The Mission

By Rob Nagle, revised by Brantley

Chapter 3


"Oon, it's impossible!"

"I can't stand her!"

"He's like a child!"

"I can't take this anymore!"

"I thought you were my friend!"

"He's driving me crazy!"

"I wanna kill 'im!"

"How could you do this to me!"

The head of Resident Aurean Integration sat calmly at her desk, her uniform clad body leaning back in her chair with her arms loosely folded under her breasts. The air of her cramped office literally swarmed with angry Protectors. Xanthra stood behind Oon'ah, her protective hands resting on her shoulders.

With Xanthra's help - which she was finding to be invaluable - Oon'ah had implemented Colonel Kim Vallara's order. The Aureans left on Binkley's World were paired with members of the Velorian support force as a test to see if the Aureans could be permanently assimilated with Binkleyan society.

They'd arranged the pairings as carefully as they could -- not just matching gene types, but also taking into account such things as vocation, education, training and recreational interests. The Betans, and the Velorian civilian staff, seemed to be getting along - at least the Betans were cooperating, and the Velorians were not complaining.

That, unfortunately, was not the case when it came to the Primes and the Protectors. It was quickly becoming evident that the cream of both Supremis crops were not, to say the least, blending well, and the Protectors were becoming increasingly upset over the imposed arrangement.

"What?" an enraged Kath'y demanded of Oon'ah, "You think you're some Skietra damned, Velorian/Aurean maternity engine now?"

With the Binkleyans critically observing their every move to see how this assimilation scheme of the Velorians was going to work out, the Protectors had been firmly instructed to not show adverse tension -- especially in public. Being the thorough professions that they were, these femmes had no difficulty in adding bravery to their normally prominent fronts. The problem, however -- as usual, as always -- was the Primes. They knew the Velorians were on the spot, knew exactly what that spot was, and so had taken every turn, and opportunity, to bait them as only they knew how.

"I'm mad as Aurea!" Protector L'yn declared to the placid features of Oon'ah's face. "And I'm not gonna take it anymore!"

Being under orders, the Protectors had been obliged to 'suck it up' for days - and then the Primes hit upon another trick; they took to publicly challenging the Protectors' sexuality.

That was really below the belt as far as the Protectors were concerned. That A NY O N E should dare to question their competence in the one field of activity their species had been specifically bred for was . . . it was . . . well, it was just down right Aurean was what it was!

"You wouldn't bul-ieve what he said to me," a tearfully distraught Car'ol protested. "He said I couldn't fuck my way out of a paper bag!"

Imagine a work-site of laboring Aureans supervised by Binkleyans with Protector support. At any time, a Prime would drop his load (as in: The item he happened to be carrying) turn to the Protector of his assignment, make a lewd display of his package and shout, "One taste of this, and you'd have to turn in your stupid Protector's uniform!"

Imagine the Protector's chagrin at not being able to defend her birthright, not being able to fuck the son-of-a-bitch deaf, dumb and blind on the spot, of having to . . . well, essentially -- eat the miscreant's challenge as she turned to her observing Binkleyan supervisor, smiled brightly through a set of perfectly white teeth gritted hard enough to bite through several inches of Vendorian steel and softly murmured, "Isn't he cute."

Over a very short period of time, the strategy had had a devastating effect. The Protectors were becoming thoroughly demoralized, and -- worse -- the Binkleyans had begun to seriously wonder whether the Velorians really were the vessels of gods.

"Killing them we can handle," Protector Al'ice insisted, "but living with them . . . Oon'ah, it's just not fair!"

The atmosphere in the tiny office eventually quieted. The Protectors seemed to have gotten what they'd wanted to off of their chests -- substantial as that was, and as they were. The air became still with most of them hovered in whatever attitude they happened to be in when the shouting had finally stopped. All of them looked to Oon'ah; waiting for her to speak, waiting for her to explain, to apologize, to make things right.

At length, Oon'ah slowly rose to her feet -- bumping her head against Mar'go's hip as she stood up.

"Oh, excuse me."


She took a moment to straighten her carriage, and smooth the skirt of her uniform over her upper thighs. She looked at those she could comfortably see.

"You all have been fully informed -- within the limits of security -- as to, not only the advisability of this arrangement, but also of its necessity," she took care to inform her Protector kin. "There are many ways of striking at an adversary. Killing them is but one, and has been, up until now, the method we are most acclimated to, and familiar with.

"The Theel'dara Initiative, however, espouses a different approach: Convert your enemies with love. It may have a different ring to it, and one that may be strange to us, or that we may not particularly like to hear at first, but – killing them with kindness is the new order, and, as we are Protectors, we must see that order carried out in full."

All present had listened to what she'd had to say. A number of blonde heads silently nodded, indicating that they had heard what she had had to say. Her words, however, hardly -

"Oh, can it, Oon'ah!" Kath'y stated. "You've got us slugging it out with these fucking Primes while you sit here with your cozy little Betan whore!"

An instant of violent confusion followed.

Oon'ah flew over her desk at Kath'y with her claws extended. She caught the sum of Kath'y's head in her grasp, and drove her, bodily, through the far wall of her office into the adjoining room. Xanthra would have immediately flown after them if she hadn't felt the firm grip of a strong hand on her shoulder. She looked to see Mar'go at her side. Her hold on her wouldn't have come close to stopping her, but it did remind her that she was still, technically, a flightless Aurean.

"Don't, honey," Mar'go quietly advised her. "We don't want to see you get hurt."

Xanthra felt the Protector squeeze her shoulder in a way that would have been sharply painful to a Beta but, to her, was oddly soothing. She couldn't very well relate that her intention would have been to stop Oon'ah's attack, not join her in the fray. She was a Beta, she reminded herself as she slowly returned her full weight to the floor, hoping that Mar'go wouldn't notice. She seriously wondered if the Protector felt the decidedly non-Aurean tissue density in her shoulder.

"Take – that – back!" Oon'ah screamed into Kath'y's face.

She was blind with fury over the casual insult to her love. She'd not only put Kath'y on the floor, but into it. She had her skull encased in the grip of her fingers, and was pressing her thumbs into her eyes as hard as she could.


The combined strength of three Protectors was needed to separate them. Oon'ah put up a brief struggle as they pulled her off of Kath'y, then submitted to the grip they had on her waist, throat, and both of her arms. A pained, and disgraced, Kath'y got herself up out of the floor. When she rose into the air she was a rumpled mess. Her eyes were running, her nose was running and she was consumed with righteous anger.

"You don't know what it's like!" she spat at the authoress of her plight. "Being chained to these assholes! The Binkleyans used to look up to us," she cried, not caring a wit for how she looked, or sounded, "and now they call us 'Aurean lovers'! They used to respect us, and now we're humiliated! Every -- day, we're humiliated!"

