Ordinary Velorians Timeline

1958: Birth of Jason Ungphakorn

1961: Birth of Amsul

1975: Birth of Alex Silvstedt

1969: Birth of Eristratov

1980: Birth of Ben Shaffer

1982 Amsul posted to World Eye, begins work on cataloguing planets of other stars. Birth of James Kim'Vallara

1985: Systematic program of unmanned probes to other worlds of Domyran system begins. Birth of Cher'ee

1986: Birth of Nikki Kim'Vallara

1987: Abduction of Eristratov from Afghanistan, birth Jeu'di Zor'el.

1988: Birth of Alisa Kim'Vallara

1995, Fall of Binkley's World. Alex Silvstedt moves to Shalmirane system and takes up mining within a year or two.

(flashback in "Sleeping Beauty")

1996: Ben Shaffer enhanced, goes to school on Velor

(flashback in McCloud's Daughters)

1997: Domyran in-system manned expeditions begin

1999: Birth of Vera Sho'tovic

2000: First Domyran interstellar probes launched. Naomi Kim'Vallara involved in secret mission on behalf of Reigel Five President Bergstrom

("Blind Justice")

2002: Kidnapping of Charmin from Earth, found by Alex in space. Birth of Theel'dara.

("Mundane Secrets of the Yo-Yo Brotherhood," beginning of "Sleeping Beauty")

2003-4. Crisis at Reigel Five. Alisa declines Rites, slips off to Kelsor 7. Battle of Klas'ten

(Ordinary Velorians, part of McCloud's Daughters, main part of "Sleeping Beauty")

2006: Alisa graduates from Institute of AstroScience, assigned to post-graduate training mission. Civil War on Reigel 5, with intervention by rogue Velorian on Aryan side

The High Cruel Years

2007: Alisa signs on with Anders Flame. Mission to Cygnias-Rostran. Andre Kalik left at Rostran to recuperate after nearly dying at wormhole. Alisa makes her own way back to Kelsor 7. Ben Shaffer finds Sanctuary

("Alisa's Story," Shore Leave and sequels, McCloud's Daughters, Passion Play, "Bird in Paradise"

2008 Closed hearing on Kelsor 7 regarding Cygnias/Rostran mission. Alisa takes sabbatical.

("Passion Play")

2009: Ben Shaffer makes Nikki an offer she can't refuse. Jason Ungphakornfinds way to Sanctuary

("Bird in Paradise," Finding Sanctuary)

Naomi serving as ambassador to Bering's World. James serving as advisor to loyalist forces on Reigel 5.

(The High Cruel Years, "Moment of Truth")

2010: Alisa signs on with Mindful. Kella'Prime program stepped up on Aurea; Velor tries to ignore it. Peter Durgin seeks new life on Delphi.

("Pictures of an Expedition," epilogue of "Sleeping Beauty;" internal references in Corrididor, "Delphic Obstacles")

2011: Approval of Domyran deep space tracking system. Alisa joins Cutural Division

("Passion Play")

2013: First phase of Domyran tracking system and pusher ship fleet completed.

2014: Vera joins freedlings (Corrididor).

2015 Andre Kalik returns from Rostran, marries Alisa.

("Passion Play")

2016: World Eye, having outlived its usefulness, becomes museum

2018: Initiation of Theel'dara. Vera graduates from tech school and starts work.

(Throne of the Gods, Corrididor)

2020: Arrival of Theel'dara on Domyr. Birth of Lillith Liddell.

2021: First posting of Theel'dara after post-Rite training. Vera goes to technical school.

2023: Recall, first trial and banishment of Theel'dara.

2027: Alisa turns 40. Serving as Mentor in Cultural Department -- and working behind the scenes on political and diplomatic and cultural initiatives.

("Passion Play")

2030: Crisis on Corrididor. Vera settles there.


2032: Destruction of Domyr

2033: Return and second trial of Theel'dara. Revolution on Velor.

(Throne of the Gods)

2034: Organization of Velorian Legion, Novo Recife campaign

(Terms of Enhancement)

2035: Amnesty for Alisa and family. Velorian Legionnaires serving abroad.

("Passion Play," "Undercover Kitty"

2036 First Kim’Vallara family reunion on Velor. Lillith takes Rites.

("Passion Play")

2037 Birth of Trina Liddell. James assigned to Binkley's World campaign

(The Mission, Encounter at Westfold)

2039: Lillith completes training as Protector. Liberation of Binkley’s World. Second family reunion. Exile of James and Bidu

(The Mission, "Twins," "The Popcorn War," "Walking Tall")

2041: Birth of Ari Kalik.

2042: Birth of Vera's daughter.

2044: Andre and Alisa return to Cygnias 275 with Lillith (granted leave by Star Marshall to accompany them) and Trina.

(Encounter at Westfold)

2050: Earth 2050, possible Corrididor sequel.