The Mission

Begun by Brantley, continued by Rob Nagle


Xanthra hadn't known what to expect when she was captured during the Allied assault on Aurean-occupied Binkley's World -- an assault that had liberated the planet after a generation, and gained the Velorian Enlightenment its most significant military victory since the Battle of Klas'ten -- and a real victory this time, not just a moral one.

Binkley's World had been a thorn in the side of the Enlightenment, offering Aurea both a strong industrial base for the production of weapons and warships, and access to a strategic wormhole that threatened Velorian space. Binkleyans had been renowned for their work with Vendorian steel, second only to the vanished Vendorians themselves.

Their world had not fallen easily; although the odds were hopeless, they had fought bitterly. Their military technology was equal to, and in some ways superior to, that of the invaders. They surprised the Aureans by blasting their first battlecruiser out of space, but they well knew that they could never match the Betans, let alone the Primes, in ground combat. So they used the respite to evacuate as many of their children as possible before the enemy returned in overwhelming force.

The doomed defenders mined all the most important factories and research labs, in order to take as many as many of the invaders as possible with them. Then they fought to the death, by the millions – save for those who escaped to the wilderness beyond the cities and factory farms, where they lived lives that were nasty, brutish and short. Their brethren of the Diaspora were their only hope of redemption.

Xanthra knew nothing of this, having been conscripted from Aurea as a Comfort Woman long after the conquest. Unlike the Binkleyans in the hills or on distant planets, she harbored no dream of redemption. She would not even have recognized the word. She could imagine no other life than the one she led. She performed her duties; if the soldiers, and bureaucrats, she serviced were beasts, she was a beast of burden.

She harbored secrets from her handlers, and mishandlers -- secrets that meant certain death, if she were ever found out. Of them all, the one most cherished was a longing for her own -- a woman like herself. Whether from innate predilection, or the years of abuse that had begun when she was still in puberty, she loathed the touch of men. She had suffered for years in silence or, worse, in the sounds men wanted to hear from her. So it went, until the day the sky opened.

The attack took the Aureans by complete surprise. Two warships, disguised as Scalantran traders and with all the necessary clearances, attacked from a distance with missiles that exploded over the enemy base to spread clouds of gold dust. Betans and Primes alike became hopelessly disoriented, clearing the way for the ships to land and disgorge thousands of Binkley's World troops – the sons and daughters of the exiles.

Velor itself had supplied the gold, and the ships, and the weapons, and the training. Star Marshall Terri Raul'lan herself planned the attack, and her Auxiliary Protectors took out the Aurean warships and space defenses.

But it was up to the allies to carry the fight on the ground. Armed with K-7s and L-7s, they tore into the gold-crazed Betan troops. Where they met Primes, they attacked en masse, the drill being to hold them down and decapitate them with layer swords. It didn't always work, and the Binkleyans suffered heavy casualties -- but they won in the end through perseverance as well as numbers.

Xanthra had been servicing an officer when the bombs fell; rather than report for duty, he had dragged her into a bunker. They were among the few to escape the gold dust, and were later found by a Velorian decontamination team spraying the area with aqua regia — it was odd indeed to see Velorians in hazmat suits. The officer and his comfort woman surrendered meekly.

She had always heard that the Velorians were merciless towards their enemies, and in battle they still were. But this was during the first years of what was called the Theel'dara Initiative, with its watchwords "Imbue your allies with fervor. Convert your enemies with love." Giving allied forces the leading role in the battle had fulfilled the first part of that initiative. As for the second….


Chapter 1

"Have a seat, uh . . . Xanthra," said Oon'ah, referring to the page that bore the Aurean Betan's stats, and information.

Oon'ah B'Té sat at a desk burdened with papers. Her 'office' would've been better suited as a broom closet, and, had she had the time, she would've been all too conscious of that fact. It had been an Aurea of a morning for the overly busy Protector. She'd been assigned the task of cataloguing the planet's resident Aurean population with an eye toward who would stay, and who would go. Those who proved receptive to the Theel'dara Initiative would be offered positions in the effort of rebuilding Binkley's World's economy. Hardline adherents of the Empire, on the other hand, would be sent back to Aurea.

Mop-up operations. That's all she got.

Oon'ah wore her uniform. She always did. It was one of the few things she could do to remind herself that she was a Protector. It also reminded her, however, that she was not a real Protector — a Protector with a world of her own.

She'd just been to the local sun. Her swollen breasts felt tight, and sore. She tended to gorge herself on energy. It helped fill the gnawing void in her soul — or, at least, she hoped it would . . . someday.

Xanthra eyed the simple, straight-back chair she was to occupy. It had been a Velor of a morning for the now former comfort woman. The officer she'd been captured with had tried to take up where they'd been interrupted. Xanthra had hauled off and cold-cocked him — nearly killing him — and had told him, "That's over now."

She knew that she'd run a dangerous risk of exposing herself, but there comes point at which there no longer is a point. She was tired of hiding, tired of lying, tired of denying herself.

A number in the herd of Aurean detainees she'd been corralled with had witnessed her decking the officer. Such a breach of conduct from a military whore always meant instant death, and several had hastened to repair that breach. After Xanthra had put more than a dozen Primes on the ground, however, those left standing reckoned that her 'breach' may not have been so serious. After all, the new 'consciousness' that was being talked about promised to change a lot of things Xanthra, and her fellow Aureans, were weary of. At least, she hoped it would . . . someday.

Oon'ah glanced up to get a look at her next client, and, immediately, lost consciousness of anything else. The Aurean was staggeringly beautiful - even though she bore a nasty bruise on the left side of her extraordinary, womanly chest. She was tall, and lithe - her body possessing an irresistible feminine softness to it. Oon'ah, however, could easily see the abundance of superb, Aurean muscle underneath that deceptive surface. She could tell this woman was not a normal Betan. Her carriage, and bearing, alone, attested to that. She also projected an undeniable presence, which was as effortlessly potent as it was inescapably alluring.

A bandana encased the Betan's head, Oon'ah noted. It was customary dress among the natives. She wore one herself in a tokenistic effort to 'fit in'. She also noted that the only other item of clothing Xanthra wore on her stupendous body was a thong of tanned leather around her pelvis. That was customary dress for an Aurean comfort woman.

I wonder what she looks like naked? the Velorian mused.

As Xanthra sat on the chair across from her, Oon'ah eyed the enticing point of the thong's suggestive arrow.

I wonder if she's a 'real' brunette?

"My face is up here," Xanthra pointed out, noting the Protector's glazed stare.