She left in tears. Everyone watched debris fall from the hole in the ceiling where Kath'y had flown through the roof to get out of the building. L'yn, Car'ol and Bea'trice relaxed their hold on Oon'ah. Mar'go had remained with Xanthra, her firm hand still on her shoulder. The other Protectors present just floated, and watched. Bea'trice, group leader of Binkley's World's Protectors, positioned herself in front of Oon'ah.

"Don't go after her, Oon," she caringly warned. "She's right. We all feel the same way, and it isn't -- right. We know you're under orders -- just as we are, but somebody screwed up big on this."

Bea's words took the remaining hostility out of Oon'ah. Car'ol, and L'yn, could feel her relax. They released her. All of them were deeply conflicted. Car'ol took to absently 'fixing' the lay of Oon'ah's cape over her one shoulder. Finally, she just gave her arm a reassuring stroke. Oon'ah took it all to heart as she bowed her head.

"It's affected you too, Oon'ah," said Dor'thy from the interior of her office. "You've changed since this whole thing started. You're different . . . and that difference hasn't been all that pleasant."

 L'yn took her in arms, and held her.

"We're your friends, Oon'ah," she told her kindly.

Where were you when I was being killed on Erin'dor? flashed into Oon'ah troubled mind.

She banished the thought.

"And now you treat us like we're enemies," L'yn went on.

Where were any of you!

She banished it!

"The Initiative not-with-standing, Oon," Mad'elyn took care to counsel the director of Aurean integration, "there are those on whom civility is wasted."

The Protectors left. Xanthra used her tachyon vision to watch them depart. Some of them propelled themselves by walking with their feet along the floor. Others flew through the air. All of their red capes wafted majestically from their backs below their beautifully blonde heads.

"I don't know what that little Betan bitch thought she was going to do," said Mar'go in reflective passing.

"Isn't she the one who trashed those Primes last week?" asked Car'ol.

"There's conflicting reports on that," said Bea.

"She certainly seemed ready to take on a bunch of Protectors," said Mar'go. "I could swear I felt a flight impulse when I touched her."

"May have just been an emotional impulse," Dor'thy opined. "She seems to have quite an attachment with Oon'ah."

All of them either knew of, or had heard of, the 'attachment'. That may have settled the topic, but Mar'go's keen, Velorian mind persisted in somber reflection.

"Something's not right about that Aurean cunt," she ventured to say.

"You're being redundant," L'yn noted dryly.

"As opposed to an Aurean prick," Mar'go clarified.

"You're being redundant again," said L'yn.

Xanthra smiled at what she'd heard. She was pleased that the Protectors knew something of her love for Oon'ah, but she was also troubled that they might be finding her out.

So what, was her most immediate thought, but then, she had to think of the repercussions to - Pus . . .

Oon'ah was still standing in the other room with her back to her. Her shoulders were straight, and square, but her head was lowered. Watching her, Xanthra relished the thrill of an unfamiliar tug at her heart, and rose over the desk to go where she was needed.

"Feet, Xa," Oon'ah said without looking as Xanthra came to float beside her.

The word was a reminder for Xanthra to keep her feet on the floor. She too was concerned that her love's true abilities remain hidden.

"It's all right," Xanthra assured, but she stood herself on the floor anyway. "They're leaving, and they're not looking back."

She regarded Oon'ah critically. She did not like what she saw.

"I should return to the facility," she quietly announced.

For the first time, Oon'ah looked up at her.

"What?" she wondered.

"I'm harming you," the Aurean stated in her blunt, succinct fashion. "I'm causing problems. I should go back."

"No," Oon'ah countered meekly, nervously shifting her position, "it has nothing to do with you."

Xanthra hastened closer.

"That's not true, and you know it," she said. "By your authority," she went on to explain, "you've stuck them all with those butthead Primes while reserving for yourself a harmless little Beta. They resent it, Pus, and they're right."

Oon'ah paused to draw a noticeable breath.

"Your powers place you far beyond a Beta, Xa - "

"They - don't know that," Xanthra stressed. "You're the only one who really knows anything about me," she said, and whoever else you might be telling what, she thought, but was most careful not to say.

"Your assignment to me was specifically ordered," Oon'ah reminded her.

"And who's to say that you didn't arrange that?" Xanthra countered. "We were brought together by higher-ups, yes, but that doesn't invalidate how the others feel."

She was right, and Oon'ah knew it. The Protectors had every reason to resent the pairings she'd imposed on them. The overall situation also merited ample suspicion that she had known, beforehand, how poorly the arrangements would turn out, and had used her authority to inure herself from the strife by deliberately pairing herself with a lowly Beta.

True; she'd only followed Kim'Vallara's orders, but, as Bea'trice had said, someone had screwed up big. On top of enduring the greatly diminished regard of the Binkleyans, the Protectors were losing face on a daily basis, and the Primes were having a field day.

Depressed over the consequences of her action, and at a loss for a quick solution, Oon'ah hung her head to wonder.

"We matched them as perfectly as we could," she sighed.

Herself dispirited, Xanthra turned, and wandered off.

"Yeah, well . . . maybe it was a little too perfect," she remarked offhandedly.

"'Perfect' . . . ," Oon'ah echoed . . . wondering.

A glimmer appeared in her mind's eye. Oon'ah could barely see it, but she began to reach for it.

"Too . . . perfect . . . "

Xanthra began to see the glimmer Oon'ah had her mental sites on. She looked back at her. Oon'ah met her gaze.

"Are we stupid, or what?" Xanthra slowly asked.

"'Perfect'," said Oon'ah as their glimmer brightened, "but - opposite."

The light suddenly went on for both of them.

"We matched the warriors of opposing factions!" concluded Xanthra.

"And then expected them to get on famously!" Oon'ah added.

"Hoooooohhhh!" sighed Xanthra as she let herself fall back in the air. She lay splattered, and limp, with her head lolled back. "Crap."

"Pause for regret," droned Oon'ah.

"Check," Xanthra droned back.

"Self recrimination."


"We're a couple of dumb bitches."


"Get over it."

Xanthra rolled onto her side toward Oon'ah, and propped her head up on a hand.


Oon'ah took to the air to be with her.

"Okay," said Xanthra, facing her love as she arrived to hover over her, "what we did was wrong. Now - how do we make it right?"

They hovered close to one another, but were careful not to touch. In time, the gaze of each lost focus on the other. The Aurean, and the Velorian, were discovering a shared state of being -- a merging -- a transcendence, which neither of them knew had existed. A near, and calm, proximity with each other seemed to be all that was required to initiate the state.

