Art by Chris Filippone


Lexa Starr has come here to save humanity from a galactic empire bent on either converting us to its Truth, or annihilating us if we resist. Only by sharing her super powers and technology with a select group of men and women can she succeed.

But she is in love with Earth and its people, with the freedom and diversity that the Truth considers a perversion -- and she'll damned before she'll let humanity be snuffed out

Lexa Starr is the heroine of While the Evil Days Come Not , the first e-novel by Brantley Thompson Elkins. Sample it here. Right now, I'm looking for a new home for the full story, as Barnes & Noble, which acquired Fictionwise, has deleted it from the list of e-books to be available for Nook.


Meet Charmin. She's a tomboy in Deer Meadow, Washington. She likes to work on restoring old cars. She also likes to work on the Beasley boys, who run the local garage. Being that she's a Velorian, she's a real handful. But they aren't complaining. Read about her in Mundane Secrets of the Yo-Yo Brotherhood."
Our favorite shot of our favorite superheroine model, the magnificent Mandi Steele. Let's just skirt the issue of why that Powergirl outfit is our favorite costume of hers! Aside from that, there's the fact that white is supposed to stand for purity. Right, our thoughts for her are as pure as the driven snow -- not! As for the bubbles, we're still trying to figure that out ourselves. On the remote chance that you don't already know Mandi, check out And check out The Awakening, a terrific super bad girl movie that stars her under her once secret identity Tamra Ericson Frame. It's well worth the price they're asking. You'll be amazed!

Showing off her new uniform as a recruit for the Velorian Legion is Bidu Braga, a stunner from "Terms of Enhancement." She's a native of Novo Recife, a planet in rebellion against the Arion Empire. Born a frail, she's just been enhanced to serve in the Legion. But first, she's going to have a lot of fun showing off her new invulnerability to hapless Betan troops -- and to the Velorian major who has loved her from afar but can now love her from anear.

Alisa-zar Kim'Vallara had just turned 40 in Terran years when this picture was taken at a Long Day-Short Year festival on Kelsor 7 (Scan courtesy of Shadar, with great appreciation). She's still young for a Velorian, but she's come a long way. Only 16 when she refused the Rites of Protector and fled to Kelsor to pursue a career in astrophysics. Under the assumed name Alisa Liddell, she served as a science officer on several Survey Service ships, making incredible discoveries and sharing incredible adventures with her fellow explorers. She has loved and lost and loved again. Following her surprising transfer to the Cultural Department of the Educational Affairs Division (dropping her alias for her true name), she became a mover and shaker in Kelsorian politics, pursuing  initiatives in cultural affairs and influencing diplomatic policy. Read about her in Ordinary Velorians, "Alisa's Story," Shore Leave, "Pictures of an Expedition," Throne of the Gods and other stories yet to come here and at Aurora Universe: Other Worlds.
She's a Priestess of those who would one day be called the Diaboli: humans adopted by the Elders, and given mysterious knowledge and powers in mysterious ways -- the better to fight their teachers' ancient enemies the Galen, and the Galen creations called the Supremis. Little has been written of the Diaboli, but now Leafblade reveals their origins in the first episode of "Harvest." [Picture courtesy of Shadar]
When Liz'bet arrived on Nova Iberia in 1444, she expected to serve as a concubine. Velor had need of technology and technological expertise, and it had nothing to offer in exchange but its women. Yet her life with the Molina family, on a world populated by abductees from medieval Spain and their descendants, would be far from what she expected -- and her destiny farther from any she had imagined. Read her story in "Companions."
Why do we fantasize about superheroines instead of, say, Pamela Anderson? If this pict of Supergirl doesn't make it obvious, nothing will. She's gorgeous, but she's no bimbo. She's powerful beyond imagination, invulnerable and unconquerable -- yet she's inviting you to make love with her! [Manip courtesy of Gouge]
"Wow, it really doesn't hurt! In fact it feels -- ohhhh!" Fresh from her enhancement rites, this new Protector is delighted to experience invulnerability for the first time as the combat laser which would be deadly to a lesser being brings only pleasure to one of her intimate spots. [Manip courtesy of Shadar]
How can a gallery of superwomen be complete without Victoria Silvstedt? But which shot to use, out of thousands available? Well, this one shows her at her most Velorian. We can believe in her invulnerability, believe that her luscious flesh feels as soft as silk on the surface, but is as hard as steel beneath.
Would you dare pet this kitty? She's a Kintzi, and that means she could kill you in a second, unless you're a P-class Vel or an Arion Prime. And yet you want to pet her so much, to run your hands over the soft down that covers her magnificent body, to embrace her passionately. Can you resist? Her name is Ashotour; she appears in Throne of the Gods, and has a story of her own, "Undercover Kitty;"
From the world of Japanese anime comes Princess Kahn of Outlanders. A fierce warrior of her kind, she's taking part in a raid on Earth when she catches a Terran paparazzo snapping her picture. When she carries him off to her mother ship, he fears the worst. But to his surprise and delight, she's horny in more ways than one.
Is it the leather than enhances the Arion Prime or the Prime that enhances the leather? For sure, the aroma of the leather combined with the heady scent of her natural pheromones enhances our savage lust for this dark goddess. If only she'd enhance us so we could savor le petit mort with her, rather than suffer le grand mort! [Courtesy of AH]

What could be more refreshing for a Protector than a dip in a lava pool? This Velorian goddess has just returned from a battle with a tset'lar and really needs to unwind. As she immerses herself in the molten rock, as the gentle waves of lava lap at her intimate center, she longs for a visit from a Messenger, daydreams about how the even the heat of the magma could never match the heat of their passion. (A classic manip from the old Aurora Universe site)

When she was assigned to an open world, young Protector Jeu'di couldn't resist showing off for people at a local carnival. The crowd cheered the hatchet thrower when his aim was good. When it wasn't, they cheered Jeu'di as the blades bounced or broke from the impact with her invulnerable flesh. Replacements were paid for out of the Velorian mission's petty cash account.
Velorian Legionnaire Zora is getting ready for a mission against an Arion incursion on her planet. As a native enhancee, she can't fly under her own power, and she needs to get there in a hurry, The fighter is a relic, but it will serve the purpose -- and she can crash it into the heart the enemy position, walking out of the resulting inferno to deal with any surviving Imperials.

Geheimite agent Reb'emarix didn't set out to get down and dirty. She was sent to report on the "Madstop Conference," where diplomats from Velor and dozens of seeded worlds gathered to create the institutions of the Enlightenment. But she had to blow her cover to rescue the children of some diplomat who wandered too close to one of the volcanic vents that Madstop is known for, looking for dawn's eye jewels. She got them out, but became covered with volcanic dust. Nothing a good scrub won't take care of, but how's she going to explain what she was doing there in the first place?

Zanele comes from Tanzrobi, which means she is every bit as gorgeous as a Velorian, even if she's a different color. She's also every bit as powerful and invulnerable, and every bit as lusty. You can read about her in Tanzrobian Nights and Murk and Reprisal, and she might be seen again in future stories.


I admire all these women, or they wouldn't be here. But if any of the models, or those owning the rights to their likenesses, object to their appearance in this gallery or in my stories, I will of course abide by their wishes and remove them. -- Brantley Thompson Elkins.