Her voice had a caressing softness to it. It's tone brought a familiar ache to Oon'ah's heart. She distracted herself to look up, taking in the maddening beauty of Xanthra's glorious torso along the way. When her eyes rested on the Aurean's face, she felt the ache noticeably intensify.

"You're . . . ," Oon'ah began to say, and then she paused.

"Xanthra," the Aurean offered.

The mere sound of this Protector's voice had made it difficult for Xanthra to speak. Even partially concealed behind a desk, she could see that Oon'ah B'Té had the kind of body she'd always dreamed of as she'd masturbated. Her build was feminine, like her own, but with that unmistakable, Velorian solidity bred into every curve, and hollow, of her genetically engineered form. Xanthra never achieved such heights of gratification as she had while wondering what a woman like that could do to her, and what she could do to that woman.

As calmly as she could, Xanthra took in the intoxicating sight of the Protector's face, her skin, her eyes, her hair . . .

I wonder if she's a 'real' - what am I thinking? All those fucking Velorians are real blondes.

Hailing from opposite sides of the supremis spectrum as they did, neither woman could resist the temptation to visually size the other up. From the vantagepoint of their heightened reasoning skills, each of them considered the other's capabilities.

With her genetics she could probably take on an entire navy in a night, thought Xanthra.

And background.

With her experience she could probably take on an entire fleet crew in a night, thought Oon'ah.

The conclusions they reached were arrived at through unperturbed logic.


And level headed judgment.

The slut!

Unfettered by emotion.

I want her . . .

Or personal concerns.

Skietra, I want her!

The Protector thought she noticed something unexpected in the captivating Betan facing her. She looked deeper. What she saw surprised her.

"You're actually a Prime," she observed in a muted tone of amazement.

Oon'ah watched a wholly uncharacteristic mood of shame come over the Aurean as she first lowered her eyes, then bowed her head slightly.

"Yeah," Xanthra barely whispered.

Oon'ah knew that Aureans possessed an insufferable pride. Primes were, by far, the most prideful. They lived to subjugate, and lord over, others. They thought nothing of killing, and murder. She'd faced them in combat, and had, a number of times, barely survived. Now she faced one who was completely out of caste, not only with her race, but also with her own Velorian training, and experience, as a Protector. A high born, Aurean Prime, living as a lowly, Betan whore? The incongruity was such a shock to her, that she had to know


Xanthra looked up to regard the Velorian. She was as certain of herself as she was weary of it all.

"Face conscription into the Prime army so I could be all I could be? Go around, gleefully pummeling the shit out of races who hadn't done a thing to me except exist?"

She slowly shook her beautiful, raven head.

"No, thank you."

She looked away.

"I've never bought into the indoctrination crap. 'Our race is better than yours, so we get to do whatever we want'," she derided mockingly.

She looked at the Protector squarely.

"That's just a lame excuse to be shits."

She averted her eyes again.

"So I hid myself among the Betans. It wasn't hard. Basically shuffle some paperwork, and show a lack of enthusiasm for letting innocent blood."

The word 'enthusiasm' struck a deep, and disturbing, chord in Oon'ah B'Té's breast.

"But . . . ?" she wondered.

"Why a whore?" Xanthra asked for the Velorian.

She smiled sadly - wisely.

"The lower your station, the less scrutiny there is," she said in answer. "There's little risk of sticky questions being asked about a Betan comfort woman."

She looked up thoughtfully at the Protector.

"This initiative shows a lot of promise," she felt it safe to venture, and then she smiled again - wisely . . . sadly, "hopefully not too much to hope for."

Oon'ah suddenly found herself with many of her assumptions shattered. Here was an Aurean Prime who was not rigidly parroting the Empire line. As little as she'd imagined that she could ever desire an Aurean, now she had to concede genuine respect, and even admiration, for this one. She granted both with a willingness that not only surprised her, but made her feel good in a way she hadn't felt in far too long a time.

"With attitudes like yours," she said to Xanthra through the growing comfort of an intensifying, inner glow, "maybe nothing is 'too much' to hope for."

Her eyes lowered a bit. Her blonde head nodded upward.

"How'd you get the bruise?" she asked.

Xanthra gave a passing glance to her injury.

"One of my last . . . boyfriends was into death-cums," she related easily. "You know how Primes are."

Oon'ah was well aware of the bestial Aurean Prime urge to kill their mates at the peak of orgasm. The women were known to be more barbaric than the men in the ways they killed their lovers.

"But . . . you didn't die," Oon'ah noted.

Xanthra smiled wanly.

"Supremis coma can do a lot to defuse suspicion from a post orgasmic man," she said. "I've owed my life to them on any number of occasions."

Oon'ah knew that the survivor of a supremis coma emerged stronger than before, and was capable of a greater degree of muscle expansion. She'd been through a few herself, in fact. She wondered . . .

"I can get pretty huge," Xanthra informed Oon'ah with a knowing smile.

"Oh, I uh . . . wasn't thinking about that," the Protector lied - poorly.

Have it your way, sweet cheeks, Xanthra thought with a knowing, inner smile.

"I can help you with that," Oon'ah offered, referring to Xanthra's bruise.

"It's all right," the Aurean appreciatively demurred.



"It's all right."

Before either of them knew it, Oon'ah had levitated over her desk, and was standing in front of Xanthra. Xanthra had gotten up, and stepped away from the chair. Oon'ah had caught her by the straps of her thong to stay her retreat.

They were close enough to touch. In all their lives, neither of them could remember having been so nervous.

"Don't be frightened," Oon'ah tried to assure. "I won't hurt you."

The Prime regarded the Protector.

"I doubt that you could harm me, " she said, "even should you try."

Aurean pride? A dare? An invitation?

Oon'ah B'Té couldn't tell for sure, nor could she glean an answer in the Aurean's steady gaze. Thoughts occurred to her. Delightful thoughts, then she saw Xanthra turn her head to one side, submitting herself to Oon'ah's offered treatment.

She lowered her eyes to the site of the bruise. She applied her heat vision to warm the skin, and the deeper tissues below. The objective was to stimulate blood flow to the area so as to accelerate the natural healing process.

Oon'ah focused her attention on her task. She found the Aurean's structure to be extremely tough, and dense. She wound up having to use the full power of her heat vision to get the blood vessels of the area to dilate properly. She heard Xanthra moan softly from pain she knew had to be excruciating. She admired the Aurean's bravery for remaining still. She was straining before the procedure was done. When she released her hold on Xanthra's thong, the subject area was glowing white with heat.

After a few moments, Xanthra opened her eyes, and calmly observed the fading white glow on her chest. She knew that the bruise would be gone by the time the heat had dissipated. She was touched that a Velorian would do her such a kindness - painful though it had been.