In time, for each, would pass the self, and then perception, then, finally, awareness, too, would pass. Therein, they were finding, lay the answers to their questions. Selfless commune solved any problem. They could so remain indefinitely as they searched out solutions together. Solutions which, once uncovered, would show themselves as being conclusive, above reproach and beyond debate.

Oon'ah's vision cleared to see Xanthra looking at her.

The Aurean smiled.

"The answer," Oon'ah quietly declared, "is looking us both right in the face."


* * *


"Shad'rah reporting to reclaim Ed," the young Protector stated to announce herself along with her intended business.

Shad'rah had presented herself at the Aurean internment facility upon returning from space duty where she'd performed a long, boring and tedious maintenance upgrade on Binkley's World's space probes.

"'Ed'," the old Binkleyan gate keeper of the facility replied to her in the manner of a question.

She was the youngest of the Auxiliary Protectors. The reclaiming of Binkley's World had been her first assignment upon her completing training on Erin'dor. She was barely eighteen, and full of fire, and enthusiasm -- which her Aurean Prime assignee had done much to dampen recently.

"Ediphus," Shad'rah clarified.

He was a Destroyer, which meant that he was a member of the strongest and most powerful sub-breed of the Aurean/Supremis species.

"'Ediphus'," the gate keeper carefully reiterated for his own benefit, and then he added, "Wrecks."

Everyone called him Ed. He'd been in the top echelon of the Aurean ruling hierarchy of Binkley's World, and was the highest ranking Aurean to survive its reclaiming. At just over two hundred years old, he was the most experienced, and most deadly, Prime not only on the planet, but for several systems around.

"Yes," Shad'rah said with palpable fatigue. "Ediphus Wrecks."

Oon'ah, and Xanthra, had paired him with Shad'rah. Aside from their being a compatible match, they figuring that her youthful innocence would inure her from Ed's hardened experience, and also help defuse his preening arrogance.

"How'd you get stuck with him?" the gate keeper asked her.

They couldn't've been more wrong.

"Just my luck, I guess," said Shad'rah with a lightness to her tone that surprised her.

Protectors on space duty had been given leave to 'park' their Primes at the internment facility while they were gone (a stipulation of the integration policy which had resulted in a sudden flood of requisitions from Protectors for space duty).

Shad'rah had been gone for several days, and had left before the Primes had come up with their latest, and greatest, tactic for baiting the Protectors. Since she'd gone directly to the facility upon her return -- without first stopping off at the barracks for a few moments of relaxation where she most certainly would have gotten an ear-full -- there hadn't been an opportunity to bring her up to date on what was going on.

"Ah, my Velorian cunt has returned," Ed greeted Shad'rah with a carefully calculated smile.

Shad'rah could only sigh with resignation.

"I am more than just a cunt," the youth sought to remind him.

"Please, excuse me," said Ed, "I was merely referring to the -- least of your many questionable attributes."

"Excuse me?" was Shad'rah's notably befuddled reply.

"You have the saddest of excuses for a pussy," Ed went on to say with transparent casualness. "I am shamed by every moment I have to spend in your inadequate company."

"Uh . . . ," was, unfortunately, the most that a thoroughly stunned Shad'rah could manage at the moment.

"Your hole is best suited for message capsules," Ed continued. "You couldn't gratify a Frail if your life depended on it."

"Now wait," said Shad'rah politely, finally finding her voice. "Jus' . . . hold on here a second."

She paused a moment to devote her young mind to what appeared to be taking place, then she focused her curious attention, once more, on Ed.

"Are you saying that I'm not a good lay?" she wished to know.

"That depends upon how . . . loosely – you care to use the term 'good'," the Destroyer Prime replied.

"You're say I'm not a good lay, aren't you?" Shad'rah wished to specify.

Ed took care to lean in close to her.

"Let me put it to you this way, child—"

"I'm not a child."

"In but a single night, I could have you eating out of the palm of my hand," Ed intoned in an irresistibly seductive, masculine purr.

Shad'rah frowned as she looked up at the massive Prime. She took a moment to fold her arms under her perfect breasts, then cocked her head at a defiant angle.

"It would take you a whole night?" she said an instant before it occurred to her, No, that was not the right thing to say.

"I was merely being kind enough to give your laughably limited abilities the benefit of overwhelming doubt," Ed replied. "It would probably take no more than a few, short seconds to make you submit to me."

"That sounds like a serious challenge," the old gate keeper interjected.

"No," a very obviously divided Shad'rah attempted to assure, "he's just trying to be funny."

"Perhaps the Aurean scum has a point," said an observing Binkleyan.

Shad'rah turned a glance to him, her uncertainty unmasked.

"I must say," commented another observing Binkleyan, "I've never seen a Protector tolerate such insults."

"Sex is supposed to be the one thing they're really good at," opined yet another.

"I'll give you an entire night," Ed went on, straightening himself once more to look down on the girl, "to show me the full range of your pathetic talents."

"Now that is a challenge," the gate keeper said to the group that was gathering. "I'm sure of it."

"If I were her," said an old Binkleyan woman, "I'd show 'im what-for, you can bet!"

"Look at her," a Binkleyan man observed, "she hesitates."

"Why doesn't she accept the challenge?" wondered another.

"If you're a Velorian," added yet another, "prove it."

Shad'rah heard the voices of doubt sounding all around her. Ed was a huge, superbly sculpted mountain of man muscle with more than two centuries of harsh, Aurean life in him. She was a mere girl, barely out of training.

"A night," the Aurean said close to her ear, "but, more than likely - a moment."

Young Shad'rah felt the call of blood. Her proud, and . . . well, not so proud - heritage was being seriously called into question. Was she not a Supremis? A Velorian? Was she not a Protector? A woman? She was, indeed, all of these. She could not tolerate such a challenge to her race to stand. She could not allow it to go unanswered.

Shad'rah looked up at the monster Prime regarding her with contemptuous aplomb. How dare he look at a Velorian Protector like that!

"You're on, stubby," she stated.

Shad'rah's response struck the group of Binkleyans around them like an electric shock. All of them, at once, began chattering excitedly among themselves. The old Aurean's challenge had been met by the young Velorian, and that challenge had been accepted.

Shad'rah felt a rush of glowing pride swell within her youthful breast as she looked up at Ed. Ed's eyebrows lowered over his narrowed eyes as he regarded Shad'rah.

"Don't call me 'stubby,'" he said.

His words were yet another cause for animated discussion among the Binkleyans surrounding them. Shad'rah raised her chin defiantly as she regarded Ed. She knew that her Protector kindred would be proud of her.


