Diaboli Timeline

3,300 B.C.

Four harvest stations are placed at various places around the world. They become know as godboxes by the natives.

3,000 B.C.

The first harvest occurs in Southeast Asia. (Beginning of "Harvest")

2,990 B.C.

The second harvest occurs in Scandinavia. (Second half of Chapter 1)

2,870 B.C.

Birth of Ra. The Elders create a small, inheritable change in the brains of some Proto-Diaboli that will later allow them to directly perceive certain extra-dimensional energies. The energies that they would later use to perform "magic". (First part of Chapter 2)

2,860 B.C.

The third harvest occurs in Ancient Egypt. Ra makes his illegal jump through the quantum tunnel but has trouble navigating and arrives in Egypt but in a different time. He lands near the Pharaoh Amenophis and manages to become a trusted advisor and exert a considerable influence on the newly enthroned Pharaoh prompting his name change and certain oddities of behavior. (The latter half of Chapter 2)

2,800 B.C.

The fourth and last harvest occurs among the people of the Indus valley. When all of these gene pools intermingle with each other and the genes added by the Elders the people of Atlantis first start developing mental abilities. Mostly telepathy but with some others here and there.

2,700 B.C. to 2,000 B.C.

With 90% of the Proto-Diaboli telepathic, the Elders proclaim a ban on having children with anyone who is not. To enforce this ruling they make all non-telepaths sterile. First organized resistance to any Elder edict. Resistance brutally suppressed and goes underground. Elders consider abandoning the Atlanteans as they now have several other planets seeded with people grabbed from Earth. However the potential of these others seems less and so the Elders try mightily to make their followers love and worship them again. They employ each and every trick of social science they can conceive of without using overt mind powers that would now be noticed. These tricks are also noticed by what is now by any standard an extremely bright and well educated populace. Three Elders are left to do their best to keep the Atlanteans loyal and after three hundred years they seem to have accomplished their goal. (Forthcoming Reap the Whirlwind)

2,000 B.C.

The Elders teach the Proto-Diaboli on Atlantis the arcane sciences that are known elsewhere as "sorcery". They learn over generations getting better and better at it and sometimes being sent on missions by the Elders. (possibility of many stories from this period.)

2,000 B.C. to 1,000 A.D.

The population on Atlantis grows and the Atlanteans interact with other Elder colonies on several planets and on Earth as well. They also have occasional fights with Proto-Velorians. They become known for stealth and ambush attacks. Their ability to set traps for the unwary and to manipulate groups of Terrans, on Earth or off, becomes legendary. They become known as Diaboli. Their losses are covered by illusion and subterfuge so their true numbers are never known but are few. The Elders keep pushing them to better themselves, for can they can see if murkily through the branching possibilities of the future and the probability of something like the Supremis is high. They can't match the genetic engineering skills of the Galen but their probability scanning abilities allow them time try to produce the best countermeasure they can manage. And the Atlanteans remain their best effort. Other Elder seeded worlds join the fight. They are fewer of them at first because they are from younger groups -- and the Atlanteans are just better at the task no easily discernible reason. The Elders nod to themselves and are happy to have kept so optimal a mix from getting away from them.

1,000 A.D.

The Elders plan to spring a surprise on the Galen. They want Atlantean volunteers to try to trick the Galen females into a trap prepared by the Elders. They say that the Galen would notice the trap if the Elders themselves tried to lure them. They say they have a perfect trap all nice and ready. After close questioning they admit that it will take at least half the current Atlantean population and that few are likely to escape unharmed. The Atlanteans refuse and are told that they are ungrateful, and will be destroyed by their gods as unfaithful creations. The Elders act together and sink the island/continent that has been home to the Atlanteans for 4,000 years. The Underground goes public and announces its own plan. They have prepared for such a contingency as well as they could and kept their plan hidden. Now they put that plan into operation swiftly and start moving people and supplies to a planet they had scouted and marked many years earlier. In the few days it takes the Elders to destroy the planet a little more than 60% of the populace is saved. The Diaboli will later assume the Elders could have done it faster but were trying to keep the Galen from noticing them. The former Underground takes charge on the new planet and makes sure all the necessities of life are had by all. The new world is called New Atlantis and its inhabitants became complete atheists and put their faith solely in their fellow men and those that had saved them from the wrath of the Elders.

1,000 A.D. to 1958 A.D.

The Council that had led the Underground now leads the planet and as they grow in power corruption inevitably sets in because they have no real checks on their power. By 1958 the High Council, now up to 13 members, is limited in its corruption only by the need to keep the common man believing in their decency and benevolence. At some point during this period, the Council sends operatives to Aria and they interbreed with Mandi's Betan ancestors. (A definite story here for whomever wants to tell it.) Possibly a trip to Velor as well? 1958 A.D. is when Jason Ungphakorn is born.

2008 A.D.

Jason Ungphakorn becomes disgusted at the corruption he sees around him and kills his boss, a member of the High Council. He flees from the escorts taking him to the prison planet, Velvet, and ends up in Sanctuary. (Finding Sanctuary)