"Thanks," she said simply.

She tried to make light of it so's not to belie the pain she was in.

Oon'ah turned away - moved away, unable to endure the close proximity of this gorgeous creature any longer. It brought back so much. So much!

She'd been bred, and raised, to be a Protector — a full Protector. For as long as she could remember, Oon'ah had dreamed of defending a world against the Aurean invaders. Lillith of Tetra, had been her model of a Protector. She'd studied every detail she could access of her long life, and its wealth of inspiring accomplishments. She wanted nothing more than to be just like the legendary heroine, and to have a life companion like her William.

But her dream of protecting a world was not to be.

She'd always been singular in her sexual preference - rather than plural as 'all' Velorian women were. The personal assistant to a Senator determined to 'right' her attitude. She upheld her honor.

It was during her Protector training on Erin'dor that he had his way back at her. The gold of her required bindings for an exercise turned out to be solid rather than the usual plated steel. Instead of weakening her to the prescribed degree, it crippled her to make her easy prey. Those who raped, and beat her with enthusiasm were officially excused from gross misconduct.

She didn't die, as had been planned. She endured her first supremis coma at the age of sixteen. She would have issued a formal complaint against her assailants if she hadn't feared it might threaten her ambition.

But she need not have worried. She was selected to help fill the ranks of the newly created 'Auxiliary Protector' unit.

She was to be denied the honor of becoming a full Protector as she saw it.

She would never have a world to protect.

"Is there something wrong, Protector?" Xanthra's soft voice asked her.

The closeness of the voice would have startled Oon'ah if she hadn't, at once, found comfort in it. She turned to see the gorgeous Aurean standing intimately close to her. Mere inches separated them.

"Oh, uh . . . no," Oon'ah answered awkwardly. "Nothing's wrong."

She had to get her mind back on the business at hand.

"Excuse me," she requested, needing to pass Xanthra to return to her desk.

The dark haired beauty remained as she was standing, regarding Oon'ah with her deep blue eyes. They were eyes that, somehow, penetrated without invading.

Was her refusal to yield an example of Aurean pride?

Oon'ah wondered.

"Excuse me," she reiterated.

The Aurean still wouldn't move, though her continued presence could not be construed as a threat.

Was her resistance a dare?

"I can move you," Oon'ah stated.

She would not let this Aurean, beautiful though she was, stand in her intended way. The look she saw on Xanthra's face, however, was unmistakable.


Oon'ah dared to close the distance that remained between them. Xanthra did not move away. It was painfully shy, and hesitant - such delicious pain! Both women were close to fainting by the time their lips first touched.

There are defining moments in life. Moments when a single act forever alters its immutable, forward thrust. At the consummation of their first, tentative kiss, both women knew that there was no turning back.

Still, each offered to the other an opportunity to withdraw - a chance to escape.

Neither of them took that chance, nor did they want it.

Their second kiss answered a every question, and eradicated every doubt. It washed away the pain of longing, and healed every wound that loneliness had wrought. The more they lingered, the more they could confess to each other of their consuming hunger. A hunger that had, ultimately, made them hard, and bitter.

But that was over now. There would be no more concern for nursing wounds, and soothing pain. There would now be only the expression of a lifetime of desire!

The air around them became heavy with the combined scents of honey and wildflowers, and sugar and spice. Their mouths sought one another in a growing frenzy of expression as the sum of them rushed forth to be revealed.

They paused suddenly, wondering if it could be true. Could any of it possibly be true?

They hastily stripped, and threw their naked bodies together. Their mouths devoured one another. Their arms enfolded one another in a flurry of caressing embraces that were sure. Their breasts, and bellies, merged in a wave of glorious fulfillment. Both of them created puddles of pungent nectar between their feet.

But old habits of thought die hard. Inevitably, the age old tension between Aurean, and Velorian, came to the fore. More, and more, their love-play took on the semblance of an erotic duel. The two, sex crazed supremis kissed, and touched, each another with mounting aggression. In a final, ravenous kiss neither of them could end, they forcefully thrust themselves away from each other.

Both of them were hot, and sweating, as they bore witness to what they'd done to each other. Their groins positively glowed with accumulating passion wanting for release. Though their invulnerable bodies bore no visible evidence, both of them felt the affects of numerous bites, and scratches.

"Just like a Prime," said Oon'ah through her heightened breathing as she cradled a viciously bitten breast.

"I suppose you were expecting a limp-clit Vel?" Xanthra panted in return while feeling a painfully bitten earlobe.

"I'm going to make you pay for that," Oon'ah stated through her teeth.

"Do it, you sick, Velorian bitch!" Xanthra spat at her with burning contempt. "Make me pay!"

"We'll see just who's the bitch!" Oon'ah swore.

The two super women threw themselves at each other with such force that the impact of their invincible bodies shook what was left of the city. In a mad frenzy of utterly unbridled passion, they clawed, and groped, wildly at each other. Neither of their mouths could find enough to attend. Their fluttering hands were everywhere at once over each other's bodies. The heat of their love making turned their supremis sweat to rising steam.

Both their bodies were glowing hot when Oon'ah flipped herself in the air, and wrapped her legs around Xanthra's head. At the same time, Xanthra splayed her knees wide. Oon'ah's claws dug deep into the steely flesh of her perfect buns as she felt her own buttocks taken captive. She beheld the seat of feminine glory - saw Xanthra's precious secretions dripping upward - saw the arrogant jut of her beautifully engorged, pink bud. It seemed to reach out to her - call to her - beckon to her. Oon'ah knew that pussies don't lie. The undeniable evidence of Xanthra's super heated arousal told her, without a doubt, that this impossibly gorgeous woman desired her, wanted her, needed her. In her mind, Oon'ah declared undying love, and then, like a hunger maddened beast, she attacked to eat, and drink her fill.

Xanthra was no less ferocious in expressing herself. Her unbreakable teeth gnashed, and tore, at Oon'ah's invincible clit. Her tongue lashed her without mercy. Her mouth sucked her dry faster than she could flow.

The first of their shared orgasms shook them so violently it left both of them momentarily stunned. They quickly recovered, though, to renew their ministrations with increased ferocity. Their genitals grew so hot that their glows extended into their bellies, and far into their inner thighs. The lovers filled their heavy atmosphere with muffled cries, and screams.

Again, the old tension asserted itself. They grew increasingly aggressive with each other to the point of trying to out fuck each other. They tried to see who could drive who more insane - who could inflict the most devastating orgasms - who could cum the most, and cum the hardest.