* * *


"Shaddie!" Protector Cass'andra declared. "How could you be so stupid!"

Shad'rah sat dejectedly in the Protectors' barracks, her Protector kindred hovering tightly all around her. She felt singularly isolated, and alone, amid their company.

"Lighten up on her, Cass," said Mon'ique, "she's just a kid."

She'd hardly been able to wait to them of what had transpired between her, and Ed, and of how admirably she had conducted herself in front of an observing crowd of Binkleyans, and other Aureans.

"A kid who's gotten us into one Aurea of a mess," Bea'trice noted.

Their response was turning out to be not at all what she'd expected. She wished now that she had waited to tell them -- to the point of not telling them at all.

"This doesn't concern you," Shad'rah asserted, taking her first taste of the bitter fruit known as 'damage containment'. "It's between me, and Ed."

"No, Shad'rah," Mon'ique told her with a comforting hand on the girl's knee, "it concerns all of us."

Ba'be's head appeared in front of Shad'rah up-side-down from where she floated above. Her cascade of golden waves brushed across the young girl's thighs.

"A challenge to one Protector is a challenge to all," she told her.

"And this challenge she's taken on for all of us," Tra'cy added.

"Thank you very much," said L'yn.

Her head was now floating in front of Shad'rah beside Ba'be's.

"I am stronger than he is," Shad'rah strove to point out to L'yn in her own defense. "I mean, I'm a fully empowered Protector, and he's just a stupid, old Prime."

"He's a smart, old Prime," Car'ol qualified.

"Don't underestimate him," Mad'elyn warned.

"Especially someone like Ed," Pat'ricia added. "He didn't get to be past two hundred by being dumb."

Ba'be took Shad'rah's hands into her own.

"Forget about us for a moment, kid," she said.

She flipped herself to sit in the air in front of Shad'rah.

"You know what's been going on with their baiting us since this whole pairing thing got started," she took care to explain to the girl. "You weren't around at the time, but challenging us sexually is their newest angle. Bottom line: Ed laid a trap for you, and you stepped into it."

"And you've taken all of us with you," Cha'rise took care to point out.

"She's already been made well aware of that, Cha," Ba'be warned a moment before she specifically looked at Cha'rise. "That kind of thinking is not going to get us through this, okay?"

Cha'rise regarded her sister Protector. She grimly set her jaw, and nodded agreement to what Ba'be had said. Satisfied, Ba'be looked back at Shad'rah, and smiled.

"Now," she said with a firm pat to the young Protector's firm thigh, "you got yerself one hot date."

Shad'rah sat herself up tall, and proud, with her beautiful breasts thrust out.

"I can take 'im," she stated with all the naive bravado of youth.

Ba'be's smile widened slightly. There was kindness, and understanding, in her arresting, blue eyes. She raised her hand to let her knuckles lightly brush against one of Shad'rah's pert, little nipples one . . . by one . . . by one . . . by one.

Shad'rah knew that Ba'be was testing her -- deliberately offering provocation to probe the limit of her will to resist. Her first knuckle's feather-like brush sent a thunderbolt of pleasure surging throughout Shad'rah's young, and eager, body. The second knuckle elicited a shockwave of delirious sexation racing through her mind. As Ba'be's third knuckle attacked her, Shad'rah shuddered visibly. With the fourth knuckle, she went pale, and sighed.

The barracks was quickly flooded with the honey, and wildflowerd, scent of the youth's raging pheromones. With four mere touches she'd become uncontrollably aroused.

Ba'be paused to allow the girl time to regain her composure. Shad'rah knew that she had failed the test. Her sense of shame burned deep. She lowered her head as she demurely crossed her legs, and squeezed. She was ashamed of herself to have failed such a simple test in front of everyone. She was shamed that her body had not obeyed her. Shamed that she had surrendered so easily.

Ba'be cupped her hand to the side of Shad'rah's face, and raised it up to see the young girl's suffering. Her fingers touched behind her ear. Her thumb caressed her cheek.

"Yeah," she said softly, knowingly, "you can take 'im, all right."

Having made her point, Ba'be's hand caressed its way away from her as she floated upward.

"I can!" Shad'rah insisted defiantly at Ba'be's ascending form.

The Protectors had known all along that the Primes would eventually find a weak link among them with their relentless baiting. Shad'rah's youth had finally provided them with one. Now, with a showdown ahead of them, they pulled together to make that link strong.

"Control, Shad'rah," Mon'ique said to her. She hovered close, clutching the girl's knee in earnest. "That's what it's all about here."

"You're physically stronger than Ed is, yes," Bea'trice readily granted, "you could kill 'im with one hand tied behind your back, but," she qualified, "this isn't a physical contest."

"Then just what is sex with an Aurean, I'd like to know?" Fa'un inquired rhetorically.

"All right," Bea conceded with fatigue, "not that kind of physical contest."

There were smiles all around, and even some titters. Their atmosphere was easing. All of them were glad for it.

As Bea, and Mon'ique, continued to instruct Shad'rah on the differences between Aureans, and Velorians, Char'lene placed herself in front of Hea'ther.

"What other kind of physical contest is there?" she asked in the manner of a playful challenge. "I'd like to know," she added in hopes of starting something.

Hea'ther met Char's smoldering gaze full on with her own long dormant heat. The Theel'dara Initiative had been a new, and untried, tactic for Velor -- essentially involving the commitment a battalion of Protectors to a single world instead of just one.

A bureaucratic oversight during the planning stage to reclaim Binkley's World had neglected to include any Messengers for the Protectors assigned to the operation. That omission - coupled with a strict ban on co-mingling with the locals -- had left the Protectors high, and dry, as it were.

With the reclaiming accomplished, and the recovery phase well under way, all of them were 'high', and now, Hea'ther, and Char'lene, were more than ready to do something about the 'dry' part.

A glorious, blonde body, however, floated between the two as their lips were about to meet.

"Focus girls," said a dutiful Brit'a, who was the owner of the gorgeous, though intruding, form. She, along with the others, was concerned about preparing Shad'rah. "We need to focus here."

"We - were . . . focused," Char'lene said for the record through gritted teeth.

As if to punctuate her statement, Char'lene extended her tongue, and licked the breadth of Brit'a's strategically poised belly. Hea'ther, for her own part, bit her on the ass.

Brit'a yelped, recoiling from Hea'ther's assault - which drove her muff against Char's nose. Char'lene retaliated with a strategically placed fart-noise. Recoiling again, Brit'a's rump was brought to face the wrath of Hea'ther once more.

The stalwart Brit'a was quickly reduced to squealing, and wriggling, in helpless delight. Having only sought to impose order, she now found herself in a gauntlet. Mar'go finally flew up, and pulled her free.

