By Velvet Belle Tree


Well … what did they expect?  They dump me on Earth and tell me to live incognito and report back.  They give me an identity and a job.  Not a job I could be really good at mind you, like a Vegas stripper … I’d knock the socks off the customers.  But no, they want me to be inconspicuous.  Look at me, how can I be inconspicuous?

Well, they managed.  They got me a job working in a library.  Not a library in a big city, but in a New Jersey suburb!  They give me brown contact lenses to hide my gorgeous blue eyes.  Tell me to use cheap shampoo to hide the shine in my hair.  Pull my hair back in a straggly pony tail.  And dress!  I’m supposed to wear neat, conservative and loose clothes, to hide my utterly fantastic figure.  Oh yes, and the name they gave me ..  Marian, like in Marian the Librarian.  Can you beat that?  I can hardly bear to say it when I think of the beauty of my real name – Arish’ka.

And even with all this, guys still come on to me!  Guess there are some things that are hard to hide. 

Well, I settled in after a while.  Tried to fit in and act like the people around me.  Spent the night with one of the guys who looked interesting.  But the idiot couldn’t keep his mouth shut … Had to brag about it in the local bars and his wife found out.  Caused some trouble.  Do these women really expect their men to remain faithful?  Especially with someone like me around?  But I don’t want to cause trouble, so I cooled it from then on, and kept away from the local men.

Went a few times to another town where no one knew me.  One time I’m sitting in a bar, about to go over to a really good looking man, when another man goes over to him, kisses him on the mouth and sits down with him!  I did manage to make a few contacts and have some good times.  But after a few meetings they start to ask questions, questions that can’t be answered.  What business is it of theirs if I wear heavy gold jewelry all the time?  Even when stark naked.  Then they want to know how often I work out to get my fantastic body.  Or they wonder why I have no pubic hair!  Around that point I tell them it's been fun, but I gotta go, and that’s the last I see of them.

Well, it all got too complicated, so I decided to swear off men for a while.  But it didn’t take too long for me to get bored with my sex toys.  So the problem deepened, and I was getting antsy and finding it harder and harder to keep up the nice girl image at the library.

So, I ask you:  What’s a Vel to do?

Well, one day I was surfing the web and came across a site called “Iwannagetlaid.com."  Now, that sounded like the very thing I was looking for.  No complications.  Just straightforward sex with no pretensions.

And I don’t have to worry like  ordinary women do.  I can’t catch any of their disgusting sexually transmitted diseases.  And if a guy got nasty … well, all I can say is, he’d never have to wear a jock strap again.

So I signed up for a short term subscription.  I was glad to see that pictures were optional – most people wouldn’t want the people they work with or their families to see them on that site.  I chose an appropriate screen name and started to fill out the profile.  I gave my height as 6 feet , afraid that the truth of 6’ 1 ½ “ would scare men away.  Checked off blue eyes and long, blonde hair.  Checked off excellent for figure type.  Had trouble figuring out what my best feature was (everything about me is great) but chose breasts.  Said I wanted a man over 6 feet tall and muscular.  When asked what I wanted most in a man I wrote stamina, not wanting to mince words. 

I looked at the check boxes listed under special interests and realized how weird earth people could be when it came to sex.  Bondage, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism …  Who needs it?  Luckily, there was a box to fill in your own interests.  I wrote: “Friendly, energetic sex.  No domination or submission.  No infliction of pain.”  Of course, they wouldn’t know that they couldn’t hurt me.  But just the thought of a guy wanting to hurt me during sex would turn me off.  I looked it over once more, made a few tweaks, and hit submit.

And then I waited for emails.  A few guys lived too close making me fear that they might recognize me later and some were too far away.  I found one that sounded like he might be just the ticket.  I responded and we set up a meeting in a mutually convenient town that still wasn’t too close to home.  Now all I could do until the meeting was hope that he lived up to his self-description.

I went to the town where we were meeting and got an inexpensive motel room.  I had bought some good shampoo and conditioner and washed my hair and brushed it until its old luster returned.  I would wear it loose, cascading to my shoulders.  I took out the brown contact lenses and replaced them with clear ones which would just tone down my eyes so that they would still be blue but not the true Velorian color which no human possesses.  I got into the clothes I had bought for the occasion. Jeans, a denim jacket, and a halter revealing enough to let the guy know exactly what he was getting. Sandals that showed my toes which had been painted vermillion to match my nails.  Of course, I had my big gold circlet ready to put around my waist.