Eventually, Xanthra got the upper hand. When she could take no more, Oon'ah righted herself in the air. Her lower face was smeared to dripping with Xanthra's wonderful juices. She tried to float away, but it was like Xanthra's mouth was welded to her. The Aurean gripped the Velorian's ass as hard as she could, and would, in no way, let go. Xanthra ground, and lapped, and chomped, like her life depended on it. Eventually, Oon'ah was helpless to do anything more than cry, and press her hands to her head in a futile effort to hang on to whatever wits she had left. She was fading. She knew she was going to die. Her life passed before her eyes, and then Oon'ah became the sensation that was overwhelming her. The decibel level of her rebirth scream blew out glass, and speakers, for six miles around. In some areas, it even pealed paint off of walls.

* * *

Oon'ah body sat limp in the air where she had given up escape from Xanthra's merciless maw. Her raised knees were still spread wide open. Her feet dangled at the ends of her shins. Her arms hung loose at her sides. Her head lolled with her chin against her chest. Her hair hung in damp strands.

Xanthra stood apart, reflectively gazing on Oon'ah's floating form, her Aurean mind struggling to come to grips with a pervasive, yet undefinable, something.

She is definitely not - a limp-clit Vel, she thought.

What was this something that she felt? It wasn't the heady rush of victory as she watched the steady cadence of Oon'ah's quiet, abdominal breathing. She knew that she had almost killed this Velorian - knew that she had subjecting her to near unbearable pleasure, yet she didn't see her as a vanquished lover. She didn't feel victorious - not in the traditional, Aurean sense at any rate.

She tried to superimpose what she knew, through experience, on what she was feeling, but nothing in her experience seemed to fit the feeling, nor could her knowledge make what she was feeling bend to fit her experience. It was something altogether new to her, and Xanthra found herself to be very much on her own in dealing with it.

It wasn't joy she felt, or sorrow, or pride, or shame. It wasn't any of these things, but it was . . . everything. A word finally alighted in her mind, and Xanthra realized that she felt . . . happy.

It wasn't the 'normal' kind of happiness - the kind that's wholly centered on the self. It was a happiness that went beyond her - a shared feeling that included the Velorian.

Xanthra wondered how this could be, and then she realized that she didn't have to wonder, and she smiled to admired the relaxed bulge of Oon'ah's little belly.

She approached, her hands caressing their way under Oon'ah's flanks to lightly cup her bum. Just touching this Velorian's flawless skin made her shudder with delight. She eyed the full of Oon'ah's feminine swell before she kissed its peak, then lovingly pressed her cheek to encounter embracing softness.

"Oh . . . please . . . "

She heard the plaintive cry, and looked up to see Oon'ah's tired, tear filled eyes looking at her.

Oon'ah moved her hands to cover herself - not from modesty, but for protection. Her hyper-sensitized genitals were still fragile. The merest breeze would've made her explode again, and, at the moment, she was simply too spent to even squeak.

Xanthra caressed Oon'ah's buttocks, and thighs. Oon'ah lowered herself, and they came into each other's arms. Oon'ah coiled her legs around Xanthra, and gently pressed her heels to the small of her back.

They simply held each other for a long time. Oon'ah's tears flowed with quiet joy. Her warm secretions trailed down the length of Xanthra's belly to collect among her downy hair.

It had been like nothing else she'd ever experienced - but then how could she have ever realized her full potential? She was a Supremis, after all - one of the strongest beings in the universe. She possessed extraordinary powers, and was possessed by extraordinary urges — the desire for sexual gratification being the most extraordinary of those powerful urges: a fervent readiness to mate being paramount to the gods who'd made her kind.

But by the time of her gestation, there were no more gods. There was only the gang-rape she'd experienced had permanently damaged her. She went for years, longing for the release that only another woman's touch could bring.

And now she was free — and by an Aurean of all things! She didn't have to be careful, or wear gold. She was free . . . Free to express herself with all of her inbred fervor! Free to surrender herself at the feet of a lover who was as near to being equal to her as was possible.

And an Aurean of all things! They certainly hadn't expected the Theel'dara Initiative to turn out like that, she imagined. Oon'ah smiled at the incongruity, and snuggled closer to the woman who had freed her - liberated her. She thrilled to feel the grip of Xanthra's hold on her tighten comfortably. She was so strong! She'd never felt so secure. So safe. Oon'ah raised her head, and kissed the Aurean with what could only be taken as worshipful gratitude.

"I guess we know who the bitch is now," Xanthra teased as she cuddled Oon'ah's dripping crotch against herself, "don't we?"

Oon'ah managed an exhausted, but knowing, smile. She was still profoundly woozy from the near endless series of orgasms Xanthra had wrung from her, but she wasn't so out of sorts that she wasn't aware that, while she had completely lost her mind, Xanthra had, somehow, held on to hers.

"I win," she noted sleepily.

Xanthra held the Vel in the palm of one hand.

"You wish!" she declared.

And then she threw her.

Oon'ah burst through the closed door of her office to land at her superior's approaching feet. Colonel James Kim'Vallara looked down at his subordinate.

"Is everything all right, B'Té?" he officially wanted to know.

Oon'ah looked up at him through hazy eyes from where she lay on the floor.

"Hoyeah!" she softly answered before she realized who she was speaking to.

In the next moment Oon'ah was fully aware, and on her feet. She made to straighten the skirt of her uniform only to discover that it wasn't there.

"Everything is all right, sir," she officially reported, her breasts thrust high, and mighty. "I'm . . . interrogating an internee."

Xanthra appeared at the hole in Oon'ah's door.

"Fuck you, Velorian cum! er - scum!" she shouted at the pair.

The two Velorians looked at her. Xanthra showed her teeth, and cupped her crotch to give her genitals a good, hefty shake.

"She seems uncooperative," the colonel complained.

"You don't know the half of it," Oon'ah said, eyeing Xanthra with smoldering lust.

With Kim'Vallara looking away, Xanthra smiled at her, and blew her a kiss.

"Do you need assistance with your interrogation?" Oon'ah's superior asked.

"No," said Oon'ah as her bare feet rose from the ground, "I can handle this cunt all by myself."

"Dream on!" Xanthra shouted in defiance.

"Good then," said the colonel."Carry on."

"Yesssssir!" Oon'ah said with a really snappy salute.

Kim'Vallara returned the salute, but gave her a strange look before continuing to his office.

An instant later, Oon'ah was gone. In the instant after that, so was Xanthra. Oon'ah had flown her shoulder into Xanthra's gut, driving her across the room and, literally, into the far wall - both of them giggling at the success of their deception.