"Who asked you!" a most attractively rumpled Brit'a truculently demanded of her rescuer.

Mar'go took no challenge at this, save to prick an eyebrow.

"Focus?" she reminded her sister Protector with quiet authority.

The frown on Brit'a's lovely brow changed from anger to confusion as her hand firmly wiped away the leavings of Char'lene's wonderful tongue.

"I was . . . focused . . . ," she asserted, albeit defensively. There seemed to be so much of Char to wipe away . . . , "wasn't I?"

Mar'go's visage softened.

"You're beautiful when you're stupid," she sighed.

Shad'rah's release of pheromones was having an effect on all of them. Among others who were quietly releasing their own erotic scents, Brit'a now added her two cents as she continued her efforts to clean herself - how had Char'lene gotten her so wet?

"How many lovers have you had, Shaddie?" Mon'ique asked her.

Shad'rah was noticeably taken aback by the posing of such a question. She frowned, and then her gorgeous breasts shot out as she sat up straight.

"That's none of your business," she asserted firmly.

"Can you count them?" Mon'ique qualified.

"Of course, I can," the youth forthrightly stated. She righted her posture more, adding to the already incomparable height, and prominence, of her overabundant chest. "I remember every one of them."

"There, you see?" Bea'trice countered. "If a Velorian woman can count her lovers, she hasn't had nearly enough."

"At least not enough to have the experience to up against someone like Ed," L'yn added, hovering close by.

The topic gave Tra'cy an idea. She turned to Can'dice, quickly enveloping the two of them in an invisible cloud of honey, and wildflowers.

"How would you . . . ," she inquired in a deceptively light tone as she traced her fingers over Candy's shoulder, and down the length of her arm, "like to be my number sixteen thousand, nine-hundred and eight-seven?"

Can'dice shivered from thrill at the tactile sensation Tra'cy's touch was so experienced at eliciting. She smiled shyly, then added her own pheromones to the heady mix of their honey, and wildflowers, cocktail.

"What was that number again?" she asked, her fingertips lightly gliding along Tra'cy's flanks.

Tra'cy clutched Can'dy's shoulders as she drew her closer - just to make sure that her sister Velorian could hear her. Her full lips playing against the surface of Can'dy's cheek. Can'dy stole a kiss. Their halting exhalations warmed each others' skin.

"Sixteen - "

"Thousand . . . "

"Nine - "

"Hundred . . . "

And . . . eighty . . . "

" . . . seven."

Tra'cy barely touched her lips to Can'dy's ear. Her tongue lightly traced along its edge.

"I don't know," said Can'dy doubtfully.

Their exploring hands became firmer . . . bolder . . .

"You're almost a virgin."

"Sex, to an Aurean," Mon'ique instructed Shad'rah, "is just another means of conquest. It's a way of gaining control, which is the direct opposite of a Vel's nature."

"Which is release," Ba'be intoned luxuriously, lounging lazily in the air above them. "Wonnnd-er-ous release!"

Several of the Protectors in the barracks needed to moisten their lips as they observed Ba'be in the process of moistening her lips. Ba'be was the worst one for instigating spontaneous sex among them - which meant, of course, that she was the best.

"We have a situation do deal with here," Car'ol pointedly pointed out to Ba'be's beautifully displayed behind, "so we could use a little - control - right now."

"I'm practicing control," Ba'be protested, turning in the air to display an appropriate pout.

Less than a moment after she'd spoken, however, her smooth, taut belly spasmed nicely.

"I . . . meant to do that," she thought it best to add.

"Doesn't it seem warm in here?" Shad'rah wondered openly, fanning herself with her hands.

Mon'ique gently caught Shad'rah's hands to stay their fluttering motion.

"Shaddie," she called to the girl.

Shad'rah's deep blue eyes fastened on Mon'ique. The older Protector could see beads of sweat forming on the young girl's brow. She smiled.

"I need you to pay attention here," her soft voice coaxed.

Shad'rah nodded through an intensifying mental fog of sensual urgings. Wafts of erotic heat could be seen rising from her skin.

"Sex with an Aurean is like nothing you have ever experienced before," Mon'ique informed her.

"Hah . . . ," sighed Pat'ricia as an aside to herself. "This is going to be a boring topic of discussion."

"What?" Mar'tha asked her. "Talking about sex?"

"Well, y'know," Pat'ti replied, "all talk and no do, as they say."

"Sounds like someone could use a Messenger," Mar'tha noted.

"Ab-use would be more like it," Pat' groused irritably. "The way I feel right now, he'd never survive -- even with my little gold choker."

"I know how you feel," said Mar'tha.

Pat'ti gave Mar'tha a questioning look.

"No you don't," she stated.

Mar'tha gave Pat'ti a knowing look.

"Yes, I do," she stated.

Pat'ti turned to face Mar'tha squarely, and rested her open hands on her strong, womanly hips.

"Alright, Ms. Smart-mouth, know-it-all," she formally requested, "how do I feel?"

With nothing more, or less, Mar'tha took Pat'ti in her arms, and held her specially close.

"You feel good," she whispered.

"When an Aurean enters you, Shaddie," Mon'ique instructed the youth with care, "he enters you."

A wide eyed Shad'rah hung on every one of Mon'ique's descriptive words. The aroused glow from her genitals was growing steadily brighter. The inner thighs of her crossed legs were glowing red with the heat of effort she was squeezing so hard to stifle herself, but the flexion of the muscles near her groin only added to an exquisite ache that was slowly driving her mad.

She sat on her hands to keep them from becoming happily occupied. Her swollen breasts were slowly turning red with pent up sexual heat. Her entire body had acquired a rich sheen, positively glowing with life, vitality and lust. Sweat vapor rose from her shoulders, and through her dampening hair.

"Enters me . . . ," the transfixed girl exhaled.

"It is, very literally, an invasion," Mon'ique continued.

She pausing to moisten her lips. She could feel the youth's heat -- smell her potent fragrance. Her hands slowly stroked Shad'rah's burning thighs.

"They don't merely invade your . . . incredible body," she went on, "but they also invade your mind - and your soul too. They also invade your soul, don't forget."

From above, Ba'be's experienced release of pheromones vied with the exuberant rush of Shad'rah's own. Each breath the young girl took only made her besotted mind more singly focused on what was fast becoming a tearing, primitive need. Her exhalations left her in arrested pants, fully anticipating the next, heady inhalation. The air in the barracks became thick with Supremis musk, making it difficult for any of the Protectors to think clearly.

"Whew!" said Cha'rise, fanning herself with a magazine, "it -- is -= getting warm in here."

"Can't take the heat?" asked Bea'trice.

