palpitation of his heart, Katie revived him with the words. "Well, which one did you like best?"


"Um – huh...." he tried to speak. "Uh – the purple one. The first one."


 "The first one, huh? IsnÕt it always the way – okay, the purple crocheted one it is. And now, how Ôbout some lingerie?


 Katie grinned evilly at Steve, who was starting to discover just how much she enjoyed teasing him. What had he ever done to deserve it, he wondered thankfully as Katie disappeared from the room again in a tornadic burst.


 She returned immediately, clutching a jumble of satiny, lacy things Steve could not even begin to recognize. Hanging from KatieÕs fist, they looked like nothing that was ready for a woman to wear. He could see white, ice blue, black and red colors....


 "I already have a gown I picked up in Paris for the Christmas banquet this year," Katie explained, pulling at the tangle of silky straps. "I just need a foundation under it...okay, here we go." She stepped up again onto the platform, and putting her hands on her hips once again, she smiled that superior smile at Steve, this time adding a distinct leer. She began her well-rehearsed spin....


 When she stopped, the white-colored part of the bundle of straps made perfect sense on her lovely body. A strapless satin merrywidow corset covered her ribcage from her nipples to her waist, with tiny pearl buttons tracing down to an elongated point in the front. The cups of the corsetÕs bra were reinforced with wire and stiff lace – not that Katie needed it. Her breasts were completely upright in the cups, which looked more as if the fabric was holding onto her skin to stay up, rather than the other way around. Thin white lace straps ran from the front end of the corset to the matching lacy tops of white thigh-high silk stockings, the bottom of which covered toes that were visible through the open front of white leather strap sandals. And underneath the straps – a tiny pair of white bikini panties in both satin and lace – the satin strategically located so that the lace didnÕt allow EVERYTHING to be seen.


 "What do you think?" Katie asked, turning slowly around on the platform, her head following so that she saw herself in every mirror on the wall. Steve realized then that he could see her in every mirror too – and began to spin his own head around to catch sight of her from every direction. This mirror showed her slim hips, that one her sumptuous profile – and that one, her back! Steve could see the smooth rise of KatieÕs buttocks, tightly accented by the lace of the white panties. He hadnÕt thought it possible for him to get any harder, but he did at the sight of her from behind...


 "Steve? Is this any good?" Katie demanded, resting one hand on her hip.


 "Oh....god....YES...." Steve choked, trying to breathe, not caring if he did or not.


 Giggling, Katie spread her legs out into a ballet second position, and stretched her arms up high over her head.


 "And now?" she asked, grinning at Steve. "Is it staying in place?"


 How he wished it wasnÕt! But the little outfit held true, this apparently being an important characteristic of this sort of lingerie. Steve hadnÕt known, and could not ever have guessed.


 "How about now?" Katie asked him, bending forward to place her hands flat on the floor. Her breasts spilled forward and became all cleavage, directly facing Steve, who prayed they would fall out entirely. No luck that time either.


 "Okay, good. I wasnÕt sure if I liked it better in white," Katie said, whereupon she spun quickly,


"...Or in blue." She finished her sentence as she came to a stop from her whirling. She was wearing an exact copy of the same satin and lace merrywidow, but this time in the ice blue, with matching pale blue silk stockings and light blue leather pumps. The color was absolutely gorgeous with her eyes.


 Steve lit on this fact as something he might be able to comment on. "Matches your eyes," he breathed, not looking at her eyes at all, but at the slice of her midriff that he could see. Her stomach was so flat, and so delicately muscled for all her strength – to see her in this negligee was really just too much.


 "Yes," Katie nodded gravely, as if he had hit upon the one most obvious and important aspect of the outfit. "I liked that too. But here – we didnÕt check this style from the back!"


 Still on the platform, she turned her back to Steve, stretched her arms over her head again and called back to him over her shoulder, "Is it in place?" As if she couldnÕt see it herself in the mirrored wall! Steve nodded.


 "All right, then...." Katie said, and slowly began to bend forward from her waist. She bent down, down, down toward the floor, taking her time, stretching out her back, keeping her knees completely straight. As she bent forward, more and more of her buttocks and her womanhood pointed back directly toward Steve, who could not tear his eyes away from her there if it had been life or death. Katie grasped her calves and pulled her upper body straight down against her knees, and grinned cruelly at Steve upside down from between her legs. It was the biggest clue heÕd had yet that she was playing with him on purpose.


 "Well? She said mischievously. "Do you see anything you shouldnÕt see?"


 "Yes," answered Steve quickly, with a smooth confidence that surprised even him. He was gratified to see KatieÕs eyes shoot a worried glance into the mirror at her own doubled-over reflection – and realize that he didnÕt mean she was uncovered in any way.


