Dear Diary,

Juno 17, Vacation time

Today was the first day I got to feel what it was like to not be inside a gold field. Well, kind of. 

Mom, Dad and me went to the moon named Erin'lah for a couple of days and it has only about half of the gold field of Velor. We did the usual tourist stuff at first, but then my Dad took us to this place that nobody is supposed to go to over on the far side. He used to be in the military or something like that and this was an old training place. What was cool about it is that there is this layer of Uranium or something that is thousands of feet thick and it covers the gold core differently and reduces the gold field to about one tenth of normal or something like that. 

Wow, what a rush!

This wild tingling feeling came over me, kind of like when I touch myself just that right way, and I could see that my Mom and Dad were feeling the same way because they were like hugging and kissing a lot more than usual. Then my Mom totally freaked me by just soaring straight up into the sky and started to do flips and loops and stuff like that. Mom's usually so reserved and proper and stuff, so it really freaked me out at first. She must have known what we were going to do before we left because she'd said to bring that funny costume that I'd made for the Ester Celebration at school -- the one that looks kind of like a Protector's uniform. Anyway, she called down from a hundred feet over my head and said to change into it and come and join her.

Yeah, like I was going to put on a funny costume and go flying. 

My Dad just gave me the usual raised eyebrow look he gives me when Mom gets weird. Then he freaked me out by trying to fly too. He was terrible at it, but he could go about twenty meters or so on each hop. He looked so goofy doing it, but I figured that if my Dad could look silly, so could I. This was a vacation and a picnic after all. 

I gave in to their weirdness and ducked behind this big rock and changed into that little costume I'd made. When I walked back out a few minutes, my parents were both standing hugging each other and staring at me with big grins on their faces. They started blubbering about how much I looked like a little Protector and all that. I was so embarrassed. 

Mom finally walked over and took my hand in hers and just floated up off the ground with me hanging on for dear life. I was totally freaked because she went up like a few hundred meters or so and I was kind of afraid of heights back then. Once we came to a stop, she started to tell me all this stuff about making myself tingly inside (being outside a gold field was already doing a good job of that) and how to tighten the muscles in my legs as I tried to envision myself moving in one direction or the other. To use the reflexes that I've learned about walking, but without walking.

Then, without another word or even a warning, she just dropped me. Just like that. I screamed and tried to flap my arms like I was trying to fly like a bird and fell like a rock for three hundred meters to land in the middle of a pile of jagged rocks. I thought I was going to die, but when I hit the rocks, it felt like I'd just fallen out of bed or something. It shook me up at little, but it didn't really hurt.

What it did was to shatter a couple of the rocks and scare the hell out of me. That pissed me off as I don't like to be scared, especially not by my Mom. I was trying to stand up and dust myself off when my Dad came over and kneeled in front of me and put his hands on my thighs and told me to tighten up my legs, which was kind of weird because they were all bare and he was like breathing between them and I was still feeling kind of tingly and all. I blushed and suddenly wanted to be anywhere but there. I made my muscles get all hard underneath his hands and ZOOM, I suddenly was. Anywhere else, that is. I soared up into the sky like I was this atomic missile or something. Mom had to fly really fast to catch me and turn me around before I left the atmosphere. I was just going and going and the sky was getting darker and I couldn't breathe anymore. That was even scarier than falling. Especially since the penalty for leaving the gravity field of a planet without permission was death!

Anyway, she caught me in time and turned me around to fly us both back down near the ground. She started to teach me how to fly. She taught me how to go fast, go slow, how to turn, etc. Then she started to teach me how to land. That was a joke. Mostly I just plowed into the ground hard enough to burry most of my body in the rocks. Either that or I got down to a few meters above the ground and then relaxed every muscle in my body and collapsed on the ground with a thud. Most of the time when I did that, I landed on my butt. 

My Dad thought my landings were funny as hell. I just stuck out my tongue and told him he couldn't fly at all so he shouldn't criticize me just because I couldn't land. Then Mom was like totally awesome as she flew in like some kind of graceful swan and landed as light as a feather. She'd definitely done this before, even though she won't talk about it. Dad told me last night that she was training to be a Protector one time and that she might even have been one for a while, but its some big secret and she won't even tell him. But watching her fly, I know she's spent a lot of time outside a gold field. I just knew that my Mom had been a Protector, even though itŐs totally rare for a Protector to return to Velor and raise a family. But my family was always so weird. Which explains that I come by my weirdness naturally!

