Supreme Power



By Jordan Taylor




                        Training exercises never used to be so tough.  Since the arrival of Bio Corps and the subsequent enhancement of a selected few female individuals, everytime one of them got involved in a training exercise, someone got hurt. 

There were mixed feelings about the enhanced girls.  Some welcomed the challenge of an unbeatable foe.  Those few felt a worst case scenario was what the new special ops group needed and took the attitude that, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” 

Unfortunately, others felt that the very fact that they couldn’t be defeated killed morale.  Apparently, though none had been seen yet, the enemy had similar soldiers.  Did they really need the fact that it was useless to resist rubbed in their face?  Of course, for others, it was pure jealousy. 

                        Jenica was different.  She had somehow become stronger than the rest.  She was stronger, faster, and far more resistant to anything they threw at her.  The worst part was she knew it.  Everyone on camp knew it, as did the other enhanced, such was the difference.  She had ascended to a level usually left to mythical stories.  Every inch of her was beautiful and powerful and dangerous, and she knew it.  More so, she loved it. 

                        Raul and his battle buddy had emplaced and occupied their observation post eight hours ago at the onset of the training mission.  Their task was simple.  Keep eyes on their named area of interest for enemy activity and report it higher.  Scouts were the eyes and ears of the commander. 

The operations brief had led them to believe that a forward security element would move through their sector sometime before daybreak.  A few armored vehicles.  Troops on foot.  That would have been preferable to what they got.  Two hours into the mission a frag order rode the radio waves.  Raul and – had heard the explosion, which sounded like the early warning system the unit had emplaced earlier.  That meant the enemy had slipped in close without being noticed. 

That wasn’t the bad news.  The female laughter that followed was. 

They both cursed their luck and flipped a switch on their rifles from “charge” to “projectile burst”.  Within the first few training exercises, they had learned those energy weapons, of smaller caliber, only worked against them.  The female enhanced seemed to actually enjoy them.  The larger crew serves would at least distract them long enough to make a hasty escape.  Jenica loved them all, naval guns included.  The girls enjoyed the bullets too; but not as much, if the placement was right.  Not a problem if they were standing still long enough. 

                        Another explosion thumped the ground and echoed through the jungle canopy from their rear.  Giggling started when the retaliating fire did.  Raul heard the chirp of energy weapons.

                        “Idiots!” he spat as he took a kneeling posture.  “Here, take this.”

                        Raul passed a small grenade to his buddy.  Its white markings let him know what it was immediately.

                        “These don’t work, you know that.  Nothing works.”

                        “I refuse to be beaten so easily.”

                        “Brother, it’s a training exercise, just surrender.  At least we can take her fun away.” A stray ricochet whizzed past the two.

                        “Train as you fight!  Now shut up and follow my lead.”

                        The firing stopped.  For a long moment, what felt like hours, nothing moved.  A rush of air pushed -- to his back.  Raul managed to keep his footing okay.  He readied the grenade in his palm.  – did the same, with some resignation.  Another rush of air left them both on the ground looking up at simply the most beautiful woman either will ever see.  Her dark hair shimmered in what little moonlight shone through the dense vegetation.  Her body was a weapon.  Each muscle sharp as a sword and many times more deadly.  Every line flowed perfectly as though she was sculpted by a master’s hand.  Her naked form moved with sensual purpose.  Flawless and unstoppable.  She had painted her body with camouflage for the occasion.  Body paint and not a stitch more.  She regarded the last two soldiers with some boredom.

                        “I hope you’re not going to simply surrender.”  She looked in – direction and winked.  Her full lips lilted slightly and he smiled nervously back at her.  She was always in control, on levels they would never understand.  Her hands flowed up over her hips and rested.  Raul’s heartbeat bumped loud in her ears.  She blinked from her stance to reappear inches from Raul’s face. “Boo.”

                        The old soldier rolled right and gathered his feet beneath him with a speed that belied his age.  He barked an order at – and both grenades were tossed into the air.  Their spoons sprung off. 

                        “Cover your eyes!” Raul took a knee facing the dark.  He’d use the moment of light to set his weapon to back to charge.  This close, it would be better to distract her.  Maybe, just maybe, it’ll be enough to escape.  “Full charge!”

                        As if a holo-vid had suddenly slowed to a stop, Jenica focused in on the grenade.  As the canister slowly turned to her she read the label.  Li-9B.  A flash-bang.  She smirked and looked to the other.  This one is good.  The flash was brilliant and lit up the entire jungle.  Jenica hadn’t time to cover her eyes.  They had been adjusted to the near perfect dark.

                        “Oh, you’re so gonna get it for that one.”  She rubbed her face waiting for her sight to return.  Her entire field of vision glowed deep blues and purples, and some pinks, though quickly returning to normal.

                        “Now!  Fire, fire, come on!”

                        Jenica blinked a few times, her eyes finally adjusting again after a couple seconds.  Slight warmth pressed into her right side and began to heat exponentially.  She seemed not to notice much.  Raul barked another order.  Heat flashed through her left breast.  The jungle became bright again.  Jenica sucked air through clenched teeth.  Her hand cradled her breast.  She swooned forward allowing Raul a better target.  His aim adjusted across her body leaving a glowing path over her hip, centering, finally, on her pubus.  --- adjusted his aim to her nipple creating erotic loop through Jenica’s perfect body.  She sighed deeply, parted her full lips, and rolled her hips.