She'd left Shad'rah's instruction to Mon'ique - who was better at that sort of thing anyway.

Cha'rise paused her fanning to look at Bea's floating, heavenly body. She took a leisurely moment to decide if she liked the comment or not, and also to take in the visual sum of Bea's naked, frontal beauty. After noting that the look on Bea's face was about as innocent as . . . well, about as innocent as a Velorian, she decided that she didn't like the remark, but she also decided to keep her side of their exchanges civil - for the moment.

"I didn't say that," she tactfully replied.

Bea drifted closer to Cha'rise.

"But I did," she flatly stated.

Aureans baiting her was one thing, Cha'rise knew, but another Protector? - and a very warm one at that. She needed to resume fanning herself.

"I can take any heat you've got, and then some," she retorted, then she added, "Iceberg," just for the Aurea of it.

Bea'trice felt her heat rising as she took this in. She liked it. Still, for the sake of appearances, she replied, "Oh, really?"

"Yeah, really," Cha'rise immediately shot back.

Bea had a hard time stifling an admiring smile as she floated even closer to the haughty, glowering Cha'rise. She wanted nothing more than to wipe that proud look off her sister Protector's face, and she wasn't thinking of using a rag to do it with either, but she decided to keep her side of their exchanges civil -- for the moment at any rate. She raised a finger to collect a droplet of sweat that hung precariously from the tip of Cha's nose.

"Well," she said, displaying the drop as though it were a trophy, "I'm not the one going around dripping all over the place now," she placed the finger in her mouth, and sucked it dry, her full lips making a distinct kissing sound as she extracted the tip, "am I?"

Cha's elevated breathing belied the fact that Bea's attitude was having the exact effect that both of them wanted. Still, for the sake of appearances, she replied, "You think you're hot?"

"I know I'm hot," Bea'trice immediately shot back.

Their smoldering looks dared each other to make the first grope -- cop the first feel. Cha'rise considered it to her advantage that Bea had already blown her a kiss.

"I could sex you half way into the next millennium."

 "I could suck your insides out."

Their eyes ravished one other with naked greed. Both of them fought to keep their hands away.

"Okay, Tuff-twat," Bea'trice challenged, "show me what ya got."

"Once its in you - then it starts," Monique told Shad'rah.

She'd mounted Shad'rah's upraised knee to demonstrate.

"It's the beginning of the end," she continued. "It starts with the initial . . . thrust - no, don't move your knee."

"Oh, sorry."

"No, it's all right, just - keep it still . . . where was I?"


"Oh - YES! - I mean . . . yes. The initial . . . thrust . . . that's where it begins."

"You missed another spot," said Mar'go, solicitously applying a firm, caressing hand to the enticing curve at the base of Brit'a's spine.

She herself had become involved in her sister Velorian's cleaning. They were obliged, after all, to look after each other's welfare, and there were so many areas Brit'a couldn't readily see . . .

"Char'lie, you slobbered all over me!" Brit'a pouted to complain as she discovered yet another area of her flawless anatomy that begged -- that is, required attention.

Char'lene just smiled as she continued watching the pair. Hea'ther sat behind her in the air, ably massaging the tension from Char's lower back, and hips.

"I think she got some on me too," Mar'go commented, almost as if it were in passing.

"Really?" a suddenly wide-eyed Brit'a exclaimed. "Where?"

"I'm not sure," Mar'go said with hopeful hesitation.

She turned her back to Brit'a, and drew her flaxen mane of blonde waves away from her bare shoulder.

"Would you mind taking a look?" she asked as an expectant invitation full of breath.

"Oo, yes," said Brit'a, her attentive eyes creating a spot for her mind to see, "there it is."

She applied a hand. Mar'go thrilled at the touch. Char'lene's smile widened as her strong hands worked imaginary kinks from Hea'ther's calf, and foot.

"The light's not very good in here," Brit'a noted. Her hand slowly stroked the endless length of Mar'go's back. "I'll have to go by touch."

"Oh, Skietra, yes!" Mar'go exclaimed an instant before she corrected herself to say, "I mean . . . of course."

"Hey Char," L'yn cracked, "care to bring that wet tongue of yours over here?"

She sat in the air with her elbows resting on her upraised knees.

 "You're filthy enough without the slobber," Dor'thy told her from behind.

She reached around under L'yn's arms to lightly clutch her breasts. L'yn released a sigh, along with a gush of pheromones as her toes curled. Dor'thy pressed their bodies together as she held L'yn. She put her face in L'yn's hair, and breathed deep of her heady scent.

"Oh, you're such a pig!" she exhaled in mock disgust.

L'yn let her head loll back as she arched her spine.

"Oink-oink," she could barely breathe.

Dor'thy's fingers tightened. Her moistened lips traced the length of L'yn's throat - making it all the harder for L'yn to breathe.

"And it grows in you," Mon'ique instructed the attentive Shad'rah as she continued to . . . demonstrate. "It gets bigger . . . and bigger! You think it will - want it to -- rip you apart . . . split you in two!"

Cha'rise, and Bea'trice, had placed themselves a distance from each other. The two super femmes faced off like a pair of gunslingers in an old western style shootout -- only what they were slinging was a lot more powerful than guns.

"Gimme yer best shot," Bea'trice challenged.

Cha'rise eyed her target, then set her focus.

Up yer snatch, she vowed.

She gathered her energies, then launched a wave of honey, and wildflowers scent at Bea that was powerful enough to stop a stampeding herd of wild, raging bull elephants dead in its tracks.

"With every . . . forward . . . thrust, Shad'rah," an increasingly distracted Mon'ique instructed, "it bores . . . deeper . . . and - oh so much deeper . . . into your . . . depths - I mean . . . the depths of your . . . mind."

Shell'y sighed, and turned away from the scene - a hand clutched to her groin in a doomed effort to quell the fire that raged within - to ease the aching emptiness she felt. Fa'un noted how her sister Protector looked most unhappy, and deeply troubled.

"All this talk about sex is making me so lonely," Shell'y admitted sadly.

"Don't be," Fa'un bravely counseled, though she was, herself, unhappy . . . and sad. "Maybe we can be lonely together," she offered.

She caressed her hands down the length of Shell'y's proud torso. Her grip came to nest in the enticing recess just above her pelvis.

"I've always admired your waist," she confided to her.

Shell'y smiled through her sorrowful mood. Her eyes played on the glory of Fa'un's chest.

"I envy your breasts," she confided of her own.

Her warm hands came to touch . . . to cup . . . to gently squeeze.

"They're always so big, and perky," she studiously observed.