Their concerns soon turned to other matters though. Now that she had the Prime against something solid, Oon'ah proceeded to lick, nip and kiss her way up every swell, and hollow, of Xanthra's incomparably gorgeous body. Her gifted mouth worshiped her lover's belly, her waist, her tummy, her chest, her breasts, her nipples, her shoulders, her throat, her neck, her chin, her jaw, her mouth, her cheeks, her nose, her eyes, her forehead, then, finally, her hair.

Xanthra tried to reciprocate with her own attentive kisses, but Oon'ah held herself away - just wanting to bask in the heat of her desire. She levitated so that her face was out of Xanthra's reach, effectively evading her ravenous, loving mouth.

"You think you're quite a bitch, don't you?" Oon'ah teased.

She knew how both of them wanted to touch again - collide again! Still she held herself away, suffering equally from the pain she knew she was inflicting.

"You think you're hot, eh?"

Xanthra continued her terran bound struggles to touch her lips to Oon'ah's, but Oon'ah wouldn't even let her kiss her chin. She saw Xanthra begin to cry from frustration. She loved it - loved her for it - loved her!

"Suffer sweet," she counseled softly. "Suffer pretty."

The sheer joy of Xanthra's uncontrollable desire made the Velorian laugh.

Xanthra's frustration ultimately turned to rage though. She bared her teeth, and drove her steel hard knee against the sensitive soft of Oon'ah's groin.

The Vel paused. She'd felt that one. Felt it good. Oon'ah closed her eyes as her fingers dug into the wall, and she barely hung on to her place in the air as a crippling climax tore its liesurely way throughout her pelvis. Xanthra gloated over her accomplishment as a strangled moan ground its way out of her finally found, Velorian love.

When Oon'ah opened her eyes again, and after her vision cleared, she saw Xanthra's beautiful, sweat streaked face smiling up at her. She loved the dampness on her skin, the curve of her cheek, the look in her eyes. She marveled at what this Prime had done to her - given to her!

"Do that again," she warned in the husky voice, "and I'll lick your brains out."

Oon'ah had but a moment to note the change in the Aurean's smile before she threw her face up to the ceiling to howl out a second, death-divining orgasm brought on by Xanthra's invincible knee. She trembled, she cried, she wept. She was sorry. She would've eagerly killed for more!

When the building stopped shaking from her trembling grip on the wall, Oon'ah became aware of the fact that she was drooling. Who had made who more mindless? she had cause to wonder. The Aurean bitch had so robbed her of brains that she'd forgotten even how to swallow, for Skietra's sake!

But she didn't care. Oon'ah looked down at the Prime gloating up at her. Let the bitch see what she'd done to her! she thought as she grinned through heat, and fatigue. She knew that this Aurean whore's remaining moments were numbered, and she knew the exact number. Oon'ah sucked up the spit as her fingers relaxed their hold on the wall. This payback was going to be good.

"It's your funeral," she said.

Faster than the Prime could react, Oon'ah took Xanthra by the pelvis, and began orally mauling her groin with savage abandon! Orgasm after orgasm ripped through Xanthra, destroying her - crushing her - killing her! With her super sensitive genitals impaled on a tongue that couldn't tire, she was, time after time, reduced to nothing, and then born again. The speed, and power, of the Velorian's attentions left the Prime without enough breath so she could beg her to stop! The disruptive haze of a sonic boom encircled the point of their union as Oon'ah's tongue, and Xanthra's clitoris, broke the sound barrier together.

* * *

Xanthra lay on her back on the floor. She didn't know if she was dead, or not, but she was certain that what she was feeling had to be the next best thing. She felt a brief, light press on her face, and then she felt it again on another spot on her face, and then again on another spot. She found the succession of ongoing presses to be pleasant - even delightful. She opened her eyes, and was further delighted to see that she'd been wakened by the feathery touch of Oon'ah's delicate kisses.

Her vision cleared to see Oon'ah smiling down at her. She knew that she was levitating over her. She could feel the warmth from her body on hers. She arched her back, and felt their nipples touch. Oon'ah lowered herself slightly, and their firm breasts compressed with cozy pressure. Their mouths found one another, and willingly gave thanks, and praise. When they were full, and strong again, and sure that they could survive the briefest parting, they looked on one another with a love neither of them had ever known.

"You're still alive," Oon'ah lightly observed.

Xanthra gave her a weary smile. She quietly thrilled at her lover's triumph over her.

"Just barely," she admitted softly.

Oon'ah let herself lie on top of Xanthra, but their bodies were so slick with sweat that she began to slide off. Xanthra caught her though, and both of them laughed as she pulled her safely back on board. Oon'ah let her elbows, and knees, rest on the ground to keep herself from sliding off again, and also to keep this very unruly Aurean Prime from escaping(!) She glowed with love as Xanthra's hands idly played patty-cake on the hollows of her butt.

She wriggled her hips to get her love's attention. What she was about to say was important, after all. Xanthra compliantly brought her hands to rest, and looked into her lover's eyes, but then she couldn't bear the stillness, and her hands began a loving massage of the back of Oon'ah's hips, and waist. Oon'ah thrilled at the sensation of her Velorian muscles yielding to the Aurean's strong, gentle touch.

"Now, tell me," Oon'ah began in all seriousness.

The two of them were warm, and cozy.

"Who's the greatest fuck in the universe?" she asked.

Without a thought, Xanthra knew that answer. She smiled up at Oon'ah with confident pride.

"I am," she said.

"Oo, you bitch!" Oon'ah squealed as she ground their muffs together.

Xanthra laughed, and squirmed to hold Oon'ah's pelvis closer. They thrilled at how they could share, and tease.

Oon'ah's gleeful mood evaporated then, and, after a moment, Xanthra saw her tears begin to flow.

"I can't begin to count the nights I've cried myself to sleep for you," Oon'ah confessed.

Xanthra held her, and she delicately kissed, and licked, away her tears.

"You're lucky then," she told her love, remembering, "because I haven't been able to cry in years."

"You're crying now," Oon'ah noted.

She felt the Aurean's chest, and belly, flutter with a heaving sigh.

"Because I'm lucky!" Xanthra cried. "But how's this for luck?"

Her fist sent Oon'ah through the small building's roof. The approaching command officer stopped to watch the Velorian Protector's ascent. Oon'ah stopped herself at the height of her thirty foot arc just as Xanthra got to her feet, and bounded through the roof after her.

Oon'ah caught Xanthra, and tossed the Aurean into the air. Xanthra twisted herself in the midst of her ascent to make sure she came down with her best side showing. Oon'ah grinned at the sight of her brash offering. Xanthra grinned back as she fell within reach, and then Oon'ah spat on her knuckles, drew back her fist, and socked her square in the crotch.