I wanted him to get there first, so I could see him and if I didn’t like what I saw I could just disappear.  We had chosen a local coffee shop which was easy to find and not a normal pickup place.  I opened the door and looked around.  I spotted him and my face lit up.  He was more than I could have hoped for.  Even sitting down I could tell that he was at least 6’ 4”.  And muscular.  Not the kind of muscles that you get  in a gym, but the kind that comes from real work or athletics.  And he was bronzed as if he spent a lot of time outdoors.  His hair was short, light brown and curly.  His eyes were a striking color of green.  And the rest of his features were strong and chiseled, with a cleft chin.

I walked over to his table. “Hi, I’m Hot To Trot. Are you Studley?” I said, using our ridiculous screen names.  He gave a wolfish grin and said “I sure am," standing and pulling out the other chair for me.

He ordered cappuccinos for both of us.  I really didn’t want anything but felt we had to have something to pay for his use of the table.  After a few minutes he said, “I have a room nearby.”

“Well, what are we waiting for?" I responded and we left the coffee shop.

He put his arm around me as we walked around the corner to the motel where he was staying.  I re-calibrated his height at 6’6 ½”.  I could feel the hardness of his body and the excitement started to build. 

We entered the motel area, walked around the pool, and came to the door of his room.  He took out his key card, and miracle of miracles, it opened on the first try.  We stepped inside and I looked around.  It was an ordinary motel room with a king size bed.  And then I looked at him and admired the bulge in his pants – I didn’t think I would be disappointed.

I pulled my top over my head and he gave a low whistle.  Then I removed my pants.  Of course, I hadn’t bothered with panties.  He looked at me appreciatively.  Then he stripped.  I looked at him as he removed his pants and saw that he lived up to my expectations.

He looked at me again and noticed my juices dripping down my legs.

“We don’t need any preliminaries, do we?”, he said, looking hungrily at me.

He braced himself against the wall and beckoned to me.  I went over to him.  He put his hands under my ass, lifted me up and skewered me. He kept his hands on my ass and I put my hands around his neck. I put my feet against the wall for leverage and started to move.  The feel of the length and breadth of his cock moving inside me and my clit rubbing against his hard, hairy body drove me wild.  My moans and cries must have sounded like those of a banshee.  I can’t remember how long it's been since I came so explosively … maybe never.

“Jesus”, he said, as he put me down.  “I hope this place is sound proofed.”

I went over to the bed and stretched out, smiling up at him invitingly.  He looked me over again, exclaiming:  “I’ve never seen breasts like yours before.  Are they real?”

I’d heard that before.  So I just said “Come on over and find out”.

He sat down on the bed next to me, his left hand playing with my right nipple and his mouth sucking on my left nipple.  After a while he looked up and grinned:  “They’re real all right.  Absolutely magnificent.”

“Thank you,” I said, with false modesty. 

Then his face moved down my body and he breathed in deeply.   “Your smell.  Intoxicating.  Like no woman I’ve ever been with.  I wonder what you taste like.”

So he tasted me.  Licking and sucking.  “Unbelievable.  Makes me think I’m lying in a field of wildflowers … eating honey.  How do you do it?”

I had a stock answer for that too.  “Oh, that’s my little secret.”

Then he started sucking again in earnest.  His tongue lazily circling around and then darting inside my cunt.  Then sucking and nibbling on my clit.  I writhed in ecstasy and came and came.

He raised his head and looked at me.  “You sure as hell liked that.”

I looked down at his erection and said “You seem to have enjoyed it too.”

Then I decided to return the favor, taking him deep into my mouth and sucking greedily till he erupted with a shout, sending his cum cascading down my throat.

“Fantastic”, he muttered.  “No gag reflex.”

Then we rested for a while.  Our hands started to play with each other and my pheromones did their job.  When I saw that he was ready for another round I said:  “You look like a cowboy.  How about a horsey ride?” 

I got on my hands and knees, my ass up in the air.  He laughed and entered me, his hands cupping  my breasts.  He yelled “giddyap” and off we went.  We had a hell of a great ride, laughing and coming together.

Well, I felt it had been an excellent encounter.  Even better than I had hoped for.  Great sex… friendly, vigorous and fun.  And with a real hunk. What more could a Vel ask for?  I really felt that I got my money’s worth from that web site and was sure he had too.  Out of curiosity I asked:  “Have you used the web site before?”

He gave me a strange look.  “Web site?  What web site?”