Anyway, back to the picnic. After flying around for a few hours, I was so low on energy that I could barely stand and Mom explained that was because I didn't have much natural energy storage space (not yet!) and I needed to charge up what little I had. Dad dug out this old map of his and we grabbed our stuff and Mom lifted him in her arms and we flew for a couple of kilometers to this old concrete fort-like building that Dad said was full of humming power equipment. It was locked with the largest padlock I'd ever seen.

Mom just rolled up her sleeve and grabbed the giant purplish padlock on the door and made a face as she gripped it really hard. I looked at her like she was deranged. Even then, I knew that nobody except a fully-empowered Protector could crush Vendorian steel. And just like I figured, nothing happened at first except that her arm started to look really strong. 

Yet she was totally determined and she bit her lip and kept squeezing as her face turned sweaty and I swore her arm muscles got so hot that they were smoking. I finally saw a little plume of smoke rising from her hand and then the metal started to glow red-hot and make this horrible groaning noise. I was totally blown away as my Mom kept straining like she really expected to open that lock. 

The metal got hotter and hotter until it was white-hot and shooting out sparks and I wondered how she could hold onto it without burning her hand off. She saw the worried look on my face and just looked up at me with this funny grin and winked. That was when the lock gave off a really awful tortured scream like it was alive or something and then the purple metal just squished out from her fingers like some kind of cookie dough or something. Mom looked so proud of herself as she twisted the lock off the door and tossed it over the building.

 Dad was staring at Mom like he'd seen a ghost. Then he stared at me because we both knew that what we'd just seen was supposed to be impossible for anyone but a fully trained Protector to do. I was now like totally convinced that my Mom had really been a Protector. She looked just like one and she was that strong too. That made me so proud because I knew I was going to be one too.

She acted like it was nothing as she went inside to return with this chair. She set it in the doorway and started to undress and pile her clothes on it. She told me to do the same. No big deal for me, as a lot of people didn't even wear clothes when they were on the beach or on vacation on Velor, but the way she did it, like sexy and all, was embarrassing, especially the way he walked over and hugged her from behind. He raised his hands to cover her breasts as they both stared at me. 

I couldn't help but notice that my Dad's hands were way too small to cover all of her, which made me feel weird because I was still as flat as a boy and I knew that this strength thing was going to be a girl thing about breast sizes and energy. I was so embarrassed by my lack of a chest that I started to walk inside before I undressed.

Once I'd gotten undressed, Mom walked in behind me to lead me over toward this glowing pole that was nearly a half meter in diameter. I knew that it was a superconducting power cable because I could see the waves of shimmering power and little sparks shooting out from it. It made my hair stand on end from the static electricity and my teeth were aching while standing ten meters away. It was like the most awesomely powerful thing I'd ever seen. 

Mom gave a wink and just walked over to stand beside it, She closed her eyes and had this dreamy look on her face as she leaned forward and brushed her breasts against it. A flurry of sparks surrounded her upper body as she slowly wrapped her legs and arms around it and hugged it to herself like it was the most natural thing in the world.

I was shocked, literally, to see a million little sparks and spikes of lightening flashing all over her body as her hair was attracted to that huge cable like it was a magnet. She held on that way for a few minutes before suddenly throwing herself backward to land at my feet. Her body was steaming hot, you know, down there, and the entire front of her body was glowing like hot steel, especially her breasts. They were also even bigger than a moment ago. 

I was just stunned. I'd never seen anyone charge before, but I'd heard lots about it.

Mom still had this angelic smile on her face as she stood up and took my hands in hers and raised them up to touch them to herself. I was really embarrassed to be touching her that way, especially the way her breasts were glowing like they were lit from inside and all, but she was too strong for me to pull away, so I just squeezed her, like really hard.

