Brief Encounter

She pauses there in the jungle, beautiful but deadly.

Any human in his right mind would try to get away. Not run; she'd be certain to hear. Just sneak off, as quietly as possible. But you stand there transfixed, drinking in the wonder of her naked body.

You've read about kintzi. How they can tear a human to shreds in minutes with their diamond-hard teeth and claws. And this variety, you’ve been told, is bio-engineered for the express purpose of attracting human prey. She's not stupid and ugly and foul-smelling like her orange-furred cousins. She looks intelligent and graceful and….

Don't think about her spicy cinnamon scent, as alluring in its own way as the honey and wildflowers of a true Vel. It's bad enough thinking about how slender she is, and yet how powerful. Of how firm and succulent her breasts are. Of how velvety her spotted pelt would feel if you dared run your hands over it. Of how hot and tight the hidden treasure between her legs must be.

Too late, she’s sighted you. With a scream and a leap, she’s on you, bowling you over onto your back by main force. In seconds, her teeth are at your throat. And then….

And then, nothing. She seems surprised when she fails to sever your jugular vein, or make any impression at all. She must have thought you were just some frail tourist who’d wandered away from the safari. She wasn’t expecting a Velorian.

Surprise turns to fury as she claws at your chest, again to no effect. You ignore that, gaze instead at her breasts, as magnificent as a Vel’s, proudly defying gravity. Between them, and running down her belly, her spotted pelt gives way to a white down, as soft as a Persian cat’s fur. You discover this as you thrust your arms between hers to cup them.

Your cock is rising as your hands minister to her twin beauties. Enraged even further, she seems to find new resources of strength, knocks your arms aside, then lowers her head to your crotch and tries to bite your cock off. But her teeth fail here, even as they had failed at your throat; the only effect of her attack is to make you even harder.

Instead of a quick kill, a killer hard-on!

You smile at her, ignoring her anger, caress her hair, tickle her chin, even stroke her cat whiskers. A sudden change comes over her, she draws closer, lets you nuzzle her face, pet her on the shoulders and back as her hands toy with your stiff cock. Is this just a diversion, a trick to make you let your guard down, setting you up for another attack?

Without warning, she impales herself on your cock, clamps down hard, trapping you like a vise. You can’t move. She’s got you now! She can't crush your cock, but she can and does hold it prisoner. You struggle fiercely, seeking to break her hold, find some kind of leverage to free yourself from her cunt. You try every wrestling move in the book, every martial arts tactic. But she won’t let go. You roll over, thrash this way and that. She thrashes back.

You end up beneath her again. Out of ideas, you lie there as if stunned. As if on cue, her thrashing turns to thrusting as she begins to fuck you savagely, pinning your arms to your sides to signify that resistance is futile, pounding you into the jungle floor. But you don’t want to resist, do you? She senses that after a few moments, frees your arms, lets you attack her breasts as wildly as she is attacking your manhood.

Only she won’t let you come; she takes you to the edge again and again, then clamps on you again and again until you think you’ll go insane. You scream at the top of your lungs in frustrated passion until finally, finally, she grants you release and you come as you’ve never come before. You collapse in each other’s arms. And then she speaks for the first time.

"The thrill of the hunt, your cock in my cunt."

It is the first acknowledgement by either of you of what’s really been going on here. Of course, you’ve known all along that she was playing to your fantasy. But Ashotour is an artiste; she has played her part to perfection, even to the moment she distracted your attention to fit a condom of invulnerable Velorian material over your cock to ensure that she would not be harmed by your supremis sperm. Just as she was careful not to risk bruising you by putting her full force behind her teeth and claws.

"Ready for another round?"

"Of course."

Kintzi males aren’t very imaginative when it comes to sex. So the Empire designed the females of the species for easy pleasuring; to encourage breeding. Even the crude slam, bam, thank you ma’am approach will get them off. So you know that she’s enjoyed your encounter. Still, as you begin nuzzling her pussy (a catwoman’s pussy; strange thought, that!), you also know how much she’ll appreciate any extra effort on your part.

She purrs with delight as put your tongue to work, as you lose yourself in the cinnamon tang of her juices, until her purrs turn to screams and she comes again, drenching your face with her spicy nectar. You come up for air, lean back and relax for the moment, watch the glow in her yellow eyes, the contentment on her face.

But she’s soon ready again; this time she wants to do it kitty style, lets you enter her from behind, grab her by the breasts to help hold her steady as you pound your cock into her as hard as you can, as you feel the velvety globes of her ass slap against you, as you make free with the fur and the satin and the rock-hard nipples of her chest. To be inside this exotic alien creature, to be taking her as she took you. Oh God, oh God!

Coming together once more, exploding inside her, feeling her explode, takes so much out of you that you can’t stay on your feet. So you collapse on the ground, hold each other tenderly. As if the music of love has indeed soothed the savage beast.

But it’s just a fantasy, of course, and all fantasies must come to an end. The null field holodeck at the Hotel Cosmos is reserved for another function at the top of the hour; the virtual jungle will be replaced by…. whatever.

The financial arrangements were taken care of beforehand, of course. Your fantasy cost a bundle, but it was worth it. Especially since the price included a holocube of your encounter that will be delivered to your hotel room later. You’ll treasure it.