 "Great," Katie stood up quickly. "IÕm not sure this is the right style though. LetÕs try another." She spun again, and came to a stop in a red set of bra, panties and matching garter belt. The garter this time held up beige silk stockings. The entire set was made of heavily beaded and patterned satin, both fully lined – but the cut of them left nothing to the imagination. KatieÕs full breasts were pushed up high, and the slim elastic straps of the panties outlined the tops of her beautiful hips. High heeled red leather boots hugged her calves up to her knees. Steve knew he was getting spoiled when he realized he just wasnÕt sure he liked this particular shade of red on her.


 "LetÕs see if the belt holds when I sit," Katie suggested, grabbing the other empty chair in a blinding flash, and setting it on the little platform. There was barely room for her to stand. She turned the chair so that it was sideways to Steve, then she turned her own back to the chair and lowered herself into it, in a very lady-like manner.


 Looking to her side at Steve, she held his gaze for a moment without smiling. Without dropping his eyes, she pushed herself back into the seat and pulled her knees apart as wide as they could go. She placed one hand on each knee, and then turned her eyes forward, tilted her head back, arched her back – and began leaning forward from her waist, leading with her breasts. Katie slowly extended her rib cage and bent forward gracefully, flowingly, stretching forward as she brought her her head down between her knees. When her torso was parallel with the floor, she looked back at Steve, who made no secret of spreading his own legs apart so that he had more room in his pants for what was becoming the most enjoyably painful erection of his life.


 From her forward position, Katie caught SteveÕs eye, then dropped her gaze to his neck. She swept her eyes down over him as slowly as she had bent forward, and just as maliciously, using her x-ray vision to see through every stitch of clothing he had on – checking every hair, every muscle, and every inch of his skin....not that she hadnÕt seen it before, but this time, it appeared as if she was actually – looking.


 "Not this one," She said, suddenly sitting up. "One last one to go." Steve couldnÕt see how she managed to spin on that little platform with the chair still there. Clearly the only one left was the black one....


 When Katie stopped whirling, she did bump into the chair a little. This last one was a sight to behold! Another corset, this one in black see-through lace, which came down nearly to the bottom of her ribs and left her stomach bare...tiny straps rose over her shoulders, and came down to the low rise of the brassiere cups, which extended into a deep V between her breasts so that her entire cleavage showed. So did everything else – the transparent, unlined lace allowed full view of her nipples through the corset.... and of her abdomen and crotch through the lace bikini panties. The straps of the lace garter belt held up black silk stockings, but those little straps stayed well off to the side so as not to spoil any view. Her neatly trimmed hair was a little dark patch under the panties.... but what truly made the outfit were the little lace gloves with the half-fingers on her beautifully manicured hands.


 Katie stepped down off the platform in black spike heels. "Not much room up there," she said huskily, and walked toward Steve. His eyes widened as she advanced on him, and nearly popped out of his head when she came to a stop right in front of him. She planted her feet just on either side of both of his feet, straddling his knees. Then, with that superior smile on her face, Katie lifted her right leg, bent at the knee, and placed it beside him on the seat of the chair. Her breasts were even with his eyes, and they rose and fell only inches from his face with each deep breath she took.


 Steve wasnÕt sure when he had clutched the arms of the chair in a death grip, but now Katie reached for his hands and pried them free without any effort. Holding him by his wrists, she pulled his fingers up toward her bust.


 "Do you think this top is too small?" She whispered, and ran the tips of his fingers underneath the bottom edge of the corset. "IÕm afraid itÕs too tight." She pushed his fingers the whole way around her body, starting in the middle of her back, and coming the whole way around to her front. She then dragged his fingers down over her midriff, over the garter belt and down to the top of the panties.


 "How about here? Is this fit too tight?" She asked him, running his fingers just inside the top of the panties. Tears formed in SteveÕs eyes from the pleasure of touching KatieÕs perfect skin. "What about here?" And with that she loosed his fingers from the top of the panties and pulled them down to the outside of the pantyÕs legs. Steve could no longer breathe at all as she hooked his thumbs into the elastic and let his fingers brush lightly over her womanhood as she pushed his hands down further, the whole way into her crotch.


 He had been keeping his eyes on her face – her statement showed the entire time that she knew exactly what she was doing to him, and enjoyed teasing him – enjoyed making him hurt. He wished he could make her want him as much as he wanted her... he moaned at the thought of loving her, being loved back....


 Katie pulled his hands from between her legs and placed his arms around her hips with his hands on her rear. She reached back up to him, extended her arms and placed her hands on the back of his head...and began to pull his face down toward her crotch, with a slow, inexorable pressure that Steve would never have fought in any case. He moaned as she pulled her torso up even higher and tilted her abdomen toward him, opening her hips even wider so that more of her was visible....


 He opened his eyes and looked down at where she was pulling him. My god – how had he missed it when heÕd touched her there – could it be – was that REALLY a small slit right in the center of the crotch of those black lace panties? For just a split second, Steve could see that yes, thatÕs precisely what it was....