The blow sent Xanthra sailing into the far distance, then, finally, altogether out of view. There was a pinpoint's flash of brilliant light seen from the arc of her trajectory - and Oon'ah smiled, confident that her fist had scored a direct clit. A few moments later, a faint impact was heard in the mountains some fifty miles away. A few moments after that, a little cloud of smoke, and dust, could be seen rising from where Xanthra had landed.

And then, like a shot, Oon'ah herself sped off through the air toward the mountains.

Oon'ah arrived at the site of Xanthra's impact just as the Aurean was emerging from the sheer wall of rock she'd been imbedded in. Oon'ah alighted on the plateau at the base of the cliff, and skipped the rest of the way on her toes.

"Are you all right?" was the first thing she needed to know.

Xanthra extended her legs to the ground, and pushed herself up onto her feet. She was coated with dust from head to toe. Her groin still glowed with intense heat. There was even a faint glow to her breasts.

"That's quite a pussy punch you've got there," she commented through a broad smile.

She began the task of dusting herself off. Oon'ah was greatly relieved that she hadn't been harmed. She adopted a wide stance, perched her hands on her hips, and gave the radiant, dark haired beauty an admiring smirk.

"'t'sa matter?" she asked. "Can't take a little love tap?"

In a flash, Xanthra attacked. Two sonic booms were heard, one being from the speed of her approach. The other came from the speed of her fist connecting with Oon'ah's genitals. The Aurean drove the Vel thousands of feet straight up into the air with a pussy punch of her own. She watched Oon'ah's ascent, her glowing fist poised by her aggressively beaming face.

"I got your 'love tap'," her soft voice intoned.

And then she lightly blew away the smoke, and vapor, rising from her knuckles.

Oon'ah's crotch went on after burners near the height of her ascent. She took over her position then, flying in a wide, descending arc to return to the ground. Xanthra squealed with delight, and hastened to meet her on foot. Oon'ah leveled out a few feet from the ground. Xanthra saw her coming, and deliberately adopted the same wide, confident stance Oon'ah had before. Oon'ah approached with a look of fury on her face. She eyed Xanthra, and poured on the speed.

Xanthra just smiled.

Do me, she thought.

And Oon'ah did.

She ushered in a sonic boom of her own as the crown of her head impacted against Xanthra's taut, Aurean belly. She drove the two of them back against the wall of the cliff, and into it. The two supremis grappled briefly before Xanthra got them out of the cliff. She put Oon'ah to the ground, and into it. Oon'ah soon reciprocated, though, and pressed Xanthra into the ground.

"How dare you make me cum without you!" she raged down at her from above.

"Me?!" Xanthra shot back from where she lay. "You made me cum without you!"

"That was for show, and you know it!" Oon'ah asserted.

Xanthra didn't buy it. She spat in Oon'ah's face.

Another sonic boom was heard as Oon'ah's fist impacted hard against Xanthra's cheek.

Another boom was generated when Xanthra's glowing fist sank into the swollen mass of Oon'ah's energy engorged breast.

The blow drove the Velorian back. Suspended in air, Oon'ah looked at Xanthra as the Aurean pulled herself from the ground, and got to her feet. Oon'ah was stunned. She was shocked. Her hands rose to gently knead the invulnerable flesh of her glowing breast.

"You . . . breast punched me," she could barely breath in astonishment.

"Just notice?" Xanthra jeered. She touched the back of her hand to her glowing cheek. "Took you long enough."

The effrontery . . . the attitude . . . it was more than the proud, Velorian Protector could bear.

"Nobody - breast punches me!" she stated once she'd found her voice again.

"Awww, wha's'mattah?" Xanthra derided expansively. "Little girlie got a boobie hurt?"

She leered obscenely at Oon'ah.

"C'mer, an' lemme kiss it!"

She stood up proud with her chest thrust out, gave a firm heft to her own spectacular breasts, then she snapped her teeth to let Oon'ah know just how she intended to 'kiss it'.

Oon'ah's hands continued to minister her buffeted orb. She could feel the heat of the sensation gathering - burning her insides. She'd had never known that anything could hurt so fucking - damned - GOOD!

But that, at the moment, was beside the point.

"NOBODY!" she raged.

And then she attacked. She was going to teach this Aurean cunt some respect for Velorian boobs! After a brief engagement, she had Xanthra by an ankle. She swung her around, let her fly, then watched as Xanthra disappeared into the side of the cliff.

The echo of the sonic booms they'd created faded as Oon'ah calmly looked on the hole in the mountain side Xanthra's body had first made, then vanished into. She waited. She had time.

After a few minutes, loose rock could be heard falling from inside the hole. A few moments later, Xanthra could be seen crawling her way back into the sun, and the air... She emerged from the rock caked with dust. The moment she stood up, she looked at Oon'ah.

"Is that all you got?" she sneered.

Cunt, thought Oon'ah, then she said, "I haven't started."

Her next flying tackle drove both of them hundreds of feet into mountain. Both of the invincible super girls were so eager for fight by that time that neither of them bothered coming out into the air again. They just continued their battle where they were, the heat of their exercise turning the stone around them to liquid. They punched, and kicked, and gouged, and clawed, and scratched, and bit in what could best be described as nude female supremis magma wrestling. They even managed to get in a lick, or two.

Both of them finally erupted from the mountain range near one of the higher peaks. They hung in the air, facing each other, about a hundred feet apart.

"You stink!" Xanthra spat.

"You suck!" Oon'ah spat back.

"You oughta know!" Xanthra countered.

Well, as a matter of fact, I do kn - wait - shit! She threw me off.

"Argh!" Oon'ah raged at her beloved adversary.

At this, Xanthra projected her tongue, made a face that wasn't pretty, then made a sound that was even less so.

Oon'ah was beyond words at that point - perhaps even a little before - so she opted for action. She reared back in the air, and took off straight for the Prime.

Xanthra determined to meet her half way. Almost before either one of them had left, they both arrived, meeting in mid air, chest to chest.

The impact of their super powered bodies colliding could be heard for miles. The shockwave they created shook the region.

The battle became a aeriel pushing match between the two invincible fems using no more than their magnificent chests. Oon'ah would tighten her muscles, and thrust forward with all she had, and Xanthra would counter with equal force. They shifted repeatedly back and forth within a narrow range of a few inches. Neither could make the other yield.

"You're not a normal Prime," Oon'ah observed. "How can you fly? How did you get so strong?"

"A wholesome diet," Xanthra answered, "and - breeding!"