Fa'un was fully conscious of her splendor. She made no effort to conceal her heat as her breasts began to glow. Within seconds, her nipples were fiery red.

"They're just orgone depositories," she said in all false modesty.

Shell'y tightened her grip as she felt Fa'un's chest expand. Both of their looks were hungry enough to eat each other alive. Fa'un liked the way she burned, and Shell'y liked to make her burn.

"Fuck your clinical assessment," Shell'y dared to challenge.

"Oo," Fa'un chided her naughty sister. "Such language!"

Shell'y raised a knee, offering Fa'un a seat for her brightly glowing folds.

"What?" she queried - just to be sure that the two of them were referring to the same language. "'Fuck'?"

Fa'un accepted Shell'y's offering, but not too eagerly she hoped. Shell'y was surprised - and not at all displeased - to discover how slick, and hot, Fa'un was.

"Mm, yes," Fa'un breathed in agreement. Her belly tightened to slide her pussy forward. "Fuck."

She raised her own knee between Shell'y's legs to reciprocate her sister's thoughtfulness. Shell'y's pelvis bucked the instant Fa'un's knee touched her.

"Fuck . . . ," Shell'y whispered to accompany her starved body's naughty language.

" . . . fuck," Fa'un whispered back, her inflamed pelvis bucking in return.

Shell'y would have announced her second pelvic thrust, but her lips were met by Fa'un's in soft embraced.

"It - pounds away . . . at your . . . will," Mon'ique bravely soldiered on, grinding her flowing blonde perfection against Shad'rah's knee with increasing force. "It - rips into your . . . resolve -- tears down . . . your . . . resistance!"

It took every once of Bea's will power to resist the crushing urge to masturbate herself into a Supremis coma on the spot, so strong had been the volley of pheromones Cha'rise had thrown at her. She righted her attitude in the air from having been blown over by the wave to see Cha looking at her with a look so smug it made her furious. She shook off as much of her sexual stupor as she quickly could, then sent a return volley of pheromones at Cha that would have brought the male population of a large city worshiping at her feet.

"It takes . . . possession of you," Mon'ique declared, "comes to - own you . . . reducing you to a . . . mindless . . . drooling zombie of . . . consuming . . . insatiable . . . need!"

"Your aim is off, Wilhelmina Tell," Car'ol noted as a drop of Ba'be's loving welcome crashed against the upward swell of her arousal engorged breast.

"Oo," Ba'be offered in all knowing innocence. "Did I do that?"

It was a well known fact that Ba'be was a peerless markswoman when it came to the placing of her intimate secretions. She could hit the tip of a clit from an elevated height of more than fifty feet -- with the wind against her.

The two of them watched as the drop coursed a trail toward Car'ol's nipple. Her breast, however, was throwing off so much heat that the poor drop turned to pungent vapor long before it could reach the swollen bulb of her aureole.

Car'ol hastened to suck the vapor into her nose lest a single waft be lost. She shuddered visibly from the thrill of Ba'be's intoxicating odor. It made her already fevered brain spin with wild, and daring, thoughts. She rose to meet Ba'be, only partially recovered, and confronted her with but one of those wild, and daring, thoughts.

"You - are a bad Protector," she confided to accuse.

She played her super heated nipples against Ba'be's own nipples that could have easily torn through steel! She gathered Ba'be's hips into her grasp, her hands roughly caressing their way over the twin swells of Ba'be's incomparable buttocks.

"I'm going to have to spank you," she said as her nails dug in.

Ba'be's face hardened as her mind entertained the prospect of humiliation. If that's the way Car'ol wanted her, then she was going to have a fight on her hands. An Aurea of a fight! She was a Velorian Protector, after all - one of a very select breed - and there was but one way - and only one way - that she would ever submit to such a gross indignity.

"Make me beg," she snarled.

Kath'y bodily exhumed Cha'rise from the wall Bea's pheromone assault had buried her in. The stricken Protector was whimpering pathetically as she vainly stoked herself - laboring for the orgasm that was, strangely, just beyond her reach. Kath'y cradled the devastated Cha in her arms, then looked askance at Bea'trice where she stood triumphantly in the air with her fists solidly planted on her solid hips.

"Looks like we have a winner," Kath'y noted with a wry smile.

Bea's stern expression didn't change, but she did cup a hand to her glowing crotch to give her own super heated genitals a firm, upward thrust.

"Damned straight!" she decreed.

"And finally," Mon'ique proclaimed, breathless on the very precipice of ecstasy, "it . . . conquers you!"

A bolt of brilliant, emerald green lightning suddenly arced between her nipples. At the exact same moment, Shad'rah's nipples arced. The separate bolts of orgone merged - joining them in the most ecstatic way.

Shad'rah could bear no more. With a husky bark, she leapt on Mon'ique. A third bolt of orgone joined them sexually. Already past the point of no return, the three way exchange of energy drove Shad'rah ever deeper into the abyss of mindless lust. She clung to Mon'ique, feeling her energy - sharing in it. She clutched her - groped her everywhere her fluttering hands could reach, her ravenous mouth seeking to devour her whole with burning kisses!

The two of them would be consumed in flames of passion - shattered by the countless orgasms they would share - destroyed to be born again in each others' arms, eager for the next annihilation! They would sex each other to exhaustion -- to extinction -- to death, and back again! The flow of orgone would rejuvenate them, even as it drained them. Only through each other could their monstrous appetites be satisfied -- their pussies sore, but happy! Together for eternal moments, but together!

         For moments!

                                   Together . . .

                                                           . . . moments . . .

Shad'rah's brain surrendered its delirium as she came to see Mon'ique. Her lover -- her other -- was regarding her with a strange, unsettling calm. It was a calm that was so at odds with her Supremis body's unmistakable language -- a language that heralded unbridled, Velorian desire! -- a body that could grant any wish -- fulfill any promise.

It made her wonder as to Mon'ique's calm. Weren't they sharing orgone only a moment ago, she asked herself? Surely that was the last sign of accepting a lover for a mutually pleasant time of union. Maybe she'd offended Mon'ique in some innocent way.

Shad'rah neared to kiss away whatever the hurt might be - to beg forgiveness -- kiss away the personality she saw as well as to jettison her own again -- wanting to merge -- so longing to be merged! Before their lips could touch, however, she stopped, knowing that her loving mouth would be met with the insurmountable barrier of indifference.

Shad'rah quickly looked about herself, and saw the other Protectors in the room. All of them were looking at her in that same unsettling mood of calm. It surprised Shad'rah to see them so still -- to see that all the playful activity in the barracks had so suddenly ceased. Their demeanor was so at odds with what she saw. Every groin, and every breast, glowed intensely with the fire of fevered readiness - threatening to explode at any second in a supernova of Supremis sexual athletics! . . . but calm.