 His orgasm exploded in the split second before she pressed his face against her. Blinding light flashed before his eyes, the room spun and he nearly lost consciousness. His scream was muffled by her legs on either side of his face, but he was unfortunately unable to appreciate that fact. Every cell in his body throbbed with the intensity of the release of his climax, which shot through him from his own abdomen out of his body through his hands, feet, and head. It pounded him in several waves, until at last it abated and left him drained, exhausted, his head slumped forward onto KatieÕs ample chest.


 Katie lifted his head from her and gently turned his face so that he could see their reflection in one of the mirrored walls – her leg still bent up on the chair beside him, his face still mostly in her crotch. Even in his stupor, Steve struggled to focus his vision on an image he doubted heÕd ever get to see again.


 Katie bent slightly and kissed the top of his head. "ThatÕs going to be some load of laundry," she said, back to old self.


 Steve was still only vaguely coherent as Katie laid him back in the chair. She had a smug, superior smile on her face. She had reduced him to utter insensibility just by showing off to him. Her incredible hearing heard the pounding of his heart begin to subside to a more normal and healthy level. She ran her hand across SteveÕs cheek. "Poor little boyÉitÕs been so long for you, hasnÕt it? Well, itÕs time we got back to work"


 Katie raised her hands above her head again and began her supersonic spin for one last time. In a microsecond she was dressed once again in the miniskirt and white blouse, her hands on her hips, looking at the still exhausted figure of Steve.


 Just at this moment, Margaret knocked and entered the room


 "Oh, Ms. OÕGradyÉhave you made up your mind?


 Without looking at Margaret, Katie buttoned the flaps on the breast pockets of her blouse, and said, "yesÉIÕll take the purple crocheted bikini and black corset, heels and everything with it. Please have everything sent to the usual place and charged the usual way."


 Margaret picked the clothes up off of the chairs and stood by the door.


 "Yes, Ms. OÕGradyÉum, your friend seems to be a bit tired. I take it you showed him a few things heÕd never seen before?"


 The remark struck Katie as impudent, and she bristled.


 "Margaret, I can do things that no one has seen before. NowÉblow!" At that Katie took a deep breath, puckered her lips and sent forth a blast of wind that sent Margaret flying out the door and the door slamming shut.


 Katie stood with her fists on her hips, and smiled a superior smile. She looked over at Steve, as he lay exhausted in the chair. Steve returned her glance with a look of awestruck reverence and adulation.


 Just then, Alberto knocked and entered the room. "KatieÉdahlingÉI trust that you and your friend have had a good time? YouÕre a naughty girl playing with Margaret like that."


 Katie smiled. "Well, I hope she realized it was all in good fun. IÕm afraid we must leave nowÉwe only get an hour for lunch"


 "Oh, KatieÉIÕm not sure she did, but it doesnÕt really matter. Would you like to leave by your usual exit?"


 "Yes, Alberto, We would."


 "Well, do you need my help or can you find your way to the roof by yourselves?


 "Oh, I think I can find it. Until next time?"


 Alberto smiled and they repeated their double air-kiss ritual as Steve looked bemusedly on.


 Katie turned to Steve and helped him up, leading him to the back stairway to the roof the building. After climbing ten flights, Steve was ready to collapse and Katie was fresh as a daisy.


 "Steve, you really need to do some aerobicsÉreally" Katie smiled


 Two more flights found them at a barred steel door to the roof. Reaching for it, Steve found the thing locked and jammed shut.


 "Katie, itÕs stuck"


 "HmmÉletÕs see," responded Katie.


 Reaching for the door, Katie grasped the steel bars. Katie took a deep breath and began to effortlessly bend the steel bars. With a wink to Steve, a short application of her incredible superstrength had the bars spread an arm's length apart. Steve moaned as he watched in awe at KatieÕs incredible power at work. What an amazing contrast he thought to himself, stunning demure beauty and awesome physical power.


 They stepped out into the sunlight. Katie turned, looked at Steve, and smiled. She once again took the steel bars and bent them back into shape.


 Steve still had a dazed look on his face, when Katie turned again to him and said, "Steve, we ought to dry those pants before you get back to the office."


 "Huh? How?"


 "Like thisÉ" Katie stepped back from him and focused her eyes on the crotch of his pants. Suddenly red beams of coherent light leaped from her eyes, warming that area of his pants and removing the dampness.


 "Heat vision" said Katie. "Very useful at times. LetÕs go."


 Taking Steve in her arms, Katie gave the tiniest leap and lifted both of them into the sky. Steve looked longingly into her eyes, watching the wind blow her hair as upward and upward she lifted him. How overwhelming it felt to him to be flying serenely in the arms of the sexiest woman on earth. How he wished it would never, ever end. Steve already knew that Katie could take him to heaven without his having to die first!