She thrust forward powerfully. Oon'ah successfully countered.

"Not strong e-nough!" she said through her teeth.

"How strong do you want?"

Xanthra thrust her breasts forward again, this time driving Oon'ah back. Oon'ah had to pour on the coals of her own flight power to slow her down, then bring her to a stop.

To add some heat to the contest, Xanthra began wriggling her shoulders. She raked her steel hard nipples against Oon'ah's incomparably firm breasts.

"How's your tittie?" she asked.

"Fine, thanks," Oon'ah answered, and then she wriggled right back, "can't you feel it?"

"Mm, oh yeah," Xanthra replied as she worked her shoulders harder, "I think I feel a little raisin in there."

"Oh - raisin, huh?"

"Yeah. Isn't it sunkissed?"

They pushed, and shoved, and ground at each other with such fierce intensity that both of their chests began to glow. It wasn't just from friction either.

"Mmm," cooed Xanthra playfully as she continued to match the Protector breast for breast, "you're getting me all warm."

But Oon'ah was serious. She was determined not to be out boobed.

"Doesn't take much to warm up a SLUT!" she snarled.

The Prime admired the Velorian's attitude as she watched Oon'ah struggle against her. More than anything she wanted to slap her cunt in this beautiful bitch's face. Her quim, she thought, would make the perfect moisturizer for such perfect skin!

"Your teats feel good," Xanthra teased as she worked her shoulders again.

Oon'ah thrust forward hard, grinding her energy engorged breasts into Xanthra as viciously as she could.

"Your teats feel - BETTER!" she spat.

Xanthra couldn't stand their limited contact any longer. She licked one side of the Oon'ah's neck, then sank her teeth into the spot.

Oon'ah yelped, then tried to bite back. Xanthra anticipated the counter-strike, and successfully evaded. Their mouths were drawn in to their ongoing battle of the breasts. Their oral sparing was more than an added touch to the contest though. An aggressive kiss, a feathery buss, a vicious gnash - neither could tell what to expect from the other, and they both effectively kept each other guessing wildly.

The ploy only made them more desirous of each other - just as each intended. Their grinding breasts, and dueling mouths, turned their fight into a contest to see which of them could get the other hotter faster. Which of them could overwhelm the other with their voracious, but deliberately hesitant, sex-play? Who could break whose will? Who would ultimately enjoy the triumphant advantage of what they both knew might be a fatal fuck? While continuing to deny themselves, each was determined to drive the other to ever more delirious heights of need. The accumulating heat in their breasts became so great that their entire chests glowed brightly, but it was nothing compared to the fire gathering in their groins. Both of the super girls spewed their delicious nectar in an ever growing, mixed cloud of irresistibly intoxicating, super heated steam!

Oon'ah was confident that victory was hers when she heard Xanthra begin to mew. She sensed the Aurean would die if she didn't service her soon. She was at the very edge of her own sanity. Their breasts felt like they were melting into each other. Their kisses had become long, and pleading. Their bodies were so hot! The workings of Oon'ah's mouth became ever more tender. Her loving lips urged Xanthra to hold out - to live a little longer. She wondered if she could she get her mouth on her groin in time before her lover expired! She had to! She was a Protector! She couldn't let her down!

At that precise moment, Xanthra flipped herself over, and buried her face between Oon'ah's thighs.

Oon'ah's toes splayed as her head went back, and she shrieked out her very life. The thunderclap of sexation so longed for, and so long denied, struck her with the force of the universe itself. Her shattered being, at once, became a part of all, and life rushed in to fill her void.

When the storm was finally over, Oon'ah lay on her back in the air, her hands raised near her temples. Xanthra had watched her pass from life, and then return. She was happy as she'd never been. She approached - quietly so's not to disturb Oon'ah. She saw her resting. Gazing on her sleeping face, she'd never witnessed, nor had she ever felt, such peace. She smiled at the sparkling of a notion that, instinctively, she knew was right. She rose up as she spread her legs, then lowered herself to lightly straddle Oon'ah's chin. Once she was in place, she gently presented the tip of her bud to the space between Oon'ah's parted lips, and she watched as Oon'ah took her in, and sucked.

Xanthra cried at the experience. Awash with tenderest of feelings, she laughed, and then she cried, and then she laughed, and then she cried . . .

* * *

"Got any brains left after that?" Oon'ah queried in her love's direction.

Xanthra looked at her passion askance.

"I got more brains now than you started with," she retorted.

It had taken hours for them to exhaust themselves - and each other. They'd found a pool in the mountains afterward. It was an idyllic oasis - a touch of paradise - with a waterfall, and lush, green vegetation all around. They'd laughed, and played, like girls as they bathed away the residue of their womanly labors.

"That wasn't what you said," Oon'ah noted liesurely as they swam together, "what was it . . . a hundred and seventy eight orgasms ago?" she wondered. "Or was it two seventy eight?"

Xanthra quietly beamed as she remembered.

"Who's counting anymore?" she wondered back.

They drifted closer in the water. After dunking their heads to get their hair slicked back behind their ears, only their heads, and the tops of their shoulders showed.

"I made you drool," Xanthra noted softly to her lover.

Oon'ah's toes curled, and she shivered with delight . . . remembering.

"I made you die," she offered in return.

Xanthra closed her eyes, and relished the memory. When she opened them again, she saw the reason for her living.

"Almost," she granted with just a touch of coy reluctance.

They wanted to touch, but held themselves away. Both of them enjoyed the pain, and tension, of their separation.

"And several times," Xanthra went on to add, "you little death machine."

Oon'ah smiled. She felt honored by the distinction.

"I could still out fuck you any time," Xanthra concluded darkly.

Oon'ah's smile widened. Her mind, and body, thrilled at the challenge.

"Put your muff where your mouth is," she offered as a loving dare.

Both were getting warm again. The water around Oon'ah's breasts, and groin, began to bubble, and turn to vapor.

"You'd better get out," Xanthra observed, "before you evaporate the whole pond."

Oon'ah smiled, and turned toward the shore.

"You should talk," she said over a shoulder, noting the bubbles rising under Xanthra's chin.

Oon'ah walked her way toward shore. Xanthra simple rose into the air, and followed after her. When her position was just right, she pitched herself suddenly forward, slapping Oon'ah square in the face with her sopping black mop of hair. Her escape wasn't quite quick enough though, as a wet, Velorian hand loudly smacked her equally wet, Aurean rump.

The heat of their bodies dried them quickly. Drying their hair took a little longer. Oon'ah was just shaking out her wealth of golden tresses when she heard a moan.

Her eyes found Xanthra standing a short distance off. She was looking at her. She looked sad, and troubled.