Those blue sparks I'd seen a moment before suddenly traveled down my arms and made my chest burn. I held her even tighter as I noticed that she felt all soft and firm at the same time, a strange feeling, but then, I'd never really touched anyone's breasts before. I knew that her body was like hundreds of degrees hot, but strangely, her skin didn't burn me. Then she hugged me to her so hard I thought she was going to break my ribs. 

I saw this wild burst of blue sparks covered us both up and then I think I fainted or something.

I came to a few minutes later to find that I was still standing. Mom rose up into the air as if she was weightless and took my hand and walked me over to that power thingy. She kept telling me I was totally invulnerable now and the power couldn't hurt me. I was too confused and disoriented to know what I was doing, so I just took a big breath and reached out and wrapped my legs tightly around it. Nobody ever said I didn't have guts.

Wow! What an instant rush. It was like a million sparks of pleasure had filled me, most of it shooting up between my legs as I squeezed it as hard as I could. It was like this incredible vibration and heat was filling me up. I suddenly wanted to feel more like that, so I leaned forward and hugged the pole to myself. My chest started to burn now too, burn so wonderfully, and my back started to itch wildly from all those little sparks that started to crawl around my body like they were alive. It wasn't a bad thing, in fact, it was the most wonderful feeling I'd ever felt, although at first I couldn't tell if it was hurting me or not. Pain, pleasure... they all mixed up in this weird way. It all built up until this kind of explosion came inside me, one that was like a million stars exploding, every one of them bursting with pleasure. I heard myself screaming as I never wanted that feeling to stop!

Anyway, I couldn't hold on after a while that so my Mom reached out and pulled me away from it while telling me that a first charge should be small. I felt like I was in this dream as I looked down at myself to see that I suddenly had breasts! No shit, but there they were all of a sudden like magic. Not nearly as big as Mom's, but they were bigger than anyone else in my class at school. 

I quickly got dressed in that red and blue costume and then walked out into the sun again as I kept staring down at these new curves on my chest. I kept touching them even though I knew it wasn't a polite thing to do in public.

I thought I was going to feel all embarrassed and stuff when my Dad saw me, but it seemed completely natural to him to see my this way. At least until he clapped his hands and my Mom took a bow and then made me do the same. Then he took the picture you see here, Now that was just too weird.

Mom told me that it was time now for some serious fun. I was ready to do anything except have my Dad take more pictures of me, so I bent down and leaped like a thousand meters into the air. I suddenly found that I could fly like I'd been born to it. For the first time in my life I was really a super girl. Flying was easy now, so easy that I flew all the way out of the atmosphere again before Mom caught me. We dove down so fast that my body was all glowing and my costume started to melt. 

There wasn't much left of it when I got back to the ground, the 'S' was burned away and my breasts were as totally nude as my Mom's, but my parents acted as if that was normal and Mom challenged me into lifting this huge rock with her. We messed around with it for a while as I learned to really exert myself and balance my body with my flying power. We finally lifted this huge boulder over our heads, but my Dad's camera was out of film so he never did get a picture of it. I didn't care, I was just so proud of myself, at least until Mom walked over and lifted that thing all by herself. One-handed. She looked so strong at that moment, and her eyes were so bright that I thought they were going to blind me.

Then it was like she turned off some switch inside herself. Her eyes grew dull again and she set the boulder down with a THUD and went and got the picnic basket and made us lunch. Like nothing had happened. I slipped back into a shirt and my Dad and I talked about what it felt like to fly, but Mom said nothing all the way through lunch.

After eating, she walked off and changed into one of her usual outfits, the kind with that itsy-bitsy mesh she likes. Actually, I think it's my Dad that really likes them. She seemed all happy again now when she came back and she and my Dad went off behind this big rock. 

I knew they were going to have sex, I can always tell when my Mom wants to, but this time they forgot that I can see through things when I'm outside a gold field. I know I'm not supposed to peek, but I stared at them as they got into it. My Mom never touched the ground, she just kind of flew herself up and down my Dad's... well, I'm not going to write about that here. All I know is that it was wildly sexy and also embarrassing to watch, especially the way my Dad got so crazy after while, so I turned and walked the other way and practiced flying some more.

Someday, itŐs going to be so cool to have a boyfriend and love him that way too. Someday.