Ye Who Are the Warriors of Skietra

Blanik is the sixth and last symphonic poem in a cycle by the Czech composer Bedrich Smetana, Ma Vlast (My Country).

Excerpted from Wikipedia:

It is named for the mountain Blaník, inside which a legend says that a huge army of knights led by St. Wenceslas sleep. The knights will awake and help the country in its gravest hour. Once again, the Hussite hymn [“Ye Who Are the Warriors of God”] used in Tábor [the fifth symphonic poem] is quoted, though this time it's the third line which rings out in the march at the end of the piece. The original lyrics to this line in the hymn are "so that finally with Him you will always be victorious," a reference to the eventual victorious rise of the Czech state.

For some reason, ever since I became part of the Aurora Universe community, I have associated this music with the Velorian Protectors and their mission. In particular, I think of the theme that first enters at 6:50 of the first part of a performance now available at YouTube. The variant that begins at 1:45 of the second part is how I imagine the anthem of the Protectors that the sing together when they graduate from the Academy.

Just my take on things.

--Brantley Thompson Elkins