The sensual assault pressed at Jenica relentlessly and deliciously.  Raul’s rifle sputtered.  He stole a glimpse at the LED and knew his partner must also be low.  Raul signaled ---.  Both rifles shutdown simultaneously.  Jenica fell to her knees and joined the two weapons in front of her.  Both Raul and --- ran through the thick dark using their panic azimuth to find their way.  Behind them a massive energy discharge took a bite out the foliage, and nearly themselves.  Raul stopped and watched the light show.  Arcs of lightning lashed out around their former OP.  Over all of that, a woman was heard in the throws of an orgasmic experience.  Raul dropped his head.  No, don’t give up.

                        He is really good.  Jenica breathed, sweating and shaking.  She felt amazing, charged, so to speak.  An exponential flow of power rushed through her blood.  She stood as energy arced in randomly over her body as if reaching for freedom.  Looking once more through the dense vegetation, she spotted her prey.  She stepped forward.

                        “Where have you been all my life, soldier?”  Raul slammed into the woman statue.  The hardened peak of her bosom bruised his cheek.  He scrambled for his tac-gear.  Jenica looked out over her now pronounced bow. 

                        “Now just what are you up to down there?”  She giggled.  “Oh no, you don’t, not this time.”

                        She squatted down to pick off the three grenades still strapped to his tac-vest.  She playfully scolded him and shook her head before wadding the lethal explosives into her hand.  She was fast enough to allow only the slightest of  “pops” then tossed the welded, smoking ball over her shoulder.  Raul struggled for breath.  He reached to his boot feeling for his back up. 

                        “You don’t ever give up do you?  Don’t you realize what you did back there?  It’s just a training exercise, Raul.  Surrender to me.”

                        Raul coughed.  --- voice echoed through the trees.  Jenica watched, almost with pity, as the old soldier raised his pistol to her face.  He looked angry.  She turned her head slightly.  Raul squeezed the trigger again and again.  The bullets popped off her face as they lost momentum on her flawless skin.  She waited patiently while he unloaded.  Now out of bullets, she reached over to him and pinched the barrel completely severing it off.  

                        “You have some issues, old man.”  A blink and a half later, Raul was bound at the hands and feet.  The bonds burned him from the friction of her speed.  She felt he deserved it.  --- voice echoed once more.  She was a smear of black before disappearing from Raul’s sight. 

                        “Looking for me?”

                        --- turned around frantic.  His eyes focused.  “Oh, it’s just you.  Scared the piss out of me.”

                        “Yeah, just me. So, we can do this the easy way, or the easy way, either is fine with me.”  Jenica crossed her arms under her chest presenting them to her opponent.  It was her way of showing her dominance.  It always worked.

                        “Got jokes…”

                        “I’m full of them.”

                        --- opened fire.  Bullets skidded over her body while she remained still.  After his first clip change, she began her slow approach.

                        “You enjoy this, don’t you?”

                        Her breasts jiggled only slightly against the hail of metal.  The wide swing of her hips made him pause a moment.  --- threw his final grenade.  An incendiary. 

                        “I can’t think of any other reason-“

                        She caught the small device and smothered it to her chest.  Surrounded in her flesh, the explosion was hardly lethal.  Jenica dusted the bits of debris from herself without breaking stride.

                        “-someone would fight back like you guys do.”

                        The shower sputtered to a trickle and then stopped.  She watched --- reached for his back up.  Though she had been many yards away a moment ago, she tapped on his shoulder.  Startled, he pressed the weapon to her lips.  Without hesitation, she slipped it between her lips.  Jenica felt the steel slide to the back of her throat.  She helped him pull the trigger over and over.  Her face puffed a bit, then smoke curled from her nostrils.  --- stood, still holding his pistol, his mouth open in shock.  She held the gun in place for him as she withdrew it slowly flattening the length of the barrel with her lips.  She swallowed.

                        “What?  You should be used to this by now.  Men.”  She kissed him on the forehead and woke him from his stupor with her smoldering mouth.

                        “Okay, time to gather you guys up and head back.  Had fun, thanks!”


* * *


Note (from 2004):  Like many of these stories, this is based on fan-fiction from different sources.  Months ago I asked VE [Vagabond Eye, then a contributor to Superwomenmania] to write a story about me taking over the world.  I thought his interesting way of seeing things would make it different than the rest out there.  As much as I love him, I couldn’t wait any longer.  So, here it is.  Unfortunately, I don’t feel comfortable writing about myself, so this is a separate girl.  A Latino girl.  This started as a Legion story, from Brantley’s Empire.  I didn’t, however, want to be confined to the rules of the AU.  I contemplated a Bionic Girl chapter, but the girls in that story (when I get to it) aren’t this powerful.  She's no Supergirl, in the DC sense, either.  This story has the personality of the Supreme Power series, the sexuality of a VE story, the attitude of a Brantley story, and about half the talent of all those.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy this.  I promise no deadlines, so don’t expect any.