In spite of the erotic evidence she saw, in spite of the heat that was causing paint to bubble on the walls, in spite of the pheromones that fairly dripped from the air, everywhere that Shad'rah saw was calm. Even Cha'rise, who only moments ago was weeping from the pit of demeaning, shameless lust . . . regarded her with calm - her eyes so clear - her cheeks still wet with tears.

Kath'y stood beside her, the two of them arm in arm. They could see that Shad'rah was watching them. They looked away so that their visual sites could guide their bodies subtle movements. Shad'rah saw their closest breasts approach one another -- their glow so bright, their heat so great!

She saw their swollen masses press together -- their glow intensify to blinding radiance! Her young mind fully expected to see Cha'rise, and Kath'y, attack each other -- sex each other - kill each other in erotic frenzy! The air around them suddenly went green as a single bolt of orgone joined their closest nipples. Shad'rah saw the arc, and knew that the sharing of energy was, indeed, one of the most ecstatic peaks of Velorian feminine union. After that, there should be nothing left but thoroughly unrestrained, mind-blowing sex. She knew this to be true!

Just as suddenly then, the arc vanished. The emerald hue that embraced the two went out. The intimate union ended, and yet, somehow, remained.

Shad'rah looked at them. She could see Cha'rise, and Kath'y, looking back at her again. They remained close, their heightened rate of breathing being the only sign of the effect their sharing had had on them. Their bountiful chests rose, and fell, in unison -- sharing with one another the intermittent tighter press of their invulnerable flesh. They glowed so bright - their heat so great! - their faces, and demeanor . . . utterly calm, and Shad'rah saw the control that had been spoken of.

Even while in the deepest throes of mindless passion, even while at the very pinnacle of sexual arousal, a Protector could keep her wits, and put a stop to lust when she wished as might be necessary. That was how a Velorian Protector was capable of surviving sexual attack. They could control any situation, precisely because they had such complete control of themselves.

It was a control that Shad'rah knew she lacked, and now everyone else knew it too. Again, she looked about the room full of Protectors. In every face she saw there was utter calm, and in every eye there was not one trace of judgment.

She looked into Mon'ique's dispassionate eyes. Eyes that were understanding. So damned understanding. If they had shouted at her - heaped her with rebuke she would have found it easier to bear, but they refused to judge her - they were all so fucking understanding!

If they wanted to see a lack of control, then she would show them. She'd show them all! Let them watch - she didn't care. They could all die of envy watching her gratify herself with all the fervor, all the intensity, all the power of Velorian youth!

Shad'rah fixed Mon'ique with a determined, aggressive stare. She clutched her elder's one shoulder, then, with her other hand, Shad'rah raised her sister Velorian's knee between her legs with such force that the shockwave of their invincible flesh impacting shook the barracks. She took Mon'ique's other shoulder then, and set her grip. She saw Mon'ique smile on her. It was a smile that conveyed a kindness that made her all the angrier.

She would show no mercy.

'It starts with the initial thrust.'

Shad'rah flexed her tummy, and drove her pelvis forward. At once, the length of Mon'ique's thigh was thoroughly slickened with a thick film of heavily scented Supremis nectar.

She rode the backstroke over Mon'ique's thigh with slow deliberation, staring at Mon'ique all the while with proud defiance. She would conquer - even as she surrendered. She would grind Mon'ique's invulnerable flesh to the bone!

She bore down for her second thrust. It was harder, rougher and even more satisfying. The third one was even better.

The Protectors observed how Shad'rah worked at herself; riding Mon'ique's thigh with a vigor they knew would eventually become ferocious. It warmed them to see how she had all the advantages of youth, and it warmed them to see that she had all the disadvantages as well.

Mon'ique's experienced, knowing eyes watched her steadily as Shad'rah glared back at her. The youth bared her teeth, and grunted, laboring furiously for her climax. Her breasts, and groin, were glowing white to the point of translucence. The trailings of her unfettered exuberance coursed down Mon'ique's calf to drip from the ends of her toes. Her hips became an indistinct blur as she sank ever deeper into the single minded bliss of sexual rapture. The gyrations of her raging pelvis against Mon'ique's captive thigh became wild, and chaotic. Mon'ique supported her at the waist to keep the impassioned girl from bucking herself off.

The unbearable tingling in Shad'rah's nipples finally erupted in a powerful, green bolt of orgone between them. The arc had the typical, double edged sword effect of Velorian sexuality; it both satisfied her hunger, and made it gnaw all the harder. No matter how much stimulation she experienced, her body needed more - demanded more - always more - never enough, until

A twin bolt of orgone suddenly exploded from her groin -- attacking her nipples, caressing them, encompassing the sum of her tightly engorged breasts. The girl's own energy both nourished, and consumed her in the ultimate act of masturbation exclusive to enhanced P1 Supremis. Her pelvis became encased in fingers of caressing orgone. The energy rushed over her body, ravishing every one of her super-sensitized nerve endings.

There are levels of bliss which should not be dared. Shad'rah boldly ascended to them! Her youth both granted her the right, and would assure her survival.

Finally, when her invulnerable being could take no more - when she was at the expirational peak of arousal, the orgone converged, and drove itself into her.

The walls of the barracks crumbled at the force of Shad'rah's scream. Alarms went off, and sirens sounded. Lights exploded, and water pipes burst. Shad'rah squirted a steam of white hot quim over the glowing surface of Mon'ique's thigh. Her Supremis muscles ballooned to their fullest, even as she fainted -- the shockwave generated by their sudden expansion exacting more damage on the already devastated room.

Mon'ique hastened to support the girl as she went completely limp, and her hulking body slowly returned to its normally lithe, and slender, state. She was drenched with sweat, her long, blonde hair lay plastered over her in dripping strands. Her nipples still sparked, though weakly. Her pussy smoked, and steamed. Sated, spent and she was completely helpless.

And she was thus a perfect victim.

Mon'ique gathered the limp girl to herself. Other Protectors tended to the emergencies: The alarms, and sirens were silenced, the water got turned off. Bea'trice put in a call to Binkleyan security to let them know that the Protectors had the 'situation' in hand.

"Isn't she adorable?" Mon'ique softly said to Ba'be, who hovered close.

Ba'be smiled.

"She reminds me of the first time I came," she confided.

Mon'ique smiled in agreement, remembering her own first time.

"If we have any hope of her surviving a night with Ed," said Bea'trice, "she's going to have to be something other than 'adorable'"

The Auxiliary leader hovered close, studying the senseless young Protector in Mon'ique's arms.

"We need to work on this girl's control," she said.




Chapter 4