"Are you all right," Oon'ah needed to know.

Xanthra didn't move, nor did her expression change.

"Skietra, just looking at you makes me burn!" she quietly declared.

Her love's helpless adoration of her touched Oon'ah B'Té like few things ever had in her life. She looked on Xanthra with compassion, then turned to offer her an unfettered view of her singular, Velorian beauty.

Xanthra could do nothing less than responded to the uncompromising demands of Oon'ah's body. She surrendered - utterly. She clutched one of her own incomparable breasts, and began to masturbate in full view of her lover.

Oon'ah watched as Xanthra worked at herself. She didn't preen, or pose. She knew that to do so would be insulting. Instead, she just stood there, joyously submitting to her lover's need, and feeling whole again as she quietly watched her woman worship her.

Xanthra wished for ever more to express the sheer bounty of her ardor, but the visual glory of Oon'ah was too much for even her supremis eyes to bear. With wills of their own, her hands brought her mind, and body, to peak. She watched Oon'ah as the orgasm she had brought upon herself blossomed, and began to tear her being apart. She was going away, and she knew that there was nothing more that she could do. If only for an instant, she would miss her terribly! With the final, fading vestiges of consciousness, she cried, "Forgive me!"

Oon'ah watched the climax overtake her love. She watched her leave as she arrived, and Oon'ah cried to be the beneficiary of such passion, and such thoughtfulness.

The climax Xanthra experienced proved to be so wrenching that her supremis muscles suddenly expanded to their fullest.

Oon'ah gazed on Xanthra in her transformed state. She was, indeed, huge.

Xanthra bowed herself, struggling to recover her mind as well as her post orgasmic breath. Oon'ah noticed that she was breathless too for some reason. She touched herself, and knew, at once, that she had climaxed at the same time Xanthra had. It hadn't been a wrenching spasm, as Xanthra had experienced, but a nearly imperceptible flow of bliss from one place, to another, and back again. She cried with joy, and pride, and gratitude, at their shared accomplishment. She approached then, gathering a sampling of her quim along the way, and thanked her lover for her compliment by wiping her dripping finger along the length of Xanthra's upper lip.

With enough of her mind restored, Xanthra took the finger in her mouth, and sucked it clean. She kissed the finger's tip as Oon'ah withdrew it slowly.

"Ooo, look what I did," Oon'ah's lilting voice cooed as she lightly traced her finger over the many cambers of Xanthra's monstrous shoulder.

Xanthra righted her posture, and let Oon'ah take in the sum of her Herculean build. Her cavernous chest rose, and fell, and her massive arms waved away from her sides as she greedily sucked in air through her nose, not wanting to miss a single, heady waft of her honey, and wildflower, mustache.

"You are strong," Oon'ah determined from her admiring, but objective, appraisal. "You're bigger than a Prime male."

Xanthra smiled, and tensed her physique - just for show.

"And don't you forget it," she lovingly warned.

Oon'ah reached out, and lightly patted one of the thick, hard masses of her beautiful Aurean's hulking chest.

"Now stop that," she lightly chastened, "before you make me cum again."

Xanthra grinned - delightfully pleased, delighted to please, then she returned her body to normal size.

"Have you seen my bandana?" Xanthra asked as she looked about.

"I think you lost it when we were fighting our way through the mountains," Oon'ah ventured.

She found her own bandana.

"Here, take mine," she offered.

"Thanks," said Xanthra, accepting the gift.

She immediately applied the bandana to absorb her most recent flood of moisture.

"Ah!" she groused. "I swear you're gonna force me to wear diapers."

"Won't that be a sight," Oon'ah noted.

The flow of their exchanges converged in Xanthra's mind to bring but one of their countless moments to the fore. Oon'ah could see her change of mood as she approached her. Xanthra arrived to rest her arms on the Velorian's shoulders.

"When I sat on your face," she tearfully recalled, "you sucked me like a baby."

Their shared gaze revealed worlds.

"I've never known anything so beautiful," she confided.

She cried with helpless joy. Oon'ah took her in her arms, and held her as she needed.

"And I've never known anyone so beautiful," she said.

For them to be together now was all that mattered.

"Ahh!" Xanthra growled into Oon'ah's neck.

She stepped away, and had to put the bandana to use again.

"The sight of you," she softly rhapsodized, "the feel of you . . . the smell of you . . .

The rake of the material over her genitals only seemed to make the matter worse.

"And I'm stuck cleaning up your mess again."

"Mm," Oon'ah grunted easily without concern, "it's a bitch."

"You're the bitch," Xanthra countered, struggling to contain herself.

"That's beside the point," said Oon'ah.

She watched as Xanthra worked to cleanse herself.

"You're not enjoying that nearly enough," she judged. "Here, let me help."

She placed her hand over Xanthra's own. Their mouths were close enough to touch.

"It's my pussy," Xanthra asserted.

They stood together, yet apart, basking in each other's growing heat.

"I got your pussy," Oon'ah asserted in return.

She pressed their hands more firmly.

"That's my pussy."

Xanthra removed their joined hands from her glowing folds. The heavy scent of sugar, and spice, filled the air around them. She looked on Oon'ah as Oon'ah looked on her, then she liesurely wiped the sotten bandana over Oon'ah's chest.

"You wanna fuck about it?" she challenged in a near breathless voice.

Both of them ached profoundly - all over again.

"I thought you'd never ask," Oon'ah replied.

Her fingers lightly traced their way around Xanthra's hips. She thrilled that her small hands couldn't come close to cupping the womanly swells of her lover's glorious ass. Her fingers splayed. She sent her grip, and pulled Xanthra close as she rocked her own pelvis forward. Their hoods met at the exact same moment their lips touched, and it was almost more than either of them could stand.

Both of them took time - needed time - to come down from their highs of renewed anticipation. They'd barely stopped trembling when Xanthra spread her knees to give Oon'ah more. Secure in her lover's grip, she clung to Oon'ah's shoulders as she lifted her feet from the ground, and used them to caress the sides of Oon'ah's calves. Oon'ah could feel her sugar, and spice, coursing down the length of her belly. The flow of secretion saturated her hair, and mixed with her own honey, and wildflowers. Their mixture fell, forming a little puddle on the ground between Oon'ah's feet.

"Velorian whore," Xanthra breathed before bestowing an igniting kiss.

Their hungry mouths quickly brought them to rage again.

They paused for breath, which neither of them could seem to get.

"We'll see who's the whore," Oon'ah promised her.

For the remainder of that day, and throughout the ensuing night, the mountains shook, and thundered, and there were seen many flashes of brilliant light.


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